Mr. CEO's Only Girlfriend/C4 An opportunity
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Mr. CEO's Only Girlfriend/C4 An opportunity
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C4 An opportunity

As explained by the person who told him that her interview will be taken by the CEO, she walked 15 meters in her left direction and arrived in front of the lift. Liza entered and pressed the button that had 15 written on it.

Soon she arrived on the fifteenth floor.


The door of the lift opened with a very soft sound.

She walked out and moved forward. Soon she saw a door of a room with 1501 inscribed on it.

That person told her previously that she has to go to room number 1501 for her interview.

Tch! Tch!

Looking at the gate of this room, it did not seem that any CEO would work here. But since that person told her, she still knocked on the gate of this room.

"Come in!"

A voice that seemed without any emotion sounded out from within the room.

She took a long breath of air, pushed opened the door slowly, and entered the room.

There she saw a young man in his twenties working on his laptop while looking at some documents that were placed in front of him on the table.

She looked around her and saw that it really was not an office instead it looked more like a guest room.

She again took a long breath of air and arrived in front of the young man who was working on his laptop behind the table.

"Sit down!"

That young man said her to sit emotionlessly without even looking at her.

She sat down on the only chair that was inside this 'guest room'.

Sometime later, he stopped working on the laptop, shut it down, and then moved it to his right side.

After doing all of this, he raised his head and looked in the eyes of Liza.

"Ms. Liza, let's start with your introduction. Introduce yourself!" That young man said with his emotionless tone but he was still looking directly in the eyes of Liza which caused her to become nervous.

Because of this, she also felt somewhat uncomfortable. It was good that she noticed that there was no emotion on the face of this young man when he was looking in her eyes otherwise she would have thought of him as a pervert.

She felt nervous but nervousness will not her any good so she adjusted herself and replied, "I am Liza Davis. I have graduated from the Harvard University. I..."

"What are you here for?"

Before Liza can finish her sentence, an emotionless voice cuts her in the middle with a different question.

She looked at the young man and knowing that this person was the CEO of this company, she said, "I am here for the job of the personal assistant of the CEO of Royal Fashion!"

She said all of this in one breath while looking back directly in the eyes of the young man who was looking at her non-stop from the moment he put aside his laptop.

"Hmm! I saw your resume and noticed a point here. You are a student of Computer Science and Royal Fashion is not a software company. How can you assist me if I were to give the position of my personal assistant?" He once again asked a question which was a slightly difficult question for Liza.

After all, she can not say that her everything was snatched by her own uncle and aunt, and because of this, her and her mother's life became worse and worse as time passed. Now, she is in need of money so that she can give her mother a better and peaceful life, and only because of this, she needed to find a job.

Coincidently, Royal Fashion announced at this moment that there is a vacant position of personal assistant of their CEO. So, she took this opportunity and applied for this job.

"Sir, I am confident that I can assist you with everything!"

She did not want to answer this question truthfully but she also did not want to deceive the young man in front of her who was also the CEO of this company. So, she simply answered him differently with confidence.

"Okay! So you are confident." The young man nodded his head while looking at her and pointed in Liza's right direction, and said, "Open that door and enter in the other room. Many mannequins are placed there. Dress up any one of those mannequins however you want and show me."

"Consider this as a test. This way, I can also see if you are truly capable or not!"

Liza nodded her head when she heard this. She stood up, went to the door, opened it, and entered.

On the other hand, a rare smile appeared on the face of this young man when he saw the disappearing figure of Liza.

Who can it be if not for Aiden Smith, the CEO and sole owner of Royal Fashion?


Liza entered the other room. This room was actually inside the 'guest room' which was something that Liza did not expect.

After entering, she saw there were tens of mannequins standing. Not far away from the mannequins, there were many beautiful dresses scattered on two or three big sofas.

"So beautiful!"

Liza could not help but exclaim in her heart. She was a girl and in front of her, there were many beautiful dresses. How can she not be enticed after seeing these beautiful dresses?

She was someone who belongs to a middle-class family. She never even dreamed of coming in contact with these beautiful dresses which were also very expensive.

Now, not only did she come in contact with these dresses, but she was also going to dress a mannequin in some of these dresses. She of course became excited.

It was her first time that she was going to dress up a mannequin. She was very nervous.

"Calm down! Calm down!"

She started to calm herself down. She did not want to waste the opportunity that was given to her.

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