Mr. CEO, Please Be Gentle/C2 The President Is the Devil
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Mr. CEO, Please Be Gentle/C2 The President Is the Devil
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C2 The President Is the Devil

He could not wait to feel her sexy Adam's apple, which was a symbol of masculine charm.

She buried her head in Mu Jinxi's neck and took a bite. "Ah!" The sudden pain made Mu Jinxi's mind clear up a little.

Although his mind was somewhat clear, his body was not under the control of his consciousness. He wanted to break free from this seductive embrace and struggle a few times, but the result was that he was getting closer and closer.

In Murong Shaoyang's eyes, Mu Jinxi's struggle was a game of playing hard to catch. She wanted to refuse, but she still wanted to fight back. He held Mu Jinxi's soft waist with one hand and her chin with the other. "I like the active Linda."

"You..." Mu Jinxi vaguely felt that the person in front of her was very familiar.

She knew that she was hugging a man without a care in the world. When she opened her eyes to look at him, how could it be...

It was actually her company's boss. Did he think that she was trying to seduce him into taking the opportunity to rise to the top?

The moment of astonishment was misunderstood by Murong Shaoyang.

This Linda knew him, which further solidified her thoughts. Mu Jinxi was confused and moaning, but Murong Shaoyang was agitated and carried her onto the sofa.

Her slender legs were tightly wrapped by the tight black dress, adding to the temptation. Her waist, which was not fat at all, was slightly twisted like a water snake, and the red plum blossoms on her chest appeared and disappeared under her clothes.

Murong Shaoyang swallowed his saliva. He even looked down on himself. How could he be like a kid who had never tasted meat before?

He was not a Murong Shaoyang who would bite without a care. He turned around and went to the drawer of the bedside table to search. In the end, he almost tore the bedside table apart and could not find it.

When he was so angry that he was gritting his teeth, a pair of soft little hands climbed onto his body from behind. His lower body was burning as if it was on fire and he could not control himself anymore. He turned around and hugged this delicate body tightly. His lower body rubbed against Mu Jinxi's quiet area. He buried his head in her neck and saw a kiss. His hands grabbed the round butt from behind and forcefully pressed down on himself, not leaving a single gap.

Once again, he lunged forward, patiently performing the foreplay.

The tip of his tongue licked his delicate collarbone, slowly rubbing against it.

The person under him couldn't help but twist her body. Murong Shaoyang suppressed his urge to force her out of bed. He didn't want to be kicked out of bed again and lose face. Otherwise, his lower body, which was about to burst, would be directly hit.

"Um... I don't want it." Mu Jinxi could not help but twist her body, her hands unconsciously pushing the person on her body.

"Lin Da." Murong Shaoyang fixed her restless hand on her head, causing Mu Jinxi to shiver.

Slowly, Murong Shaoyang kissed her on the neck. She subconsciously knew what had happened. She saw that the two naked people on the bed were blushing like ripe apples. She could only pull the pillow next to her to cover her face.

Murong Shaoyang looked at the sober man and smiled evilly. "Do you feel good?"

"I was framed and drugged. Actually, I..." A weak and pale explanation came from under the pillow. "I'm leaving first." The body that had not rolled out of the bed was immediately pulled back.

"You want to leave? If I agree, you have to ask him if he agrees."

"Ask who?" Mu Jinxi was surprised. Could it be that there were people in the room looking around nervously?

Murong Shaoyang was both angry and amused. He grabbed Mu Jinxi's right hand and touched his lower body. "Ask him!"

Mu Jinxi reacted and immediately withdrew her hand. She wanted to cry but had no tears, "I didn't do it on purpose..."

"It's not up to you to decide." As he spoke, his long body pressed Mu Jinxi heavily onto the bed.

Mu Jinxi was unable to move and could only beg for mercy, "I beg you to let me go. I just walked into the wrong room. No matter who you are, please..." As she spoke, tears were already streaming down her face.

Murong Shaoyang no longer showed tender feelings for the fairer sex and fiercely bit Mu Jinxi's collarbone. Mu Jinxi took a deep breath in pain. This person belonged to a dog, right? Mu Jinxi's eyes were filled with anger.

Now, Murong Shaoyang was even more furious.

