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C18 Rumors or Truths

"He came to the company." The girl cleared her throat. "He came to the company..." There was no follow-up all of a sudden. This made the woman who was listening to her become anxious. "Go on!" Mu Jinxi gently patted the girl's head. "If you don't continue, I will beat you up for defamation!"

The girl looked at her with grievance. Why did this woman suddenly become so ferocious when she looked like a lady? She was dressed in sportswear, and then she casually stepped on a rock and stepped on the ground. Her fierce look was really like that of a bandit.

"I don't dare anymore, okay? I really don't know what happened next..." Mu Jinxi's eyes narrowed. "Sure, then go and confess to Murong Shaoyang a few hundred more times. From here on out, step by step, step by step, give me the phone number, okay?"

"No, no, no!" The girl waved her hand anxiously. "If I'm wrong, Big Sis, please let me go!!"

She looked pitiful and sincere, but Mu Jinxi would not let go of any woman who dared to pester Ouyang Che so easily. She picked up her collar and pulled up the girl who had lost her will to fight.

"Continue with the confession. Choose one yourself!"

The girl looked like she was wronged, and her body was trembling. "I really don't know what happened next! I just heard that it was Murong Shaoyang who did it. Whether it was the previous bicycle incident or the subsequent incident, the murderer was that terrifying devil!" Thinking of so many girls, she shouted.

"What if I find out that the secret exchange between you and me is fake?" Mu Jinxi pretended to be gritting her teeth. The girl was so scared that she started to cry and quickly answered. "I don't dare to lie to you. There are almost people who came into this company at the same time as him. If you don't believe me, you can go and ask. If you want to arrest me, you can just go to a random company and arrest any one of them. It will definitely be

"Oh? Really?" Mu Jinxi slightly narrowed her eyes and looked at her. "It's a pity." She intended to scare her completely and deliberately pretended to speak in a low voice, "I just want to hear what you say. I don't trust anyone else."

"Wh... Why..." The girl was on the verge of breaking down. Why was this woman so terrifying? If she had known earlier, she wouldn't have bothered other people's men. Indeed, if she didn't seek death, she wouldn't have died. That was right...

"Because in this company, you are the one who left the deepest impression on me." Mu Jinxi put her down and the girl's legs went soft and she sat on the stool. She trembled and looked up at the smiling woman. She quickly reached out to block the smiling face.

"I was wrong, Grandpa. Sister Mu, Grandpa Mu. Grandma Mu!" The girl was already incoherent. Mu Jinxi saw that her goal had already been achieved, so she patted her hands and put her feet down from the stool. She heaved a sigh of relief and waved her hand domineeringly. She said, "You can go now!"

The girl suddenly lost her nervousness. She was like a prisoner who had finally been released. After leaving the prison gate, she ran as fast as a world hurdle champion.

"Hey, wait." Mu Jinxi stretched out her hand to stop the bird that was about to fly, "I still have something to say." The girl's body shook, "Does Grandpa Mu have any other orders?"

"Why aren't you starting yet?" Mu Jinxi squinted her eyes.

"What?" The girl looked at her with a puzzled look. Obviously, she had already said what she wanted to know. Didn't she also ask her to leave?

"Let's hurry up and start." Mu Jinxi did not say anything. She sat on the stool and crossed her legs. Then she stretched out her hand and made a gesture of invitation to the girl.

The girl still did not understand what she meant. She saw that she was not talking and wanted to leave. As she watched her walk, she was afraid that she would suddenly come over and beat her up again. It was okay to shamelessly chase after a man, but if she really met a strong one, she could only run away like a rat. Especially a terrifying explosive type like Mu Jinxi...

"Stop." The girl trembled again and no longer dared to move. "What... what's wrong?" This kind of woman was too terrifying. She had no choice but to make a promise.

"I told you to start from here and say that Murong Shaoyang likes you. Are you deaf or what?" Mu Jinxi raised her eyebrows. She looked like she would not let this matter rest until she died.

... ""

This woman... is definitely not just terrifying... she is also evil...

Mu Jinxi watched the girl leave. She stood up and walked to the side of the road. She saw a colleague who was on good terms with Linda just now. She gave a sinister smile and walked over.

So Murong’s could hear a girl starting from the corner of the company in the afternoon, shouting, "Murong Shaoyang, I love you!" She walked around the company almost once.

"What's going on?" the boy continued to ask this question. Every one of them came out to look at the girl who was slowly approaching downstairs.

"What are you trying to do?" Just as everyone was wondering what was going on, the main character appeared. He was still wearing a suit and glasses with a dazed look on his face.

