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C1 Lisa Davis

"Get lost, don't touch me with your filthy hands!" A loud sound echoed throughout a three story building.

It was a new morning. Lisa woke up and took a bath, wore her clothes, and walked out of her room. Her room was on the second floor. She was just about to go down when suddenly she heard a loud voice.

"What happened?" Lisa murmured and got down to the ground floor.

When she got down, she saw a young lady who was about 20 or 21 years old, scolding a middle-aged woman.

"MOM!!" Seeing the middle-aged woman, Lisa could not help but exclaim loudly.

She saw many bruises on her mother's hands. There was also a small cut on the back of her palm. Blood was flowing out from there.

She hurriedly ran toward the middle-aged woman and held that hand of her which was still bleeding.

She tore open a part of her shirt which she just wore and tied it on her mother's hand, trying to stop the bleeding.

"Karen, what are you doing? Did you hit my mother?" After tieing up her mother's hand a small part of her shirt, Lisa looked at the young lady in front of her and asked in anger.

She was so angry that she was trembling in anger.

"So what if I hit this old hag? She actually dared to touch me with her filthy hands!" Karen responded to Lisa's question in a very arrogant tone.


"Leave it, Lisa. Let's go!" Lisa was about to explode on Karen when her mother who was standing beside her cut her speech the moment she opened her mouth to argue with Karen.

"But mom, she actually hit you. she dared to hit you..." Lisa was not able to accept the fact that her mother was beaten by Karen.

"I said let's go." Her mother said with a hard tone and started walking toward the stair so that she can go upstairs.

Lisa was very angry and she still wanted to argue with Karen but now that her mother said her to go then she has to go even if she did not want to.

"Humph! My entire day is spoiled now." Karen taunted Lisa and her mother when she saw them going upstairs.

"Karen, don't yo..."


Lisa was about to explode again when her mother again stopped her.

She unwillingly followed her mother upstairs until she reached her mother's room.

Both of them entered the room. The middle-aged lady walked to her bed and sat down on it. Lisa first locked the door of the room from inside and then she also sat down beside her mother.

"Mom, why don't you say anything to these unfaithful people." Lisa was still very angry as she asked her mother the reason why she did not say anything to Karen.

Lisa Davis was a 22 years old girl. From her childhood, she was first in everything, be it her study, some game, or her manners. She respects her elders and loves younger ones.

She belonged to a middle-class family. Her father owns a small company that manufactures toys for children.

She lived with her parents, aunt, uncle, and their daughter Karen Davis. Her uncle and aunt were also very good to her.

Her uncle and her father, both started that small toy company from zero and so her uncle was also half-an-owner of that company.

One day, her father had a car accident, and even after many efforts of the doctors, they were unable to save her father.

After her father's death, her uncle took care of her and her mother.

Legally, Lisa was the holder of everything that her father left behind but her uncle and aunt snatched it from her after using some underhanded methods.

Its been almost one month and from the moment her uncle took everything from her, she and her mother's life became worse and worse.

Lisa wanted to file an F.I.R against her uncle and aunt but her mother stopped her and said not to do this. If she really filed an F.I.R against her uncle and aunt, her family will lose its reputation.

The behavior of her uncle and aunt was already reaching her limit.

But now, their daughter, Karen Davis actually dared to hit her mother. This is just out of the limit of what she could endure.

"Lisa, my daughter, you don't understand, our house, our company, and its shares, everything is now of your uncle's. If we do anything that they did not like, they will make our life even worse than what is now. So, don't do anything that will make your uncle and aunt dissatisfied with us."

"We can not do anything to them but they can make our life hell. So, please understand and endure. Endure until you get a good job, ok."

The middle-aged lady stroked the hair of her daughter lovingly and advised her.

Tears started to come out of Lisa's eyes as she looked at her mother's face. Her mother cleans it from Lisa's face and shook her head, indicating not to weep.

Lisa nodded her head and said, "Mom, I've already applied for a job in a big company. Tomorrow is my interview and after passing the interview, I can get that job."

"When I will earn and save enough money, I will take you out from this house."

Lisa told her mother about what she was thinking of doing.

Her mother nodded her head and said, "Do what you want to do and don't worry about anything else. Now, go and something as your breakfast."

Lisa nodded her head in acknowledgement, stood up, and went to open the room's door.

Just as she was about to open the door she heard her mother's voice from behind.

"Lisa, remember not to argue with your cousin. It will not make our life any better than what it is."

"Yes, mom. Don't worry." Lisa turned back, looked at her mother who was also looking at her, and smiled then she walked out of her mother's room.

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