My CEO Husband,Take Your Time/C26 Want to Go Back to Purge the Fire?
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My CEO Husband,Take Your Time/C26 Want to Go Back to Purge the Fire?
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C26 Want to Go Back to Purge the Fire?

Gu Xiu didn't care about the lingering gazes of these people on her. With an evil smile on her face, she approached Mu Yangyang step by step. When the hot palm covered Mu Yangyang's lower abdomen, Mu Yangyang subconsciously shrank her body and glared at Gu Xiu with eyes full of shame and anger.

Didn't he say that the two of them wouldn't have any physical relations! What was going on now?

Gu Xiu leaned close to Mu Yangyang's ear as if he had seen through Mu Yangyang's mind. His hot breath brought a numbing sensation. "But, the plot needs …"

Mu Yangyang's heart was in a mess. This man must have done it on purpose! It wasn't like she said that, what was the point in giving it back to her!

But no matter what, she had to continue filming this advertisement. Mu Yangyang was surprised to find that although she was a little afraid of Gu Xiu, but when Gu Xiu touched her body, she did not feel any disgust or even a little anticipation!

This discovery made Mu Yangyang panic. She didn't even have time to pay attention to Gu Xiu's actions. Her eyes became dazed and nervous.

When Gu Xiu, who was on Mu Yangyang's body, saw that look, his already hot body seemed to have a reason to vent.

Swallowing his saliva, Gu Xiu took a deep breath to suppress the instinctive impulse of a man and continued to work with the confused Mu Yangyang. When the director stopped, he immediately stood up, turned around and walked towards Andy to get some water.

Mu Yangyang suddenly felt her body lighten. She finally regained her senses and blinked blankly. She immediately took the coat from Tai Xi's hands and wrapped it around herself. She didn't care whether the filming was good enough to change her clothes or not.

When she was dressed, Mu Yangyang heaved a sigh of relief. When she came out, she saw Tai Xi waiting for her.

"Sister Yangyang, stop tormenting yourself. It's over!"

Tai Xi also could not stand Mu Yangyang's terrified expression any longer. She hurriedly informed him of the result, her small face full of joy.

Mu Yangyang finally let out a sigh of relief and smiled bitterly. When she raised her head, she saw Gu Xiu looking at her with a playful smile. Mu Yangyang's heart tightened and she quickly turned her head away.

Gu Xiu looked at Mu Yangyang's nervous and bashful appearance with her ears red. His lower abdomen tensed up as he cursed silently. This woman was truly a goblin through and through!

"Boss Gu, you can't control your desire to go back and vent your anger?"

Looking at Gu Xiu's embarrassed expression, Andy could not help but make fun of him. Gu Xiu looked at him and did not deny it. He said coldly, "Next time, if you receive this kind of notification for her, you'll have to wait for death."

"Ah, yes, yes, who would have thought that you would return so early!"

"What did you say?"

"No, your little lover came over. Hurry up and bring her back to the fire hydrant. I'll go take a look to see how it's going."

Andy smiled and left. Mu Yangyang had also recovered her composure. She sat beside Gu Xiu and asked indifferently, "Didn't you say you would be back in three or four days? How come you are so early?"

"What? You don't want to see me that much?"

Gu Xiu started to feel uncomfortable for some reason. Mu Yangyang was stunned and quickly shook her head: "No, it's just an accident. Why are you back so early?"

Why didn't you come back earlier and let you have fun with that grandson?

Wu Tie held back his words and looked coldly at Han Qingwen who was being comforted. Han Qingwen shivered and slightly calmed down. Then, he turned his eyes and a thought appeared in his mind.

He walked over with a glass of lemon juice and smiled at Mu Yangyang, saying, "I'm really sorry for what I did just now. Did I scare you? Actually, if it wasn't because of the plot, I wouldn't want to do it like this. "

Mu Yangyang sneered in her heart. If she didn't know what kind of scum this man was, she would have really believed him.

But in this kind of place, Mu Yangyang didn't want to play with her temper. She took her own cup of water and clinked it with his. With a smile, she said, "The chance for cooperation in the future should be very small. You don't have to blame yourself."

Han Qingwen's face stiffened. He laughed out loud for a moment and then shifted his gaze to Gu Xiu as he said, "I wonder what is the relationship between Boss Gu and Miss Mu...?"

Mu Yangyang frowned. This person was obviously here to find fault. Just as she was about to retort back, Gu Xiu, who had been silent all this time, suddenly interrupted,

"Yangyang, let's go."

"..." "Right."

From beginning to end, Gu Xiu didn't want others to know about their relationship. Mu Yangyang felt a little sad, but when she saw Gu Xiu's unsightly expression, she obediently complied.

It was also true that the presence of a dignified CEO in this kind of place was already surprising. She should be grateful that Gu Xiu was able to expose his body to the public.

