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C29 What Are You Doing

After walking through a corridor, Mu Yangyang was stunned when she raised her head to look at the row of people as she entered the main hall.

There were both men and women, old and young, sitting on chairs and drinking tea. The one in the middle was an old lady with a kind face and a green bracelet on her wrist. She was currently smiling and looking at her.

"Grandmother, your grandson brought his daughter-in-law to see you."

When he saw that old lady, a smile immediately appeared on Gu Xiu's face. It was a real smile that only appeared when he saw his respected elder.

Mu Yangyang let go of Gu Xiu's hand obediently. She looked at Gu Xiu kneeling down in front of the old lady, allowing the old lady to caress his head. Suddenly, her eyes became sore and a little envious.

When she was young, she loved her grandma's sour dates the most. Now … Probably not anymore.

"Is this my granddaughter-in-law?" Come, come.

The old lady looked at Mu Yangyang with a beaming smile. Mu Yangyang walked over immediately and, imitating Gu Xiu, kneeled down and greeted respectfully, "Grandmother."

"Good, my grandson finally has a woman who can take a little demon king like him. Come, raise your head and let grandma have a good look."

Mu Yangyang raised her head obediently. When she saw the undisguised fondness in the old lady's eyes, at the same time, she was moved, but at the same time, she felt sad.

Gu Xiu, who was watching on the side, could hear the discussions of the girls and was immediately shocked. He glanced around and then stopped talking.

"Good child, come here, this is for you. From now on, you're my Gu family's daughter-in-law."

Before Mu Yangyang could react, a bracelet was placed on her hand. It was a dark blue with a green road and a dark blue color intertwined around it. It was transparent and transparent, and one could tell that it was the top-grade glass inside the jadeite, and it was round enough to make people feel comfortable in both body and mind.

Mu Yangyang's heart skipped a beat. This bracelet must be worth at least several million yuan. She wanted to take it off and return it, but before she could do anything, a sharp voice came from the side, "Grandma, are you being biased? "How can such a good bracelet be given to an unidentified wild girl?

Mu Yangyang frowned slightly as she looked over. She saw a beautiful woman wearing a qipao. Her figure was pretty, but her face was mean. She was staring at the bracelet on Mu Yangyang's wrist. A trace of greed flashed across her eyes.

"Liu Jiao, you're the daughter-in-law of my Gu family, right? But this bracelet belongs to my old woman. Who should I give it to? Can't I decide for myself now?"

Noticing that the old lady was not looking well, Liu Jiao held herself back and did not say anything. Gu Xun frowned slightly as he looked at his wife, who was not very understanding, and also sighed.

Originally, Mu Yangyang wanted to return it, but after hearing this, she became unhappy and smiled as if she didn't hear Liu Jiao's words, "Grandma, I'll put this bracelet away when I get back. I didn't prepare any present today, it's just that …" If I want to compare my gift with your bracelet, I think it will be a bit difficult. "

Mu Yangyang's half-playful, half-playful manner made the old lady laugh. She caressed Mu Yangyang's hair and said happily, "Good child, this is a gift from you that you don't know about. It's just a thread that the old lady will keep well."

As soon as she finished speaking, the old lady sighed. She glanced at Gu Xiu and shook her head, "My wife is still the most considerate one. Look at my grandson, how old is he? He doesn't know how to prepare and doesn't have any thoughts."

Mu Yangyang snickered and looked at Gu Xiu, who was still kneeling on one knee. Hearing what the old lady said, she forced a smile and said, "Grandma, you can't say that to me. Where will I put my face when I go back?"

"You stinking brat, what face do you have!" Our Gu family's ancestor had to be pampered by his wife, do you know that? "

"Yes, yes …"

Gu Xiu burst into laughter. Seeing that it was about time, he pulled Mu Yangyang up and said, "Let me introduce her to you. This is my father's wife, Liu Jiao. This is her son, Gu Lee."

After that, Gu Xiu introduced all kinds of relatives and such like. Gu Xiu had to think for a bit before he could think of a way to address them. After a while, Mu Yangyang was so confused that she simply gave up on asking Gu Xiu. She just remembered what Gu Xiu said and just called him "Gu Xiu".

When Mu Yangyang finally sat down, the old lady glared at Gu Xiu with a pained expression. "You little rascal, why are you so stupid? What's the point of introducing those useless things? "That takes time!"

Gu Xiu acted like he didn't hear anything and said, "Grandma, it's good to let Yangyang remember it. I don't want her to turn around and leave when she meets me in the future."

As soon as she said that, those so-called 'useless people' all felt embarrassed. Not long later, they all said their goodbyes. The old lady's expression finally relaxed and she scolded, "A bunch of ingrate. Let's go."

"Mom, don't be angry. Yangyang is just watching and laughing."

Although Gu Xun had a smile on his face towards Gu Xiu, he was still very respectful towards the old lady.

