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C6 Wet Body

He gradually calmed down the lust in his body. He stood in front of Mu Jinxi and looked down at Mu Jinxi who was sitting by the bed with an overwhelming aura.

"What do you want to talk to me about?"

"What happened that night was completely unexpected. I didn't pester you with anything, so please let me go." Mu Jinxi was forced by Murong Shaoyang's imposing manner and tried her best not to be sad or make a sound.

"Let you go? It's not that easy."

"You all forced me to resign, what else do you want? I've already said it, I don't want to bother you at all. Please be at ease and don't bother me. If you want money, you are one of the richest people in T City, not from me. If you want money, my body will be yours..."

Thinking about this, her eyes turned red again. She turned her face away and stopped looking at Murong Shaoyang, mainly because she was afraid of losing face. "Please ask Young Master Murong to give me a condition. Give me back the photo and video. We are clear. We will not tangle with each other."

"Condition, huh! Miss Mu is indeed very clear about that. As long as Miss Mu returns the information that she took away, everything that you want will naturally be given to you."

"What information? I didn't even take it! Don't go too far!" Mu Jinxi clenched her fists angrily.

"Tell me the truth. Everyone knows what Liu Jianguo sent you here and what you did. As long as you can give me the cooperation plan with the Creation Company, everything can be discussed." Murong Shaoyang suddenly lowered his body and approached Mu Jinxi.

The scorching hot Qi sprayed onto Mu Jinxi's face, causing her to almost lose her mind. In the end, she thought of Murong Shaoyang's words and woke up to analyze the meaning behind Murong Shaoyang's words.

"Are you crazy? What Liu? If you are afraid that I will find trouble with you, just say it. I have already said that I will not pester you. What is so great about having money? Can you just blame others for having money? A spy? To think that you can think of it, your whole family is a spy." Mu Jinxi got up angrily and hit Murong Shaoyang. In the end, Murong Shaoyang was caught off guard.

He knew that this girl was spicy, but she was so spicy without any warning. After taking two hits without any pain or itch, he grabbed Mu Jinxi's soft and tender hand. The feeling of touching it in his hand was really good. Murong Shaoyang's anger that he had not vented just now suddenly surged up again, and he became a little ambitious again.

"I'll give you one night to consider. Come to the company tomorrow morning and look for me. You know the consequences of not coming." As she spoke, she gently licked the back of her white and tender hand with the tip of her tongue.

Mu Jinxi felt as if there was an electric current running through her body and she almost lost her balance. She hurriedly pulled out her hand.

"No, my parents are going back tomorrow morning. I have to take them to the station." As she spoke, her voice became so soft that it could not be heard.

Was she trying to compromise? Murong Shaoyang's lips curled up slightly.

"I will send someone to send them off and bring them here to pick you up." Although he was smiling, his tone did not allow him to refuse.


"Uncle, Auntie doesn't need to see you off." At this moment, Murong Shaoyang came out of Mu Jinxi's room and turned into a gentleman.

"Shaoyang, take care." Mother Mu was still happy. She was definitely looking at her son-in-law's expression.

Murong Shaoyang nodded slightly, completely ignoring Mu Jinxi's uneasy expression.

"Shaoyang, when you have time, you must go to A City to see the two of us!"

"Auntie, don't worry. I will definitely go when I have the time."

Before they got into the car, Murong Shaoyang raised his eyebrows ambiguously at Mu Jinxi, who was hiding at the back. This made Mu Jinxi widen her eyes. It was obvious that he was warning her, "If you want to die, we will all die together!"

Murong Shaoyang found it funny. He didn't say anything more and just drove away. The fire that had been ignited on him was only temporary. He had to vent or it would explode. He picked up his phone and dialed a number. The call was picked up in less than three seconds.

"Shaoyang!" His voice was trembling with excitement.


"At home."

"I'll go to your house to look for you." A low and sexy voice passed through the waves and reached his ears. It was as if an electric current was flowing through his entire body.


The door was unlocked for Murong Shaoyang. He was so excited that he curled up on the sofa, but he couldn't help but look at the door.

A black shadow flashed past and pressed her against the wall. With a few moves, she tore off the pajamas that she had carefully prepared.

Murong Shaoyang carried her into the room and threw her onto the sofa. He couldn't wait to take off the restraints on his body.

"Ah!" She had never seen Murong Shaoyang in such a hurry, but she was happy. After all, when there was a need, he would think of her.

Following Murong Shaoyang's madness, they worked together with all their might.

On the other side, after finally sending off this God of Plagues, Mu Jinxi heaved a sigh of relief. Her tensed nerves finally relaxed.

She relaxed, but Father Mu wasn't going to let her go.

"Jin-er, what is the relationship between you and that Murong Shaoyang?" Father Mu's expression was very serious.

"He used to be the boss. What happened?" Mu Jinxi asked guiltily.

"Did you get into a relationship with him?" Mother Mu interrupted with a smile.

"What girlfriend? Mom, what are you talking about? It's so unpleasant." Mu Jinxi felt sad in her heart. It was just a one-night stand! It was just one night stand! But she could not say that to her parents.

"Nowadays, young people are called in love. It's so vulgar to have a boyfriend." Father Mu immediately refuted Mother Mu.

"Vulgar? Can it compare to your sour poems?" Mother Mu was very clear about Father Mu's weakness. Her counterattack was merciless. It was as if she would recite it if you did not give in.

Mu Jinxi was secretly happy and finally did not continue this topic and let herself go. But unexpectedly Father Mu's words changed, "Fine, fine, I will be jealous of me. Alright old woman, Jin-er's marriage is more important. Don't hold onto me and not let go."

