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C11 The Devil's Heart Stirred

Murong Shaoyang looked at the document in his hand and did not read a single word. His mind was filled with Mu Jinxi's angry expression and her soft body. It had only been a few hours since he last saw her and he had already started thinking about her. He was really...

Murong Shaoyang tried to call Mu Jinxi a few times with his phone, but he hung up. He was 28 years old, but he looked like a kid. Was this love? In the end, he had to send a text message.

Mu Jinxi picked up her phone. Was it a text message or an unknown number? "Do you like the roses from last night?"

Mu Jinxi's heart skipped a beat and there was a hint of sweetness in her heart. She didn't know how to reply. Like it? Don't like it? It's okay? Or...

After waiting for almost ten minutes, Murong Shaoyang finally received the message that he was thinking about.


After waiting for almost ten minutes, Murong Shaoyang finally received the message that he was thinking about.


This reply was difficult for the young master Murong, who had been in love for a long time. It had always been Lin Da who had cheated on him. When had he ever scratched his ears and cheeks to figure out how to reply to Lin Da's text message? Buy a name tag, give a diamond and it would be done. There was no need to waste his brain so much.

"Xu Jie!" Murong Shaoyang finally found someone to ask for her opinion. "How would you feel if a man gave you flowers on Valentine's Day?" He sounded a little excited.

"Ah!" Xu Jie, who was on the other side of the phone, was almost shocked. What happened to Young Master Murong today? She immediately remembered what had happened between him and Mu Jinxi. "Uh, of course it will be a surprise." Xu Jie naturally wanted to give Murong Shaoyang the answer he wanted.

"What else will you do the next day?"

Xu Jie was speechless at Murong Shaoyang's words. She could not ask, so she had to force herself to answer, "He will treat me to a meal." Xu Jie knew that she had to give Murong Shaoyang some advice before she could be let off.

"Okay!" Murong Shaoyang hung up.

Xu Jie held the beeping phone and rolled her eyes. She had worked under him for seven or eight years, but she had never seen Murong Shaoyang like this. Could it be that he had fallen in love with her? Was this the world-shaking beauty Murong? Or was it the young master Murong who often walked in the flowers without touching a single leaf?

Sure enough, according to Xu Jie's reminder, Murong Shaoyang very tactfully replied, "Let's eat together at noon."

Mu Jinxi, who was in the midst of the recruitment notice, looked at the short rest and replied without hesitation, "I'm sorry, I have something to do." After sending the message, she buried her head in her sketching. Because of this mess, she had been idle for too long. She had to immediately find a job to cheer herself up. Moreover, the rent and expenses in T City could not afford to be spent like this.

Murong Shaoyang was so confident that he pretended to be working, but his heart was on his phone, waiting for Mu Jinxi's reply.

"Beep, beep, beep, beep." Murong Shaoyang threw down the document, picked up his phone, and flipped through it. When he saw the content, his expression changed. The overbearing Young Master Murong came back and replied bluntly, "At noon, wait for me downstairs. If I don't see anyone, you know the consequences."

This threatening message made Mu Jinxi jump out of her chair in anger. She originally thought that their relationship had eased up and even had a good impression of each other. Now that it was all gone, this was the essence of the devil. She should not believe him at all. If they were sincere in their relationship, they should have destroyed those videos and photos in front of her.

Even though he was angry, he still had to face reality. He still had to face this demon. Looking at the time, there was still half an hour left. He hurriedly changed his clothes, picked up his bag and left the house. He did not even wear his usual high heels and directly put on his inconspicuous flat shoes.

It would take more than forty minutes to get to the Murong’s Group building from where she lived without any traffic jams. Plus, it would take at least an hour to walk. Murong Shaoyang must be messing with her.

Murong Shaoyang sat in the car and waited. He looked at his watch and saw that it was almost 12: 30. Mu Jinxi was nowhere to be seen. In the end, he couldn't help but call her.

Mu Jinxi had just gotten off the taxi when she received a call from Murong Shaoyang. The screen displayed the word "devil." She crossed the screen bitterly.

"Where are you now?" A vicious voice sounded.

"Downstairs of Murong’s's building!" Mu Jinxi was also angry. She did not even want to take a taxi usually. She had wasted dozens of yuan for Murong Shaoyang's meal.

"I'll give you five minutes to come to parking lot 3."

"Got it!" With that, he hung up.

The area in front of the Murong’s Group was too big. Mu Jinxi had only arrived in five minutes by jogging. She saw Murong Shaoyang's eye-catching silver-gray sports car and walked up to him to knock on the window.

The window rolled down, revealing Murong Shaoyang's charming face.

Murong Shaoyang looked at Mu Jinxi's chest, which was moving up and down due to her breathing. He said, "Get in the car!" and closed the window.

Mu Jinxi, who was sitting in the car, was still panting slightly, but she had a righteous expression as if she was going to die. "Let's go! Hurry up, I still have things to do!"

