My CEO Husband,Take Your Time/C4 Happy Cooperation
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My CEO Husband,Take Your Time/C4 Happy Cooperation
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C4 Happy Cooperation

Mu Yangyang lay awake for a long time, thinking that this cuff link could save her.

She had been holding it in her hand, but she was afraid that the cuff links would roll into some corner when she fell asleep, and she would get up and put them in her bag.

No, I can't put it in my bag. What if there's a thief in this unsafe little rental house? She got up again and put the cuff links on the bed. After a moment, she sighed again and hid her cuff links under the pillow.

He repeated this process until the sun was about to rise. Mu Yangyang still hadn't fallen asleep, so she had no choice but to start washing up and putting on her makeup listlessly, with thick, dark circles under her eyes.

Looking at the jewelry store, Mu Yangyang took a deep breath and encouraged herself mentally before pushing the door open and entering.

"Hello, miss. Is there anything I can help you with?" When the counter lady saw her enter, her eyes lit up. She walked up to Mu Yangyang and introduced her with a smile. "Our shop has recently produced a few diamond rings and necklaces. You …"

"No, thanks." Mu Yangyang interrupted her with a cold tone and a polite smile. I'm here to sell jewelry. "

The counter girl secretly sized up Mu Yangyang. Seeing that she had an extraordinary temperament and beautiful looks, even her clothes were expensive, she smiled and nodded. "May I ask what kind of jewelry you want to sell?"

Mu Yangyang took out the cufflinks she kept in the ring box and handed them to the counter girl. The counter girl opened it and took a look. She smiled at Mu Yangyang and said, "Miss, please wait for a moment. I'll go and examine the appraiser."

Nodding her head, Mu Yangyang was not worried that they would change their cufflinks. After all, they were international branded stores and they had a good reputation. She sat in front of the counter, looking at the priceless jewelry in front of her and couldn't help but sigh.

This was the difference between a rich person and a person without money. Just a single piece of jewelry would be able to save her life.

In fact, many of the men had given her some jewelry during the course of their drinking session, but she had turned back, and Mu Yangyang knew the true meaning of those gifts.

If she took their gifts, it would be difficult for her to refuse to be their mistress, to refuse to go to bed with them.

As for the owner of the cuff links … That man didn't ask for her reward for saving her, but she still wanted to sell off his cuff links. If she met him again, she …

Mu Yangyang now only wanted to get the money as soon as possible to pay her debts and return home. Once she made up her mind, she calmly looked at the dazzling jewelry in front of her.

Just as she was feeling bored, the counter lady from before led a middle-aged man with a grave expression on his face.

Seeing how they were acting, Mu Yangyang's hand, which was under her bag, couldn't help but tighten.

Mu Yangyang knew she had to at least act like a rich person to sell jewelry, so she put on her most expensive outfit.

She had bought it for her when her adoptive parents were still alive. Although it wasn't much compared to the price of the cuff links, it wouldn't make her lose face in this store.

After the middle-aged man sized her up, he came up with an idea. He looked at Mu Yangyang and asked with a smile, "May I ask what your surname is?"


"Hello, Miss Mu. I'm the manager of this store." "The manager and Mu Yangyang shook hands, maintaining their proper smiles." Did you buy the cufflinks yourself? "

Mu Yangyang's heart skipped a beat, but she didn't show it on her face. She shook her head and said, "It was a gift from a friend. It's just that I'm in urgent need of money to sell it."

The manager nodded. Although he still had some doubts about the origin of the cufflinks, they were too enticing to understand, so he smiled and said to Mu Yangyang, "Miss Mu, it's like this, this cufflinks were originally custom-made in Graf, and the dark blue diamond inlaid here is from the South African Premer Mine. Furthermore, the color saturation and purity are extremely high, and the cut work is almost perfect.

3 million! No matter how calm Mu Yangyang pretended, she still couldn't help but open her mouth slightly. She still had 3 million yen in the debt that her adoptive father owed her. That way, she would still have some money left in her savings!

The manager thought that she was still not satisfied with the price, so he smiled and said, "If Miss Muruo thinks the price is too low, then how about 35 million?"

As if afraid the manager would go back on his word, Mu Yangyang quickly said, "Deal."

"Ok, please wait a moment, Miss Mu. I will have someone to handle the formalities with you later. We have a happy cooperation!"

"Happy cooperation." Mu Yangyang's eyes were bright and her whole face had a big smile. The manager also smiled. If Mu Yangyang had known that the manager was going to raise the price by up to 55 million yen, she would have regretted dying.

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