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C8 Bullying

"As long as you hand over the information honestly, otherwise..." Murong Shaoyang's fingers moved gently along Mu Jinxi's chest line.

"What are you trying to do? Get lost!" Mu Jinxi was so ashamed that she pushed his hand away with all her might.

Murong Shaoyang's blood was boiling with excitement. He had never tried to force anyone to climb onto his bed. He had never been afraid or even disgusted by his touch.

Yes, Mu Jinxi looked at him with fear and hatred.

Murong Shaoyang just wanted her badly. He called his secretary and said, "Cancel all the arrangements for today. No one is allowed in the office."

"But CEO Hai invited the second in command of the National Territories Bureau for lunch. If you don't go, won't you make the other party lose face..." The secretary knew that she had said too much, and the more she spoke, the softer she became.

"You can leave now!"

"I'm sorry, Young Master Murong. I'll arrange it right away."

The secretary patted her chest. It was too scary. If Young Master Murong had said one more word, his high salary and enviable position would have been replaced by someone else. She blamed herself for speaking too much.

While Murong Shaoyang was making the call, Mu Jinxi had already stood up and was ready to run out of the office. As long as she left the office, she would be safe. Thinking that she was already running towards the door, Murong Shaoyang sat back in his chair, picked up the remote control, and pressed a few buttons.

When she finally touched the door handle, she found that it was locked. No matter how hard she tried, she could not open it. She angrily kicked the thick door with her foot. In the end, she sat on the ground powerlessly, her tears flowing silently. "How can you let me go?" Murong Shaoyang did not answer.

The lights in the office suddenly went out, and the dark blue temple curtains became the only source of light.

"Smack!" The screen on the wall lit up, and European music with a lazy and ambiguous tone came out. The big screen was displaying the video of her bed photo collection.

"I made it. How's the effect?" Mu Jinxi heard a charming voice.

Was the person in the photos who had no cover was her? Although Mu Jinxi was mentally prepared, she still couldn't believe it when she saw it with her own eyes. She covered her mouth with her hands, afraid that she wouldn't be able to hold back and shout.

"Do you like it?" Murong Shaoyang stood in front of her without any warning.

"Tell me! What do you want? I will never admit what I have never done. The Creation Company has nothing to do with me." Mu Jinxi looked like she was about to die.

"Please me. I am happy to serve you. I will not care about what happened before. I will not pursue the matter of spies. I will let you go immediately." Murong Shaoyang made the biggest concession and looked at Mu Jinxi with a high attitude.

"I won't!" Mu Jinxi turned her eyes away angrily.

"If you want to do it, do it. I will never do anything that goes against my heart." Mu Jinxi said with an unyielding expression.

"You..." Murong Shaoyang swore that he had never seen Mu Jinxi so soft and unyielding.

"Since you think so, I'll fulfill your wish!"

Murong Shaoyang reached out his hand and picked Mu Jinxi up from the ground.

"Stand properly!" Murong Shaoyang pressed Mu Jinxi tightly against the door. Mu Jinxi turned her face away and did not look at him. She had nothing to say to a beast.

"As you wish."

Without any warning, Mu Jinxi's shoulder was bitten off by Murong Shaoyang. It was as if she was getting her revenge. Mu Jinxi took a deep breath and wanted to push him away, but her hands were firmly locked in front of her by Murong Shaoyang.

He suddenly remembered his determination and stopped struggling. He forced himself to let the dog bite him.

When Mu Jinxi was numb from the pain, Murong Shaoyang finally let go of her. He moved his head to Mu Jinxi's shoulder and kissed her tender neck. Bit by bit, he turned and grinded. He wanted to arouse the desire in Mu Jinxi's body, as passionate as that night.

Mu Jinxi closed her eyes and endured it. She warned herself that she had to remain calm and not fall under his attacks.

Murong Shaoyang was very dissatisfied that he could not get a response from Mu Jinxi. There was nothing that he could not take down.

She no longer clung onto Mu Jinxi gently and picked her up by her waist, "You are tormenting me!"

Murong Shaoyang threw her onto the wide leather sofa.

Mu Jinxi admitted that she was a little scared now because Murong Shaoyang had become a little crazy.

Murong Shaoyang looked at the small sofa. The fire on his body was getting stronger and stronger. He was tearing at the expensive suit he was wearing.

Mu Jinxi was extremely afraid. Even though she knew that she couldn't avoid it, she still couldn't help but curl up.

Mu Jinxi felt like she was a broken doll, allowing Murong Shaoyang to play with her however he wanted.

"Stand properly!" Murong Shaoyang pressed Mu Jinxi tightly against the door. Mu Jinxi turned her face away and did not look at him. She had nothing to say to a beast.

"As you wish."

Without any warning, Mu Jinxi's shoulder was bitten off by Murong Shaoyang. It was as if she was getting her revenge. Mu Jinxi took a deep breath and wanted to push him away, but her hands were firmly locked in front of her by Murong Shaoyang.

He suddenly remembered his determination and stopped struggling. He forced himself to let the dog bite him.