Another matter. Could it be that there was something more important than him? Murong Shaoyang felt that he was losing face. He squinted his eyes at the indignant Mu Jinxi and pressed half of his body towards her like a hungry wolf.

"Ah!" Mu Jinxi screamed. "What are you doing?"

"This is your punishment for being late by half an hour." With a wicked smile, the chair was lowered and the whole body was attached to it.

"Murong Shaoyang, calm down. I didn't mean to be late. The time you gave me was too short. It would take at least fifty minutes for my family to get here. It was already half past eleven by the time you informed me. Even if I took a plane, I would still have to pass the security check. I definitely wouldn't be here in half an hour." Mu Jinxi knew that the best way to not anger this hungry wolf now was to fight with reason.

Murong Shaoyang did not care about this. "This is your business. If you do not do as I say, you will be punished."

Mu Jinxi saw that her explanation was ineffective and began to struggle. She did not want to be made sore by this hungry wolf and be unable to get out of bed.

"Get lost! I won't serve you."

Murong Shaoyang sneered, then he bit Mu Jinxi's tender shoulder.

"Ah! It hurts! Murong Shaoyang, are you a dog?"

Murong Shaoyang gently traced her lips.

Mu Jinxi was very surprised. Didn't he want her so badly?

Murong Shaoyang was currently trying his best to restrain himself. Yesterday's madness had already hurt Jinxi pretty badly. Today wasn't a good time. Furthermore, he had already decided to treat her well.

Seeing that Murong Shaoyang was no longer moving, Mu Jinxi did not dare to struggle anymore. Her previous two experiences told her that the more she struggled, the more hungry the wolf would pounce on her.

The two of them just lay there quietly for ten minutes.

In the end, Mu Jinxi compromised. Murong Shaoyang was a tall and strong man. With his small body, she couldn't bear being pressed down by him like this. She could only compromise and speak first.

"Um, Murong Shaoyang, didn't you say we were going to eat? Should we fill our stomachs first, then..." Mu Jinxi realized what she had said. She wished she could slap her big mouth, but her body and hands were suppressed by Murong Shaoyang. Otherwise, she could hear the slapping sounds now.

"My little Jinxi girl, what you said makes so much sense. We only have the strength to exercise after we fill our stomachs. I'm hungry too." Murong Shaoyang's expression changed a few times, and Mu Jinxi could not stand it. Hearing his words, she wanted to dig a hole in the shovel and hide in it. She would never come out again. It was too embarrassing. This was really like lifting a stone to smash her own feet.

With that, Murong Shaoyang rolled off Mu Jinxi and sat back down. Mu Jinxi breathed a sigh of relief. She was finally safe. She quickly returned her seat to its original position.

"What do you want to eat?" Murong Shaoyang, who had turned from a beast to a gentleman, asked with his hand on the steering wheel. It was impossible to tell that he had almost lost his temper just now.

"Whatever!" Mu Jinxi had just recovered and wanted to jump out of the car immediately. She did not care what he ate.


When the car stopped at the entrance of the restaurant, it attracted the attention of many people. After all, a luxurious car, a handsome man, and a country bumpkin, Lenda, were really too eye-catching.

When Mu Jinxi got out of the car and saw the restaurant sign, Mu Jinxi, who never swore, could not help but say in her heart, "F * ck!"

The restaurant was not big, and it was located in a remote location. The environment was very elegant. The most important thing was the two charming words on the sign, "Whatever!"

Mu Jinxi felt like vomiting blood. She just remembered that when Murong Shaoyang asked her what she wanted to eat, his answer was actually... casual? What a joke. There was actually a restaurant that had a name that was casual. This was definitely a trick.

Mu Jinxi noticed that people were looking at her strangely and realized that she had not tidied up properly today. It was as dirt as dirt. She wore a normal white T-shirt, dark blue jeans, and a pair of sports shoes. She looked completely casual. Compared to Murong Shaoyang's decent Armani, she was like heaven and earth!

At this moment, she only wanted to eat early and disperse early to avoid embarrassing herself. Actually, it would be better if she didn't have to eat.

Murong Shaoyang pretended not to see her and stopped Mu Jinxi by her waist to enter the restaurant. The beautiful young lady led Murong Shaoyang into a luxurious private room. From the looks of it, they were familiar with each other. Murong Shaoyang should be here frequently.

Mu Jinxi immediately retorted when she saw the consultation lady bring the two into the private room, "The private room is too stuffy. Let's go to the main hall!" That anxious look was obviously afraid that Murong Shaoyang would do something to her.

Murong Shaoyang looked at Mu Jinxi's nervous look with interest and suddenly had the thought of teasing her, "Why are you going to the main hall? There are too many people and there are too many eyes. Do you want to be seen as a monkey?" As he spoke, he glanced at Mu Jinxi from the corner of his eye. That look clearly said, "You are not afraid of losing face, but I am."

"But..." Mu Jinxi was really unable to refute. She could not possibly say it in front of the young lady in the consultation room, "I'm afraid that you will do something bad to me."

In the end, Mu Jinxi compromised once again.

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