"Yes, yes, yes. We'll deal with your matters later. Your daughter is the most important," the mother immediately agreed.

Mu Jinxi slapped her forehead. Oh my god! Why did he bring it back to her? Murong Shaoyang is Mu Jinxi's nemesis. Mu Jinxi wailed in her heart.

"Jin-er, tell mom, are you and Shaoyang hiding something from us? Actually, it's not bad for Shaoyang to be our son-in-law. If he has a body and looks, I have never seen such a handsome young man. He has money, good work, and good manners..." Mother Mu intended to praise Murong Shaoyang.

Father Mu couldn't take it anymore. He glared at him and retorted, "That's not good. I think his mind is very deep. Maybe he's just doing it face to face. The person behind this isn't reliable at all."

Mu Jinxi's eyes widened and she shouted in her heart, "Dad, you've told the truth." But in order to avoid being questioned by the two of them, she neither admitted nor denied it. Otherwise, according to past experience, the two of them would not let her off. "Alright, Dad, Mom. We still have to take the car tomorrow morning. Rest early. I'm going to take a bath!" With that said, she ran into the bathroom like a wisp of smoke. The two of them

It was so warm that it made one's body wet. They couldn't help but think of Murong Shaoyang's touch, which made their hearts palpitate. He was really a devil, don't even think about it!

He turned the water cold and sobered up a little. Then he remembered that the traitor was a problem and scolded Murong Shaoyang for being crazy. He shivered and jumped back to the water's temperature. Finally, he remembered the most fatal thing. He still had his own video in his hand. "Aaaaah! Bastard, what are you trying to do?"

In the end, he realized that everything had something to do with the deep devil. For a moment, he didn't know whether to be angry at Murong Shaoyang or himself.

The next day, Murong Shaoyang sent a private car to see his parents off.

When the three of them got into the luxurious and fully-functional car, they were so curious that they did not know how to react. Father Mu was more calm. He sat at the side with his eyes closed and closed his eyes to rest. However, he could not help but question Mu Jinxi again. Mu Jinxi could only wail in grief. That was an enemy, not a

Mu Jinxi, who had a lot of bitterness and deep hatred, suddenly had an inexplicable hatred for the rich. So rich! So rich! What are you showing off for? One day, I will definitely be richer than you.

After sending off the Mu family's parents, the assistant followed the instructions to "invite" Mu Jinxi to the company. Although the assistant was a man, she could not hide her gossipy mentality. Although Murong Shaoyang's original words were, "If she doesn't want to come, then kidnap her for me." However, everyone in the company knew about the scandal between Murong Shaoyang and Mu Jinxi, so they were still very polite and attentive to Mu Jinxi.

Mu Jinxi, who had resigned and gone missing for a few days, appeared in front of everyone again. With Murong Shaoyang's personal assistant's help, the Murong’s Group exploded again. It was a new headline.

Through the window, he saw Mu Jinxi looking like a little girl who had achieved success. He was so angry that he clenched his fists. Even when his long nails dug into his flesh, he did not feel any pain.

He turned a blind eye to these jealous, envious, mocking, disdainful, gossipy, and ambiguous gazes.

"Miss Mu, Young Master Murong is in a meeting. Please wait for him here for a few minutes." The assistant had a lot of authority and brought Mu Jinxi to Murong Shaoyang's office.


"What would you like to drink?"

"Coffee, thank you," Mu Jinxi said. "No, no, thank you." Mu Jinxi would remember the time she was carving with Ouyang Che whenever she drank coffee. She wanted to quit her coffee and quit Ouyang Che as well.

"Okay!" The assistant left the office.

Mu Jinxi sat quietly on the leather sofa, quietly thinking about the negotiation with Murong Shaoyang. She had to take the initiative no matter what.

Mu Jinxi waited for half an hour, but there was still no sign of him. She could not sit still anymore and got up to walk around. She found that there was a huge floor-to-ceiling window in Murong Shaoyang's office that was covered by dark blue silk curtains. It was the same color as the office. If she did not look carefully, she would not be able to see it.

"Rip!" Mu Jinxi opened the curtains and stood in front of the French window. The scene in front of her was shocking.

Although Murong’s's building was not the tallest building in the whole of T City, standing on the top floor of the 50-story building, the whole of T City was in front of her. It was as if she was standing on the top of the entire city. For some reason, she felt like she was looking down on all living things. She quickly pulled it up. She could not stand it. Who designed it?

Mu Jinxi sat back down on the sofa and continued to wait quietly. She picked up the magazine on the table and saw a striking beauty, Murong, printed on the cover of the magazine. That smile was so charming and charming. Mu Jinxi was so childish, "Pah! Pah! Pah!" She hit the face of the magazine a few times. It was still not enough to vent her anger. She threw it on the ground and stepped on it with one foot.

Murong Shaoyang, who was standing in front of the computer monitor, saw Mu Jinxi's childish actions through the camera. He was speechless.

After getting tired of walking, he picked up the magazine again and found that there was a lot of gossip about Murong Shaoyang. He had a dinner with a celebrity, brought a socialite to a party, and went to a hotel with someone's daughter. He had not returned home for the whole night.

This was Mu Jinxi's conclusion. She was the CEO of the Murong’s Group, but she had never heard anyone talk about her achievements. It was all gossip, so she could only appear in these messy magazines. She stuffed the magazines under the sofa. Murong Shaoyang rolled his eyes at her. She was going to destroy the body and wipe out the evidence.

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