"What? Are you scared?" Murong Shaoyang half-knelt on the sofa and looked down at Mu Jinxi, who was curled into a ball. His long fingers hooked up her lovely brown curly hair and sniffed at it.

Murong Shaoyang's body looked thin and weak, but it was very tough. His eight abs were so hard that they blinded Mu Jinxi's eyes, "I couldn't help but swallow my saliva."

"Do you like it?" Murong Shaoyang picked up her delicate little hand and caressed her chest. "If you take the initiative, I promise you will be gentle." Murong Shaoyang couldn't wait for Mu Jinxi's answer and had already pressed her down. He had been thinking about this body for a long time.

He frantically pulled off Mu Jinxi's pants. When he saw Mu Jinxi wearing tight jeans, he almost couldn't resist the urge to pull all of her pants off.

Mu Jinxi was shocked. She never thought that this man would force himself on her and not even give her a chance to get used to it. Then she forgot that she was the one who heroically asked others to rape her.

Murong Shaoyang pulled off his belt and pressed it down.

He couldn't wait to eat her, so he pushed himself into her narrow space.

The substitute was suddenly full as if it was going to explode. Mu Jinxi hit the wall of flesh in front of her, "Bastard, get out. I don't want it. It hurts."

Murong Shaoyang was tightly wrapped by her. He didn't want to suppress himself anymore. He suppressed Mu Jinxi's moving hands and his lower body started to twitch crazily.

"Ah! I don't want it!" Murong Shaoyang let her scold him, but he did not stop her. He felt so good now.

Emotional music filled the office, and bloody pictures were still playing on the big screen. The huge office was filled with the smell of lust.

Mu Jinxi was so tired that she curled up in a corner and was at the mercy of others. Her originally fair and smooth body was covered with large and small red and purple marks. These were the marks of love.

Murong Shaoyang extended his hand towards Mu Jinxi's pale face, which had turned slightly pale due to her indulgence.

"Have you learned your lesson?"

"No! No, I'm so tired." Mu Jinxi was still very sensitive to Murong Shaoyang's touch.

"What a demon!" Murong Shaoyang walked along her beautiful neck to her chest. The two round breasts felt great. Murong Shaoyang unconsciously held them and pressed his fingers on the two red dots.

Mu Jinxi's sensitive body couldn't help but tremble along with his movements. The moans coming from her mouth made Murong Shaoyang feel extremely comfortable. Finally, he was able to lie down on the ground, not knowing what was good for him.

"Hungry ~"


"Okay!" Murong Shaoyang suddenly realized that Mu Jinxi had already woken up. She did not make a big fuss or make a big fuss. Instead, she was... acting spoiled? This confirmed Murong Shaoyang's inner thoughts. She did not deserve to be taught. In the beginning, she still looked like a virtuous woman. After that, she became a sticky little sheep.

However, he had been too indulgent and unrestrained today. From morning to night, it was already ten o'clock at night. He had indeed not eaten for a day.

"Take a shower first," Murong Shaoyang said as he walked into his bathroom.

Mu Jinxi didn't know what her current expression was called. Grief? Was she crazy? She didn't even know herself.

However, there was one thing that Mu Jinxi was sure of. She was sure that Murong Shaoyang had never been a person who cared about the fairer sex. From the time when he was in love, he would only ask for it and never care about the feelings of others. As long as

Mu Jinxi wanted to stand up but her legs were weak and she could not stand on her own. She could only slowly lean against the wall and move step by step.

Mu Jinxi's back was sore and her legs were weak, and the pain in her lower body was very obvious. This was the side effect of her transitional indulgence. She was clearly resisting with all her might, but she actually gradually lost herself under his fierce attacks. She really did not want to recall the way she passionately responded to him. It was too embarrassing.

That was clearly a demon who was threatening and forcing her. Bah! Bah! Pah! Love my ass. It was mainly because his skills were a little better. She would never admit that she had fallen.

The big screen was so annoying that it kept playing.

She wanted to shout at Murong Shaoyang to turn it off. She wanted to give it back to him because she really couldn't find the switch. However, just as she was about to say something, her voice turned soft. "Can you turn off the screen? Please..." She even wanted to slap herself. The tough attitude she had agreed on had all disappeared under Murong Shaoyang's power.

Murong Shaoyang had just finished showering and came out of the private bathroom. He smiled and said, "I haven't seen enough." He then sat on his chair and lit a cigarette. He looked extremely handsome as he smoked.

Mu Jinxi had no choice but to slow down her troops and walked into the bathroom without saying a word. Just as she closed the bathroom door, she heard Murong Shaoyang's voice, "Find a set of clothes in the closet and put them on. Other than the green towel, you can use anything else."

Mu Jinxi really wanted to loudly argue a few sentences to increase her momentum, but in the end, the words that came out of her mouth turned into "Oh!"

The bathroom door closed, and Murong Shaoyang turned off the screen on the wall with the remote control. The office was in darkness. He took out a cigarette and lit it. In the darkness, other than the sound of running water in the bathroom, there was only the light from the cigarette.

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