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C3 Interview

Just as Liza was about to climb the stair, she heard Karen cursing her.

"Humph! Bitch!" Karen snorted in a low voice.

"You..." Liza stopped in her tracks when she heard Karen cursing at her. She turned to look at her aunt but her aunt behaved as if she did not hear anything.

Liza's aunt immediately avoided her gaze and said to Karen, "Karen, your dad told you to go to the company as today a very important guest is about to come. He wants you to meet him. When will you go?"

"Oh! Yes, mom. I almost forgot about this. I'll go and ready." Saying this, Karen turned to look at Liza with a provocative gaze.

Liza looked at her in anger but did not say anything. She climbed the stairs and walked toward her mom's room with tears in her eyes which were ready to slide down on her fair cheeks at any time.

She slowly knocked on the door of her mom's room.

No response came from inside and seeing this, she tried to push the door and the door opened on its own.

She entered the room and saw her mother sleeping on the bed.

She walked to her and covered her mom's body with a blanket and then walked out.

Tomorrow is the day of her interview and after passing it, she can work for the company and earn money.

She has many plans in her mind. She wanted to give her mother the best and comfortable life.

She arrived in her room and started making preparation for tomorrow.


It was a new morning.

A new day.

Today is her interview.

Liza woke up when a ray of sunlight landed on her eyes from the windows.

She sat up on the bed and yawned while spreading wide both of her hands. Then she got up and went to the bathroom to do her daily chores. After taking a bath, she walked out of the room while covering herself in a light pink towel.

She arrived in front of a closet, opened it and after thinking for a while, she took out a casual dress and wore it.

After doing all of this, she came out of her room and went to see her mother.

"Mom!" She knocked on the door of her mother's room and called her.

"Eh! Liza, come in daughter." Her mother's voice came out from the room.

She pushed opened the door and walked inside. Her mother was currently drying up her hair.

"So, are you ready to go for the interview?" Seeing her daughter, she smiled and asked lovingly.

"Yes, Mom. I just hope to get this job. This company is one of the best and biggest companies in the country. With my qualification, it is difficult to get a job in this company because I don't belong to this line of work. My main subject was computer science in the college while this company does its business for fashion and design." Liza said somewhat happily and nervously.

She was happy and how can she not be happy. She was excited about this job while nervous because she knows nothing about fashion and design and also because this is her first interview.

"Don't worry. There is a saying, where there is a will there is a way. If you want this job from your heart, you will definitely get it." Her mom smiled and comforted her while stroking her hands-on Liza's hairs.

"Hmm!" Liza nodded her head heavily and said, "Okay mom, I'm going now otherwise I will be late for my very first interview."

"Haha, go. Good luck!" Her mother laughed slightly and wished Liza good luck.

Liza happily walked out of her mother's room and went on her way.

Her mother looked at her disappearing figure with a sad face. No one knows, what she was thinking about.


Liza took a bus and soon arrived at her destination.

Here I am.

She looked at the building in front of her.

This building stands tall here.

Liza was attracted to two words that were written in big letters on the wall of this building.

'Royal Fashion.'

Now that she was standing in front of this building, she started to feel extremely nervous. All of her excitement vanished in thin air.

She mustered up her courage, took a long breath of air and passed the security entrance door, and entered the building.

"How... amazing!" She was surprised to see the scene inside. After looking here and there for a short amount of time, she finally located where the reception was.

She went there and said with a smile on her face, "Hello, Good morning. I am Liza Davis. Today is my interview for the job of personal assistant of the CEO."

"Good morning." The receptionist replied with a sweet smile and started flipping through the files which were placed in front of her. Then she did something on the computer and said with a smile, "Ms. Liza Davis, please sit there and wait for a while. You will be called in a while!"

"Ok!" Liza smiled and sat down on the bench which was placed some distance away from the reception table.

Liza was feeling nervous so she put one of her hands on her heart and started to calm herself down. Near her, there were three other young ladies were sitting.

One by one, their names were being called.


"Liza Davis?"

Not long after someone called her name.

"It's me," Liza said in a low voice and stood up.

"Please walk 15 meters to the left. There you will take the lift and go to the 15th floor, room no. 1501. There, our CEO will take your interview."

"Ok, thank yo... wait, you said the CEO will take my interview." Liza's heart suddenly started thumping loudly.

"Yes, miss Liza. Do you have any problem with it?" The person again replied with a smile.

"N... No problem." Liza hurriedly said and started walking to her left nervously.

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