My CEO Husband,Take Your Time/C7 Do You Remember What You Owe Me?
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My CEO Husband,Take Your Time/C7 Do You Remember What You Owe Me?
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C7 Do You Remember What You Owe Me?

"Yangyang, you want to participate in today's audition as well?" When the beautifully dressed woman at the side saw her current appearance, she couldn't help but sneer and say, "Your mental state is so poor. Why don't you come back after you've eaten your fill? Don't delay your sleeping time."

This provocation made Mu Yangyang much more clear-headed. She smiled at Lee Angqi and said, "Of course sleeping isn't as important as work."

Lee Angqi scoffed. "Don't be like last time. Director Zhang is not like Director Wang who can make you lose face."

"Thanks for the reminder." Mu Yangyang's face was full of smiles, but she was actually rolling her eyes at Lee Angqi from the bottom of her heart.

He didn't know why, but he had been targeting her ever since she came to the company.

The last time she finished shooting the ad, Director Wang wanted to take her out to play, but she didn't want to go. Lee Angqi was fanning the flames by the side, saying that she looked down on Director Wang, causing Director Wang to forcefully drag her to the bar out of respect for her.

Director Wang had been trying to do something to her along the way. There was nowhere for her to hide, so she gave Director Wang a slap. Then, she headed home.

So she didn't get an ad for the next month.

"Don't pretend to be so noble in this business. You make it seem as if you're some young miss of some sort. If you offend those directors, you won't even get a single meal." Lee Angqi looked at her exquisite face and a trace of jealousy flashed in her eyes.

Why was it that they had to be obedient to the director while Mu Yangyang could rebel against them? That group of stinking men even had to say that they couldn't obtain it in order to make others worry about them.

The impatience in Mu Yangyang's eyes became more and more obvious. No need for you to worry. "

With a ding sound, Mu Yangyang walked out of the elevator before Lee Angqi could do anything. She brushed past the two men in suits who were about to enter the elevator.

Gu Xiu looked at the skinny and gorgeous back and could not help but squint his eyes. His eyes, which were as deep as the sea, were suffused with a trace of blue light.

Gu Xiu reached out his hand to stop the woman that walked past him.

Mu Yangyang was thinking about how she should perform during the interview when she was pulled back by someone. She thought it was those rich second-generation juniors who came to pick up girls again. She couldn't help but get annoyed. With a frown, she raised her head. "Sir, please …"

Mu Yangyang's gaze instantly fell into a pair of eyes as deep as the ocean. The word "let go" was stuck in her throat, but she was no longer able to say it. The man in front of her, his exquisite facial features were as perfect as sculptures.

Mu Yangyang's pale face had an abnormal blush due to the awkwardness. When she thought of the sleeve buckle that she had sold, she felt a little weak. She smiled awkwardly and said, "Mister, what a coincidence!"

Gu Xiu's lips curled up into a smile. "Indeed, it's quite a coincidence!"

Mu Yangyang subconsciously winced. The man in front of her was clearly smiling, but she felt a chill down her spine and a fear. She quickly smiled and said, "Thank you for saving me last time, mister. I'm rushing to the interview. I'll come back another day to thank you, mister!"

As she spoke, Mu Yangyang took a step back and bowed. Just as she was about to leave, she couldn't stand the strong aura of the man in front of her.

However, before she could even take a step forward, her arm was once again restrained. The man's handsome face was getting closer and closer until she could feel his breath on her ear. She then heard his cold yet sexy voice, "Miss, do you remember what you owe me?"

She raised her head and looked at Gu Xiu, who had already taken a step back, with her bright eyes, and bowed again slowly. Then she stood up and said: "Sir, I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't have sold your things, but I have no other way. Don't worry, I will return the 35 million yen I got from selling your cuff links as soon as possible."

Suddenly, the smile on his face became even more pronounced, it turned out that the cuff links were picked up and sold by her. No wonder, when he checked her information, he found out that she suddenly paid back the huge gambling debt owed by her foster father and returned home quickly.

However, this was just perfect …

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