The overbearing kiss devoured Mu Jinxi's entire body and violently swept away all the sweetness in her mouth. It also made Mu Jinxi temporarily forget the pain in her lower body.

After that, Murong Shaoyang was like a hungry wolf, fiercely biting his prey.

The memories Chu Ye left her were all of Murong Shaoyang's brutal appearance. Miss Mu Jin secretly swore that she would stay away from all the scumbags, no, all the men...

Faint sleep...

When Mu Jinxi woke up, it was already the morning of the second day. The sunlight scattered onto the large bed that was filled with an ambiguous atmosphere. The floor was littered with torn clothes and a messy bed. Mu Jinxi who woke up woke up to know that what happened yesterday was not a dream.

Her entire body was covered in countless bruises. There were marks of pinching and kissing. She moved her aching body, and the bright red on the bed stung her eyes.

Why did he meet two scumbags in one day and even throw away his innocence? Thinking of the scumbags who took away his innocence, he felt ashamed and ashamed. Thinking of Ouyang Che, who was the main culprit, he gritted his teeth. It was fine if he did not meet a good person, but he actually drugged and persecuted him.

He forced himself out of bed and went into the bathroom. He buried himself in the rain mist and washed himself clean.

The clothes were torn to shreds, leaving only a piece of cloth. He had to put on the pyjamas prepared by the hotel. The pyjamas were a little big, obviously for men, so why did they smell familiar? Thinking of the man from last night, he felt a deep hatred. Why was he so unlucky? What made him even angrier was that the pyjamas were the only clothes in

He sat at the head of the bed in frustration. The corner of his eye caught a glimpse of something on the bedside table. He picked it up and took a look. It was a check for ten thousand yuan. There was also a small note beside it. The words were strong and forceful. "Although it's a little spicy, it tastes good."

"Ya!" What did the man think he was? He tore the note into pieces and was about to tear off the check, but he gave up after some thought. If she wanted to exchange ten thousand yuan for a coin and throw it at the man, she would treat it as feeding a dog.

In the end, Mu Jinxi blushed and called the front desk of the hotel to ask for clothes. She resisted the discomfort in her lower body and hurriedly left the hotel. She swore that she would never set foot in this hotel again. The waiter's ambiguous gaze made her want to find a hole to hide in.

The next day, Mu Jinxi adjusted her state of mind and took the bus to work as usual.

She had only been in this company for a month, so she was considered a newcomer. The company's business was heavy, and there were almost no times when she did not work overtime. Her superiors were also mean. If it were not for the high salary, she would have quit long ago. In the past, Ouyang Che had comforted her, but from now on, she was the only one left. She could only rely on

Mu Jinxi was beautiful to begin with. She was 1.65 meters in height and her full chest was just right. She did not show any signs of being unbalanced because of her slim figure. Her slightly curly hair naturally draped over her shoulders. She had a standard classical oval face, a small nose, and thin lips. The most eye-catching thing was her pair of slender eyes. They were not very big, but they were so beautiful that people could not move their eyes away. Together with her natural long eyelashes.

She rarely put makeup on her eyes. She could kill everyone with one look no matter where she was.


Beautiful Linda will always be her public enemy.

All the female employees in the company who were affected by her would secretly call her a vixen. The male employees were eager to make a move. There were already a few people who confessed to her, but they were unwilling to quit after they found out that Mu Jinxi had a master.

As usual, when she stepped into the company, she found that everyone's gaze was different from the previous hostility. It seemed to have escalated to hatred. Even the few male colleagues who were usually attentive looked at her with pity in their eyes. There were even some people who were pointing at her from behind.

"I told you she was a vixen a long time ago, but you refused to tell me. Now the truth is laid out in front of your eyes."

"Yeah, look at her."


What the hell is going on!

Only when she opened the company's forum did she realize that her photo was on the front page, taking up a third of the page. Who was so generous? That was not the main point. The main point was... the picture of her was clearly naked and coquettish. She only used a towel to cover her important parts. Her seductive eyes were like silk, and her slightly opened mouth made people want to bite her.

This had obviously become the benefit of male compatriots. It was even more satisfying than watching Japanese love action movies.

And most importantly, the person who posted the thread was Murong Shaoyang.

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