The old lady waved her hand and said tiredly, "Yangyang is one of our family members. Gu Xiu, tell Yangyang later. Some of those ingrate will have to walk around, do you hear me?"

"Yes, I got it, Grandma."

Seeing Gu Xiu being so obedient, Mu Yangyang didn't know what to think. She just wanted to laugh.

Suddenly, Mu Yangyang felt a chilly gaze from behind her. She subconsciously turned around and saw Liu Jiao staring at her with a gaze as sinister as a poisonous snake looking at her prey. Mu Yangyang couldn't help but shiver.

Seeing that Mu Yangyang was looking at her, Liu Jiao did not hesitate and smiled: "Mom, Gu Xiu's wife cannot be so easily set up, right? We don't even know where this young lady came from. Furthermore, that little girl from Wang Family is so good, and that young lady from the Lan family is even better than this little girl whose origins are unknown. I think it's better … "

"There's no need for Aunt Liu to worry. We've already received the pass."

Gu Xiu suddenly spoke up to interrupt Liu Jiao. He looked indifferent and his eyes were full of warning. Gu Xun also looked at Liu Jiao disapprovingly, but he did not say anything.

The old lady sneered coldly and looked at Mu Yangyang with a gaze full of love. "Good girl, if this brat bullies you in the future, remember to tell your grandma. Do you hear me?"

"Yes, if he bullies me, I'll definitely tell Grandma."

Mu Yangyang was very cooperative, and the old lady was overjoyed. She waved her hand, "Go and rest. Come out when you're done eating. Don't bother me anymore."

Although they had just left, there were still a lot of people remaining. After they left, only Mu Yangyang and Gu Xiu were left in the hall. The two of them were also sent to their own rooms, and the surroundings became quiet.

Mu Yangyang, who was always tense, immediately relaxed and fell onto the sofa. She grumbled at Gu Xiu, "Why do you have so many relatives?"

"My grandmother has seven or eight grandchildren."

Just one sentence was enough to explain everything. Gu Xiu was also a bit tired, so he didn't see Mu Yangyang's broken face. He just laid on the bed and looked at the ceiling.

Mu Yangyang clapped her hands, stared at Gu Xiu and asked, "Are you for real?"

"Right." Gu Xiu didn't move. He glanced at Mu Yangyang and said, "You're quite amazing. You made the old lady like you so much so quickly. However, that Liu Jiao isn't a good person. Fight back when it's time to fight back. Don't worry about others."

Hearing Gu Xiu's words, Mu Yangyang's interest was piqued. She looked at Gu Xiu curiously and asked, "Isn't Liu Jiao your mother?"

His father's wife should be his mother.

"It's my stepmother." Gu Xiu closed his eyes as if he was annoyed and said, "Don't ask too much, as my woman, don't be bullied."

After hearing Gu Xiu's words, Mu Yangyang tactfully did not ask any further questions. However, Gu Xiu's words made her feel upset.

However, this was also true. How could she, a woman who had just bought it, have the qualifications to inquire about the affairs of others in such detail? Or … Just be honest.

Mu Yangyang took off the bracelet on her wrist and put it on the bed. She looked at Gu Xiu seriously and said, "Put this away. It's too expensive. I don't want it."

Gu Xiu opened his eyes and frowned. He looked at the bracelet and asked, "What's wrong?"

Seeing that Gu Xiu was still in a daze, Mu Yangyang couldn't tell if she was angry or helpless. She shook her head and said, "This is what your grandma left for her future grandchild's wife. I don't want it."

Hearing Mu Yangyang's words, Gu Xiu's face showed slight displeasure as he pulled Mu Yangyang over to him.

Mu Yangyang wasn't prepared for this, so she directly fell on Gu Xiu's body due to her unstable center of gravity. The two of them were so close to each other that they were almost breathing together. They looked at each other's eyes.

Gu Xiu could feel that Mu Yangyang's well-developed body was pressing down on him, and her hand was on her slim waist. Gu Xiu had to admit, this woman's figure was really good.

"When I bring it back to dinner …" If Liu Jiao says anything about you, remember to say it back, okay? "

Gu Xiu looked at Mu Yangyang. He subconsciously said something that did not fit the current situation. Mu Yangyang was also shocked. She looked at Gu Xiu blankly and nodded.

While the two of them were in the same position, the door suddenly opened.

"Little Xiu, the old lady said …" What are you all doing!? "

Mu Yangyang suddenly stood up from Gu Xiu's body. Just as she was about to stand on the ground, Gu Xiu suddenly put his arm around her waist and pushed her down. With a trace of provocation in his eyes, he looked at the person at the door and said: "Didn't you see what we are doing? "If you have anything to say, say it quickly. Once you're done, go out."

Mu Yangyang raised her head in distress and realized that it was Liu Jiao who was standing at the door. Her eyes were wide with anger and shock, and she was trembling all over.

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