Mr. CEO's Only Girlfriend/C2 Royal Fashion
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Mr. CEO's Only Girlfriend/C2 Royal Fashion
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C2 Royal Fashion

Liza went into the kitchen after coming out of her mother's room.

She did not had her breakfast, so she ate something and went out of the house for a walk to refresh her mood.

After coming out of her house, she aimlessly started walking while thinking of all of the things that happened to her and her mother in these past few weeks.

Soon, without her knowing, she arrived on the main road where lots of small and big cars, bikes, and many other vehicles were running at high speed.

"Peeep! Peeep!"

She returned to her mind after hearing the horns of these vehicles.

"Ah! When did I come here?"

She murmured and slapped her forehead lightly.

Then she turned and just as she was about to leave, she saw an old woman standing on the zebra-crossing while holding a crutch in one of her hands. She was waiting for the signals to turn green so that she can cross the road.

Soon, the signals turned green and all the vehicles stopped. Peoples who were standing, waiting for the signals to turn green, started crossing the roads hurriedly.

But that old woman was very slow. She was walking with the help of crutches.

Lisa shook her head, took a long breath, and released it then she walked and arrived in front of the old woman and said with a smile, "Granny, let me help you."

Then she held one of the hands of that old woman and helped her cross the road.


A large blue coloured car was standing on the road with other vehicles. In the car was a very handsome young man, sitting while placing one of his legs on the knee of the other leg.

He was feeling bore so he turned toward the small but long window of the car and lowered its glass so that he can enjoy the view outside.

Exactly at this moment, he saw a girl who attracted his attention.

"It's her!"

That young man blurted out in a low voice.

From the expression of his face and from his reaction after seeing that girl, it could be seen that he was familiar with her.

"Master Aiden, do you need something?"

In that car, there was only a young man named Aiden his driver. The driver was looking at the signal so that he can start the car and go on his way after seeing the green light when he heard an extremely low voice of the young man who was sitting in the back seat.

He did not understand what the young man was saying so he asked.


Aiden replied in one word without looking at the driver and his voice was neither cold and arrogant nor intimate. And from this, it could be seen that the young man was a person with less word.

Maybe the driver was used to it so he did not say anything and turned his attention back to the signal lights.

Aiden continues to watch that girl as she approached an old lady, held her hand, and helped that old lady to cross the road. After helping the old lady, she once again crossed the road and slowly walked further and further away, finally disappearing from the sight of Aiden.

When that young lady disappeared from his line of sight, he shifted his body a little and straighten his posture of sitting.

Subconsciously, he looked into the front mirror of the car which was very small and saw a smiling face.

Unknowingly to him, he was actually smiling.

The driver was also looking at him with a surprised expression on his face.

Aiden Smith, a well-known young man. He did not study much. He has just completed his master's degree when his parents died in an accident. His parents left behind a company that is related to fashion and designing. That company was still in its growth period. He was only 22 when he has to take the responsibility his father left behind.

Now, He doesn't have any relatives in this world except for his grandmother. He did not continue to study further but chose to develop and grow the company his father left behind.

He worked very hard for four years and now after four years, his company, Royal Fashion, is a well-known company.

The brand value of this company is about 10 billion dollars now.

Royal Fashion expertise in the production of world-class dressing and also bags and other accessories.

Royal Fashion entirely focuses on luxury and strives to provide all sorts of dress and its materials for people to live their desired life.

Royal Fashion was also known to produce clothes that are worth wearing for a red carpet event.

Throughout the journey of these four years, Royal Fashion grew more and more successful and now it is one of the world's most successful companies.

And all of this was done by this young man alone.

He became someone whom girls dream about.

But he also became famous for his stiff face. After the death of his parents, Aiden forgot how to smile. He never smiled even when he was doing business with the owner of other companies.

But now, for some reason, he smiled.

The driver was surprised only because he saw him smiling.

The moment Aiden saw a smile on his face in the mirror, that sweet smile immediately vanished and what replaced it was again the same stiff face.

"Let's go!" said Aiden.

Hearing him, the driver also came back to himself and saw that the signal has turned green. He hurriedly started the car and drive it away.


On the other hand, Liza returned to her house. The moment she entered, her gaze fell upon her aunt and causing, Karen.

They were talking about something among themselves. But silence immediately took place when Liza entered the house.

Liza saw this clearly but did not say anything. She just walked past them and went to see her mother.

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