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C5 Dressing

It was Liza's first time that she was going to dress up a mannequin, and because of this, she felt very nervous.

"Calm down! Calm down!"

"Liza Davis, listen well, you have to do this. You have to get this job no matter what. Only after getting this job can you make your and your mother's life better."

Liza started to calm herself but seeing that it was not working, she started to encourage herself. She did not want to waste the opportunity that was given to her.

She took a long breath, held a mannequin, and turned it back to an upright position. Then she chose a red coloured beautiful dress and dressed the mannequin with it. Then she chose a pair of simple-looking shoes and added them to the mannequin's legs.

Not long after, she was done with the thing that was given to her to do by Aiden.

She walked 10 steps back from the mannequin that she just dressed and looked at it from this distance. She felt that it was too simple and the CEO will not like it but even so, she didn't try to change the way she dressed the mannequin. She felt that since she liked the mannequin this way, she should let it be.

After doing all of this, Liza walked out of the room and arrived in front of the table behind which Aiden was once again working on his laptop.

"Cough! Cough!"

Liza coughed to signal Aiden that she was here.

Aiden raised his head and after seeing Liza he said with his usual emotionless voice, "Are you done dressing the mannequin?"

"Yes, I am done." Liza nodded her head.

Aiden stood up without saying anything and started walking toward the other room. Liza followed behind him.

Aiden walked inside the room and soon his gaze fell upon a simple-looking dressed mannequin. He looked at it for a while and said, "Simple and beautiful!"

He turned to look at Liza and said, "But, don't you think you've dressed the mannequin quite simply."

Liza didn't reply to him. She just lowered her head and continue to listen.

Seeing her behaving this way, Aiden said, "Miss Liza, I'm asking something? If you can not even answer why you have dressed the mannequin this way, how can you help with the difficulties that are even more difficult than this in the future I give you the position of my personal attendant?"

Hering this, Liza raised her head, looked at Aiden, hesitated a little, and said, "I dressed it so simply because I like it this way!"

Aiden shook his head asked, "You dressed the mannequin the way you like but can you guarantee that the public will also like it?"

Liza silently stood there without saying anything. She also realised her mistake at this moment.

Here, it is not like she can do what she wants to, she has to do what the public wants. Only this way can the company will profit. With her one mistake, the company could suffer from huge loss.

"I'm sorry!"

After understanding this, she bit her lips slightly and apologised to Aiden.

Aiden looked at her and said, "This was only a simple test to see if you are qualified to be my personal attendant or not. From the looks of it... you are not!"

Liza lowered her head. She was discouraged at this moment. She came here with hope in her heart. She wanted to find a good job so that she can give her mother a comfortable life. But now, it looked impossible.

She clenched her hands and swore in her heart that she will not give up. She will work hard if not for herself than for her mother.

"Do you want another chance?"

Suddenly, she heard a sentence which again, subconsciously ignited a fire of hope in her heart.

"Another chance?" Liza muttered in a very low voice.

Aiden nodded his head and said, "I can give you another chance, and if you can take it, the position of my personal attendant will belong to you."

"Do you want another chance?"

Aiden again asked.

Liza hurriedly nodded her head without wasting any time.

"Okay then, start dressing the mannequin!" After saying this, Aiden started to walk toward the door of this room so that he can go back and work on his laptop.

But after walking for around ten steps, he stopped, turned back, and said, "Miss Liza!"

Liza looked at Aiden when she heard him.

"Do you what a mannequin is to our industry?" Aiden asked while looking at her eyes.

Seeing that she didn't reply anything, he said, "A mannequin can be a great prop for a display; if dressed badly, they can look awful. People do the strangest thing to mannequins that they just would not do to themselves."

"If a dresser is unsure of how to dress a mannequin, he or she should keep it simple just like what you did previously. That was not bad at all but it was also not good. Clothes should be given movement. Let's say, pinning a garment paramount not only to ensure the clothes fit but also that they look good. A pin should never be seen. A good dresser will pin the inside of the garment so that it can be hidden from the sight of everyone."

"Dressing mannequins is not as easy as it appears. Apart from having to disassemble them, they can be heavy and clumsy, depending on the pose. The end result should, however, look as elegant and as lifelike as possible."

After saying all of this, Aiden exited the room, leaving Liza behind in the room alone.

Liza pondered over what Aiden said for some time and slowly started to dress another mannequin.

After around half an hour later, she was once again standing in front of Aiden. Aiden looked at her and without saying anything, he walked into the room where she dressed the mannequin. Just like the last time, Liza followed behind him to the room.

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