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C27 Just a Bit More

Gu Xiu pretended to be at a loss and teased, "What? "If you don't tell me, how would I know what you want?"

Gritting her teeth, Mu Yangyang could not bear it any longer. The droplets of water on her body had not completely dried yet, and as they evaporated, they brought a chill down her spine.

Gu Xiu couldn't bear to continue making things difficult for this poor little girl anymore. Suddenly, he heard Mu Yangyang's voice that sounded like a mosquito: "My underwear …"


"You!" Mu Yangyang fumed and said, "I forgot to bring my underwear! Please take it! "

"Ugh …" Why are you so loud? I understand, what color do you want? "

Gu Xiu was suddenly enlightened. He naturally opened the cabinet and asked as he selected the items. Mu Yangyang's face reddened once again. She threw out a casual sentence and shrank back into the cabinet.

Gu Xiu almost laughed out loud, he was afraid that it wouldn't be fun if this girl was really angry. He casually picked one set and handed it over. Mu Yangyang pulled it over, squeezed out a word of thanks and immediately closed the door and began to dress in a flurry.

Gu Xiu smiled. He laid on the bed naturally, waiting for Mu Yangyang to come out and lie down. He got up and turned off the lights, no longer bothering her.

In the dark, although Mu Yangyang was embarrassed, she was still tired and was breathing evenly after a while. Gu Xiu sat up and looked at the outline of Mu Yangyang's face for a while under the moonlight outside the window before lying down slowly with his eyes closed.

The night was peaceful.

Early next morning, when Mu Yangyang was yawning as she ate breakfast, her phone rang. Andy's phone rang. She glanced at Gu Xiu inquiringly and nodded slightly. Only then did Mu Yangyang pick it up.

"Hello? Andy, what's wrong? "

Actually, Mu Yangyang herself was quite confused. There hadn't been any announcements recently, and it wasn't that important. Andy usually helped her push them off. Why did she suddenly call him at this time?

"Ah, there are a few people here who want to invite you to do an advertisement. See if any of them want to go."

Mu Yangyang knew that those who could be filtered out by Andy were definitely not bad. As she drank her milk, she replied with an "En".

"Beautiful cosmetics, Yalan's skincare products, Victoria's Underwear, DKAR Jewels, and …"

Mu Yangyang's head spun when she heard that. She quickly interrupted, "Wait, wait …" "You said that all of these people came for me?"

"That's right, grandaunt. I've lost half my life in order to filter out these items. You have to ask Gu Xiu to give me a salary increase. I …"

Hearing Andy start to mumble again, Mu Yangyang let out a helpless sigh. She directly threw her phone to Gu Xiu, asking him to make a decision.

Ever since last time, Gu Xiu had issued an absolute order: no matter what kind of endorsement it was, it had to be screened by him.

However, Gu Xiu also explained it later on because he was afraid Mu Yangyang would encounter the previous incident again. After all, she wasn't very familiar with this aspect, so it was safer for him to check on her.

Mu Yangyang still had some lingering fear from Han Qingwen's touch. She agreed without saying anything. It was not against her will to do such an action.

After Gu Xiu received the phone, he raised his eyebrows and glanced at Mu Yangyang, who was eating toast with her head lowered. Surprisingly, he found her pleasing to the eye and immediately interrupted Andy.

"Gu Xiu!" What do you mean! Do you believe that I will fight it out with you! "

Andy was flustered and exasperated. He had stayed up for two days and the dark circles under his eyes were out before he was able to filter out all these. Yet, the other party rejected him with a single sentence?

"It's not interesting. There's a lot of stuff going on, so cut the crap."

Gu Xiu hung up the phone without any mercy. He raised his head to face Mu Yangyang with a slightly lame expression, looked down at the coffee cup in his hand and explained, "You can pick it up after a while. For these two days, you have to come back with me to my home. My father wants to see you."

Mu Yangyang was stunned, the milk in her mouth almost spurting out as she said in a daze, "Really? "Isn't it too fast? Isn't it a bit inappropriate? I … I'm not ready yet …"

"Don't worry, it's just a meeting. There's no need to say anything."

Compared to Mu Yangyang's nervousness, Gu Xiu looked much calmer. His indifferent look made it seem as if he was talking about someone else.

Mu Yangyang froze for a moment, then lowered her head and laughed at herself.

That was true. She was worried about so much. After all, she wasn't really Gu Xiu's wife. She was just pretending, so there was no need to be nervous.

Although Gu Xiu saw all of it, he didn't say anything. He gently put his coffee cup on the table, stood up and said: "I've got someone to prepare clothes, you should dress up a little, don't put on too much makeup. We'll leave at 3 in the afternoon, I'll go to the company first, I'll pick you up when the time comes, don't wander around."

"Alright, I understand."

Mu Yangyang drank her milk absent-mindedly and went upstairs.

Gu Xiu frowned slightly. He didn't say anything after he saw Mu Yangyang going upstairs. He left after giving some instructions to the butler.

