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C6 New Job

After around half an hour later, she was once again standing in front of Aiden. Aiden looked at her and without saying anything, he walked into the room where she dressed the mannequin. Just like the last time, Liza followed behind him to the room.

This time, he nodded in satisfaction after seeing the mannequin that Liza dressed.

He turned back and said, "Congratulations miss Liza, from now on, you will work for me."

"W-what? Really? Liza asked in surprise. She could not believe that she got the job just like this.

"I said, from now on you will work for me!" Aiden said in an emotionless tone and walked back to his seat and sat down. Then he again looked at Liza and said, "Ms. Liza, you can go now. You will start tomorrow. Come here in the morning at 10 o'clock. Remember, you can not be late."

"Yes sir!" Liza nodded her head heavily.

"Tomorrow, you will get your job letter as well as a contract to sign!"

"A contract?"

"Yes, a contract. You don't want to work in the Royal Fashion without signing a contract, right?"

Aiden looked at her and said in his emotionless tone.

"I... I'll come tomorrow." Liza nodded her head and turned back to leave the room.

After opening the door, she stopped for a moment, turned back, and said, "Sir, May I ask a question?"

"You can Miss Davis!" Aiden responded without looking at her in his usual emotionless tone.

"Why did you give me second chance? I mean, even though it is the first time that I came for an interview but still I know this much that no one gives another chance to anyone. And if someone gives you another chance, it means there is some motive behind it. What is your motive behind giving me another chance Mr. CEO?"

Liza asked but after asking she regretted it a little in her heart. Not only she asked something that she should not, but she also called Aiden as Mr. CEO. It was quite funny as well as quite silly.

Aiden looked at her and said, "Ms. Liza if you didn't want the second chance then you can go. You don't need to come here tomorrow?"

"Ah! No, I am... I'm sorry sir. I'll come back tomorrow morning at10!" After saying this, Liza hurriedly left the room.

She didn't work anywhere before so did not know anything about the process of getting a job or something like that.

After she left, a smile appeared on Aiden's emotionless face. He dialed a call on his mobile.

After some time, the call was picked-up.

"Ms. Morgan, ready a contract for my personal attendant, and I will provide the terms and conditions for this contract. Ready the contract till the evening today." Said Aiden emotionlessly.

"Contract? But sir, we don't n..."

"Just do what I am telling you. You don't have to ask anything!"

"Yes Sir, you will receive the contract till evening."


After conversating, Aiden cut the call and kept the mobile in his pocket.

As if he thought of something and a sweet smile once again appeared on his face.

"Liza Davis, I searched for you everywhere for four years but failed to find you. And now when I was about to lose my hope of finding you, you finally showed up in front of me. How can I let you go easily once again? This time, I will make you mine!"

Aiden smiled then once again he opened his laptop and started working on it.

On the other hand, Liza arrived at her home which was now her uncle's home.

She entered the house, climbed the stairs, and ran into her mother's room.

"Mom? Mom?"

While calling for her mother, she arrived in front of her mother's room Then she directly pushed open the door and went inside.

"Mom! Haha!" She excitedly walked to her mother who was just stood up from her bed and hugged her tightly.

"Liza, what happened, you look so happy?" A sweet smile appeared on the face of her mother when she saw her daughter, Liza, so happy.

"Mom, I got the job. I actually got the job at Royal Fashion!" Liza excitedly told her mother that she got the job and it was even at one of the biggest companies.

"Royal Fashion? Isn't this company. I saw an ad online where this company wanted to recruit a personal assistant for their CEO. I applied for that position and today was my interview. I got selected mom, and from now on, our life will become more and more comfortable."

"After I will earn enough money, we will leave this house and buy a big house in the city for us. Mom, from now on, you don't have to worry about anything. You can live a happy life. Mom, I promise, I will make you proud."

Liza said all of this at once. She just wanted one thing in her life and that is to make her mother live a very comfortable life without any worry.

When Liza's mother heard her, her eyes became moist. She smiled and caressed her daughter's face lovingly. Then she said, "Silly girl, I am already very proud of you. You don't have to think about me. Just work hard, find a handsome and talented young man and marry her. If you will live happily, I will automatically become happy."

"Mom!" Liza looked at her mother and pouted. Then she said, "Mom, you know right that I don't want to marry right now. Mom, there are many things that I have to do before getting married. Mom, just don't talk about marriage right now."

"Well leave it. Have you eaten yet or not?" Her mother once again caressed Liza's face lovingly and asked.

Liza shook her head and said, "I'll go and eat. Mom, have you eaten?"

Her mother nodded her and said, "Go."

Liza nodded her head, stood up, and went to the kitchen to eat something.

New chapter is coming soon
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