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C8 35 Million

Mu Yangyang looked at the smiling face of the man in front of her that was getting more and more confused. She was even more nervous. 35 million yen was just an ornamental sleeve buckle to him, but to her, it was an astronomical figure. She had no idea what this man was planning.

Just as Mu Yangyang was feeling apprehensive, Gu Xiu bowed again and said slowly in her ear, "So, besides owing me one night, you still owe me 35 million!"

The cold aura caused Mu Yangyang's entire body to stiffen. A bad premonition crept into her heart. She had actually forgotten about her promise back then in order to get this man to save her …

Mu Yangyang gritted her teeth as she thought about it, "I am very grateful for Mister Sun's righteous rescue that day. As I see it, Teacher Sun is a man of justice and magnanimity. I probably do not care about what happened that day, but I can't repay Mister Sun. I coincidentally met him today. What do you think if I treat you to a light meal?"

Gu Xiu looked at the decent smile on Mu Yangyang's face, the smile on her face was still a bit cold. This woman had a good plan, did he really think that he would let her go just because she put on a tall hat for him?

Mu Yangyang's gaze was locked onto the man in front of her. She wanted to catch some of his thoughts from his expression, but she was disappointed. The man in front of her was definitely unfathomable. She was unable to see any trace of his emotions.

"It won't be too late to eat after I finish my business!" Gu Xiu put away the smile on his face and made a hand gesture. He turned around and walked towards the elevator while the bodyguard in black beside him made a inviting gesture in front of Mu Yangyang, "Miss Mu, please!"

Mu Yangyang was stunned. How did this man know her surname was Mu? She clearly didn't introduce herself and the man had already stepped into the elevator. For some reason, she didn't have the courage to reject him and followed him inside.

Inside the small space, it was so quiet that they could even hear each other's breathing and heartbeats. Mu Yangyang heard her own heart beating in disorder, and unconsciously swallowed her saliva, remembering that she was here for an interview. After thinking for a while, she opened her mouth and asked, "Sir, how do you know my name? Where are you taking me now? "

After she finished speaking, Mu Yangyang realized that her question seemed to be a bit abrupt, so she added, "Sir, I am grateful for saving my life, but can you please wait for me for a moment, after I finish my interview, I will immediately go and find you, how about it?"

Gu Xiu looked at the woman who still couldn't understand what was going on in front of him in silence. Finally, he said lightly, "35 million yen, I'll buy you!"

"What?" Mu Yangyang was stunned for a moment before recovering her senses. She looked at the man in front of her with wide eyes as if she was sure that she was hallucinating.

After receiving confirmation from the man's deep eyes, Mu Yangyang replied seriously, "Sir, you should know that I am not a woman who would sell my body for money. Even if you owe me money, you shouldn't be so disrespectful!"

While they were talking, the elevator stopped. Gu Xiu walked out of the elevator and signaled his bodyguard to bring Mu Yangyang away without even glancing at Mu Yangyang.

This time, the bodyguard did not give Mu Yangyang any chance to walk. He directly dragged her and threw her into the most luxurious sapphire blue Maybach car in the garage!

"Sir, do you know that by doing so, I can sue you for kidnapping!" Mu Yangyang looked at the unmoved man beside her as she suppressed the anger in her heart.

"Is that so?" Gu Xiu smiled, "Then take a look at these. Do you still want to sue me?"

Mu Yangyang took the laptop in Gu Xiu's hands with suspicion. The moment she saw the content on the laptop, her face turned pale and her body couldn't stop trembling. In the photo, there was a woman wearing coquettish clothes and drinking wine nonstop.

This was her most humiliating memory. She had thought that she had left that place, that she had returned to her country, and all that had gone, but why had that awful past disturbed her so quickly?

Mu Yangyang's eyes were slightly red, but she forced herself to calm down and asked the man beside her, "Who are you? What exactly do you want to do? "

"Gu Xiu." Gu Xiu said concisely, "35 million, I'll buy you!"

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