However, the cold look in his eyes was attractive, and he had a delicate face. Even if his clothes were not fashionable, he was still a very handsome man.

It was a pity that she did not know how to dress up and still had a dazed look on her face. This scene caused some of the surrounding boys to sigh. "Why do you have such a nerd in your eyes? It's good that you like me."

"Hey, you're just saying that I have it in my arms." Soon, someone echoed.

"No matter how I look at it, my family is richer than him. Come and like me." Some people even approached him directly to make fun of him. Then, they were all forced back by the cold gaze of the male lead.

Under the hot sun, it was easy for a girl to get a heatstroke after shouting for the whole afternoon. She suddenly fell into Murong Shaoyang's arms and smelled a strange smell. It was covered by the smell of laundry detergent. Although it was not very strong, it was still uncomfortable to smell it for a long time. Her pale lips opened, and her voice was so hoarse that she could not complain to this man.

"Shaoyang..." She grabbed his clothes tightly. "I'm here." He lowered his head and looked at her eyes. There was a sudden tenderness in his eyes that could easily make people fall in love. The girl suddenly felt that the humiliation she had suffered this afternoon was nothing compared to this man's tenderness.

Murong Shaoyang looked at the fainted girl in his arms and silently carried her to the shade.

In order to make the heat in her body dissipate faster, Murong Shaoyang specially went to the store to buy her a few large ice cubes, then used a towel to hold them and apply them to her forehead.

"This is..." The girl finally regained some of her consciousness. The moment she opened her eyes, she saw a green leaf swaying above her. Some of the light rays shone down and she slightly narrowed her eyes.

Her head was still aching and her body was burning. The girl thought that she must have had a heatstroke... Luckily, the ice on her forehead kept sending cold air into her body, which made her feel much better.

On the way to his' confession ', regardless of whether it was a man or a woman, as long as they saw her, they would laugh, watch, or shout together with her. Even the girls who called him out that day turned their heads and left hurriedly as if they did not know her. She said' I love you 'one step at a time under the scorching sun, and welcomed the most sincere mockery along the way. The sun shone brightly on

She only remembered that she had finally arrived at her destination. She was still a few steps away when a young man who looked like he had just walked out of a painting smiled at her.

That person was somewhat familiar.

The girl who was deep in thought suddenly welcomed the face of a boy who had been enlarged by many times.

It was like a celestial beauty in a painting.

At that moment, time seemed to have stopped. The girl only felt a chill rolling up her body from the bottom of her feet. Alright, not only was she familiar with him, that man... was the one who caused her to become the main culprit! Murong Shaoyang!!

His surname was Mu Rong and his name was Shaoyang. He had only flirted with Murong Shaoyang once, but he had only met Murong Shaoyang once. Murong Shaoyang had caused him to suffer from heatstroke and lose face! Who else could have such a perfect face other than him?

No! The girl shook her head angrily. A man like this was not perfect, but a demon. Otherwise, why would he have such an attractive aura under such an appearance?

Like that woman, for example.

She nodded in agreement.

Murong Shaoyang, on the other hand, was confused. He lifted his face and left the person lying on the stool.

Why did this girl keep shaking her head and nodding before she even opened her eyes? She couldn't help but lean forward to observe her expression, hoping to see something from the movement of her eyes under her eyelids. In the end, she suddenly opened her eyes.

She also looked at him and blinked, but she did not scream like the other girls. She only turned her face away indifferently.

He looked at the girl and scratched his head. "Why did you do all those things?" He glanced over. This guy had a good relationship with that woman. Could it be that the woman sent him to continue playing tricks on her? It was best to be careful.

"I'm just joking..." She waved her hand as if she didn't care.

In fact, she had already scolded that woman more than a thousand times in her heart. She only dared to curse in her heart. She was afraid that she would cause trouble again and she would not be able to bear it.

"You don't look like the kind of person who likes to joke around." Murong Shaoyang pushed his glasses up and sat next to her. "I'm really joking." After saying that, she moved closer with a vigilant expression. "You really aren't?"

"Mu Jinxi..." When she called out this name, she was even more vigilant. Her eyes rolled around, as if she was a thief who was afraid of being discovered after stealing something.

Hearing that woman's name, Murong Shaoyang could guess the reason why the girl had become like this.

He had been following Mu Jinxi for a long time. Ever since he happened to see her drag the girl out, he had been following her, hiding under a tree to eavesdrop on the conversation between the two girls.

To a girl's description, the truth was already exaggerated by her.

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