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C6 To the End

Gu Xiu curled his lips and ridiculed in a low and hoarse voice. "It looks like second brother and all the uncles are getting restless again …"

The corner of his mouth curled up into a mocking smile as he finished the red wine in his cup in one gulp. "Since they want to play, he will accompany them to the end!" Then let's prepare a huge gift for them. "

"Yes." The person in the shadows understood the meaning behind his words and slightly bowed as he responded.

The butler was about to leave, but was stopped by Gu Xiu.

"Where did the pair of sleeves that Gu Ruan gave me go? How come there's one missing?"

The butler was stunned for a moment and recalled: "You put it on when you went out a few days ago. When you came back, it seemed to have disappeared."

Gu Xiu frowned as he thought about it. He also remembered that he took one out with him that day, but he was still unable to recall when he lost it.

"Miss Gu Ruan should still have some blueprints. Do you need them …"

Gu Xiu couldn't help but to rub his temples with a headache when he thought about how that noisy little girl knew that he lost the birthday present she gave him. "Go and customize another one. Don't let Gu Ruan know."


Thinking about Gu Ruan, the woman who threatened to repay him with her body in the washroom flashed across Gu Xiu's eyes. His eyes were as deep as the sea and were filled with coldness.

Three months later.

It was already 11: 00 in the night. Mu Yangyang closed the door tiredly, kicking away the hate on her feet. All she wanted now was to fall back on the bed and sleep.

"Yangyang, you're back. Come and have some midnight snacks." His roommate, Ye Xuan, came out of the kitchen carrying a pot of porridge.

Mu Yangyang gave a sickly answer and went to the bathroom to take off her thick makeup before she sat down at the table.

"Ah, so tired …" Stepping on a pair of high feet and running from morning to night, yet doing nothing after a day of sunbathing, it really made people feel defeated …

Ye Xuan smiled and rubbed her shoulder, "It's been hard on you! Come and have a taste, I only succeeded after testing for an entire night! "

"It smells so good. Ye, your cooking skills have improved again." Mu Yangyang couldn't help but praise him as she smelled so much that it almost made her drool. She felt more spirited.

Ye Xuan felt a little embarrassed. Seeing her craving so much, she hurriedly brought out a bowl to fill her bowl.

Mu Yangyang took a deep breath. Just as she was about to take a bite, she seemed to have thought of something and frowned.

The hesitation in her eyes could be seen clearly as the bowl was about to reach her mouth. After thinking for a while, she decided to put it down. Forget it, I'll just not eat anymore. "

"What's wrong?" Seeing that she suddenly stopped eating, Ye Xuan couldn't help but ask curiously.

"Sighing, Mu Yangyang got up and prepared to take a bath to resist her thirst for food." "Tomorrow I'm going to go to an advertisement for an audition. Eating so late will cause me to get bloated."

Looking at Mu Yangyang's figure, which was getting thinner and thinner, Ye Xuan let out a soft sigh. A trace of heartache flashed through her eyes. You've lost a lot of weight, but you still look much better with meat. "

"It's okay, don't worry." Mu Yangyang's heart warmed as she smiled lightly at Ye Xuan.

After returning home, Mu Yangyang was sad for a few days before she recovered and went to an entertainment company to work as a graphic model.

She had thought that with her looks and her education in Japan, it would not be difficult for her to support herself. She hadn't thought that she would be stuck in the same place, unable to receive even a small advertisement because she refused to be subverted.

She didn't have much savings, so she didn't have much income. She had to pay rent every month and buy all sorts of cosmetics. If this went on, she would be poor again in a few months.

It hadn't been easy to get a chance to earn money, so she would definitely give it her all!

He was really giving it his all … Mu Yangyang stood in the elevator, dozing off like a chick pecking at rice.

Last night, she had wanted so much that she couldn't sleep anymore. It was almost dawn before she finally fell asleep. Early in the morning, she had to get up to participate in the audition.

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