The housekeeper looked at the two awkward people with a meaningful smile. He shook his head and sighed. "Young people have a long way to go …"

Not long after Mu Yangyang went upstairs, she saw the clothes that had been sent over. They were all dignified and generous, and the prices could be guessed by looking at the materials.

Seeing that there were still labels left, Mu Yangyang was stunned. She reached out her hand and pulled them out. The string of zeros on them blinded her eyes. With a shake of her hand, she threw the labels back.

Mu Yangyang sat on the bed stunned for a while, then forced a smile. "This is the difference between the rich and the poor. This set of clothes is equivalent to half a year's wages in Japan. This gap between the rich and the poor is really terrifying."

After pausing for a while, Mu Yangyang still chose a black dress. She didn't know what material it was made of, but it felt very comfortable to hold in her hands.

He appeared mature and intelligent, but he wouldn't show off too much.

Sitting in front of the mirror, Mu Yangyang carefully applied some makeup on herself. Her face, which originally had some of Yan Yan's, suddenly became dazzling. She cracked a smile at herself and tightly gripped the cloth in her hand.

It was no wonder that Gu Xiu was rumoured to be unsympathetic to women, but there were still so many women coming and going. Even if they were abandoned after one night, they were all willing to ignore their own safety.

After all, the cost of this night might be enough for them to struggle for several years or even their entire lives. Who wouldn't be willing to go?

Standing up and walking to the balcony, Mu Yangyang was lying on the rattan chair, lazily basking in the sun. She was flipping through magazines, reading all kinds of news and smiling helplessly.

It was all thanks to Gu Xiu that he was able to live a life that most people envied, right? In the end, only he knew whether it was happiness or suffering.

The time at noon was very short. While Gu Xiu was sitting in his office, he looked at the pile of documents in front of him and frowned. He couldn't get himself into a working state no matter what.

"Phew …" "Forget it."

Gu Xiu mumbled to himself and looked at the time. It was just 12 o'clock at noon, he didn't know if the woman had eaten obediently.

After throwing the rest of the documents to the assistant, Gu Xiu walked out of the company in large strides and drove home. The first thing he saw was the butler, as well as the untouched dishes on the table.

"Not yet. Madam must have fallen asleep. No matter what, I shouldn't have called her that."

Gu Xiu frowned even more and didn't say anything. He took off his jacket, threw it on the sofa and went upstairs. There was no sound of knocking on the door, so he pushed the door open and went in.

The bedroom was empty. Many of the clothes were still hanging on hangers, and the makeup on the table had not been cleaned. A lid had been left there.

Where did this woman go?

Gu Xiu frowned. Just when he wanted to call her name, he suddenly heard a whisper and his eyes lit up. He walked to the balcony and opened the curtain. He saw Mu Yangyang, who was lying on a rattan chair with her eyes closed.

Gu Xiu seemed to be in a dream. His lips moved slightly and let out a sound like sleep talking, allowing Gu Xiu to grab her wrist without any defenses.

Seeing Mu Yangyang like this, Gu Xiu's heart suddenly softened as if he was struck by something. He leaned close to her lips and listened attentively, hearing what she said clearly.

"Daddy, don't hit me, I know I was wrong, don't hit me …" "I know I made a mistake …"

"Han Qingwen, you pervert …" Don't touch me, uh... "Abnormal …"

"Gu Xiu …" Hearing his name, Gu Xiu became spirited and focused. Mu Yangyang was quiet for a moment before she mumbled a few words with her lips, "Bastard …"

This woman actually called him a bastard in his dreams? You have quite the guts, huh?

Gu Xiu raised his eyebrows and looked at the unprepared Mu Yangyang who was still blabbering on and on. He couldn't stand to be angry for a while, so he didn't know whether to laugh or cry. His pink lips listened to him and didn't wipe any of the lip gloss, maintaining their original color.

Perhaps it was because it had been asleep for too long and was slightly dry, but Gu Xiu had the urge to suck it in, making it softer and more moist.

Gu Xiu's Adam's apple rolled up and down. He paused for a moment, then carefully followed his thoughts and stuck it to his throat. Their breaths were intertwined, and the natural fragrance of Mu Yangyang's body came from his nose.

Gu Xiu's lips could already feel the slight chill. He paused for a moment and was about to continue pressing down on Mu Yangyang, who seemed to sense someone was coming closer. She opened her eyes slightly and mumbled in a confused tone.

Gu Xiu woke up with a start and quickly straightened his body. Mu Yangyang also woke up with a start. She rubbed her eyes and sat up. Why are you here? Ha … What time is it? "

As he spoke, he took out his phone and looked at the time. He couldn't help but frown. "It can't be that you have skipped class, right? It's only a bit faster now."

Gu Xiu smiled unnaturally, turned around and entered the house, feeling a little flustered in his heart.

What was wrong with him? Because even if this woman didn't say anything, she wouldn't be able to control herself … What a joke. Whatever kind of woman she wanted, it was always the other party who came knocking on her door. Perhaps it was because this woman was a bit special that he was interested in her.

Gu Xiu found a reason to excuse himself in his heart and finally relaxed. He turned around and said, "Pack up and come down to eat. We'll go over earlier."

"Awesome …"

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