What qualifications does a woman bought for 35 million yen have to demand?

Thinking about this, Mu Yangyang laughed at herself. She turned around and said goodbye to Gu Xiu and Tai Xi before leaving.

Han Qingwen, who was suddenly left in a daze, had a bad look on his face. He glared fiercely at the place where the two of them had left. He turned around and bumped into Andy.

Andy had seen Han Qingwen's expression for a long time. Although he didn't show it on the surface, he was sneering inside. How interesting that the male god Han Qingwen would also show such a look.

But she was his brother's woman after all. Although he didn't know when she got tired of playing with him, he still had to get back this face.

"Mr. Han, we won't have any cooperation with you in the future. Of course, this isn't my intention, it's Boss Gu's intention." Andy smiled, and calmly pushed the blame onto Gu Xiu: "So, be careful in the future, lest you offend a woman you shouldn't mess with."

Han Qingwen naturally understood the meaning behind Andy's words. His face was so ugly that it looked like water was about to drip out of it.

"Mm, and …" Andy moved closer to Han Qingwen's ear as if warning him, "Don't have any thoughts towards a woman you shouldn't touch, otherwise …" "You might die …"

With that, Andy left with a stunned Tai Xi, leaving Han Qingwen with his fists clenched and a pale face.

After Mu Yangyang recuperated for a few days, she finally broke away from the shadow of that time. Her life was quite enjoyable. Other than having to face Gu Xiu at night, Mu Yangyang felt like she was living in heaven.

"What are you thinking? "Go take a bath."

It was unknown when Gu Xiu suddenly appeared behind Mu Yangyang, giving her a big jump. After turning around and seeing who it was, he held his chest and took a deep breath. He glared at Gu Xiu grumbling: "What are you doing? You scared me to death. Are you even walking without any sound?"

Ever since the last commercial was done, Mu Yangyang clearly felt that Gu Xiu's attitude towards her was not just a little bit better. She didn't know what kind of fault Gu Xiu had with his ambiguous words. Even when the butler looked at them, it was filled with deep meaning.

"What are you looking at?"

Gu Xiu acted as if he didn't hear Mu Yangyang's words. He looked at the phone in her hand. There was a message written on it regarding the official broadcast of the advertising campaign tomorrow.

"It's going to be broadcast tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous."

Perhaps because she was used to it, Mu Yangyang did not realize how ambiguous Gu Xiu's action was when he sat behind her and half-hugged her.

On the contrary, when she turned her head to ask something, her lips brushed against Gu Xiu's slightly moist face. That subtle touch made the two of them stiffen.

Mu Yangyang stared blankly at Gu Xiu for two seconds. Her face suddenly turned red from her neck to her ears as if she was smeared with paint.

"I, I'm going to take a bath first!"

Mu Yangyang reacted and ran away. Gu Xiu, who was sitting on the bed, didn't have time to stop her. He smiled meaningfully as he looked at the tightly closed bathroom door and touched the spot on his cheek where he touched it.

He wanted to see what this little girl could do if she didn't even bring his underwear and didn't ask for his help.

Mu Yangyang's face was flushed red as she slapped the cold water on the mirror. After calming down with great difficulty, she could still feel her heart beating rapidly. Looking at her reflection in the mirror, Mu Yangyang gritted her teeth and cursed inwardly.

Oh, Mu Yangyang, how can you be so unpromising and have no memory at all! What kind of person was he, the dignified CEO of Gu's Group!? You don't have any kind of woman by your side, how could you possibly like someone like you! Don't have any more unrealistic fantasies! Behave yourself!

After calming down a little, Mu Yangyang sighed and turned on the hot water to wash her body. After rubbing the bubbles for a long time, she suddenly stopped and looked at the bubbles that had been washed away with disappointment in her eyes.

That's right, how could an outstanding person like Gu Xiu fall for her? Then why did Gu Xiu marry her? Forget it, stop thinking about it and work hard.

Closing her eyes, Mu Yangyang sighed and washed off the foam on her body. She dried off her body and reached for her undergarments to change into them. However, all of a sudden, her expression became stiff.

After looking around to make sure she forgot to bring him, Mu Yangyang shivered. She braced herself to open the door, revealing a slit. She stuck her head out to look at Gu Xiu who was reading the newspaper on the bed and asked carefully, "What's that …" "Can you help me pick up something …"

"Oh? "What is it?"

Gu Xiu put down the newspaper cooperatively. He turned around and nearly laughed out loud.

Mu Yangyang stretched out her head with a pitiful expression. Water droplets still hung on her face, exposing half of her perfectly round shoulders. It was cute and funny.

"That's right, that's right …"

Mu Yangyang blushed. No matter what, she couldn't say the words' underwear 'smoothly.

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