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"As soon as possible. Alright, go back to sleep." With that, Mu Zehao immediately hung up.

Gu Siyu rolled his eyes as he looked at the phone in his hand that was hung up. This man was disturbing his good sleep. Oh Qiao Family, why did he suddenly want to investigate about Qiao Family?

The next day, Ye Xiaoqi, who woke up early, looked at his good friend's eyes. With one glance, he knew that he had secretly cried last night. She had never been in a relationship before, so she didn't know the feeling of falling in love.

"Xiao Xiao, your eyes are still red. Are you alright?"

Qiao Xiaoxiao didn't want her friends to worry too much. Xiao Qi was always on her side, how could she give him more trouble, "It's nothing, Xiao Qi, thank you. I feel much better now, I'll be back after breakfast."

"That's great. I'll send you back after breakfast later. I just happen to be going back to the office." Ye Minglin walked down the stairs while yawning.

"Then I'll be troubling Big Brother Ye." Qiao Xiaoxiao did not decline. After all, she had already said so. It would not be good if she rejected him in such a manner.

After dinner, Qiao Xiaoxiao got into Ye Minglin's car and drove off for a long time without saying a word. Qiao Xiaoxiao had been suppressing herself so that she couldn't cry again, but Xiao Qi's last words made her emotions stir up once again.

"If you want to cry, just cry. There's tissue paper in front of you." Ye Minglin looked at the woman in front of him who was trying hard not to cry, "Although I don't know what happened to you, but since you're not in a good mood, maybe it'll be better if you cry." As a man, he didn't know how to coax others.

The soft whimper gradually turned into wailing. Ye Minglin looked at the woman beside him who looked like a child.

Xiao Qi told me to investigate what happened to Mrs. Qiao that year, so don't think too much, I heard from Xiao Qi that you want to rebuild Mrs. Qiao, if there is anything I can help with, you don't have to be polite. My father was also very regretful back then, so no matter what problems you have, as long as the Ye family can help, we will help.

Ye Minglin was never a nosy man, but he couldn't bear to see the woman in front of him crying.

"Thank you." Qiao Xiaoxiao didn't know what else to say besides thank you.

"Alright, let's tidy up a bit. We're almost there. Can you find my cell phone number? Call me if you need anything. " Ye Minglin was shocked when he said it. How did he become so long-winded?

"Got it, Big Brother Ye, I'll be going in first then." Qiao Xiaoxiao waved at Ye Minglin and left.

When she returned home, Qiao Xiaoxiao found that something was wrong. The silence was a little too weird. That man should be going to work by now.

Qiao Xiaoxiao took off her shoes as she looked around the room. What's going on? Sister-in-Law Chen is not here either? She walked to the sofa and sat down to take a sip of water. The man's voice came from behind her.

"You can bear to come back?" That bitter tone made Qiao Xiaoxiao spurt out the water she just drank without a care in the world.

She turned around and looked at the man who was in a bad mood. "Why did you suddenly scare me?" Her tone wasn't very good either.

"Where did you go yesterday?" He looked down at the woman on the sofa.

Qiao Xiaoxiao didn't like his tone. She frowned as she looked at the man in front of her, "Didn't I send you a text message saying that I was going to a friend's home?" Or did you miss it? "

Mu Zehao's expression became colder. He suddenly remembered the man that brought him away and asked, "You left by yourself?"

Qiao Xiaoxiao didn't know what he meant, and she didn't know how to reply to his words.

"Who is that man?" Mu Zehao only wanted to ask this question.

"Which man?" "How could Qiao Xiaoxiao know who he was talking about? Could it be Big Brother Ye?" "That's …"

The rest of what he wanted to say was stuffed into the man's mouth. He didn't want to hear the other man's name out of her mouth, damn it.

"Ugh …" She pushed the man in front of her. A rude man would never listen to her. She felt even more wronged. Tears flowed from the corners of her eyes.

Mu Zehao's actions suddenly stopped. He looked at the crying woman below him. Was he really going to make her hate him? Was it because of that man?

He lifted the woman's chin in front of him. "You don't like me touching you that much?" His voice went cold.

"Would you touch me and call out another woman's name? "Mu Zehao, what do you think I am? I am also a person with self-respect."

She was no longer afraid of the man in front of her. She didn't want to continue liking the man in front of her. This despicable man suddenly collapsed as he spoke and started crying in her man's arms.

"What are you crying for? Didn't you go out with another man?"

Mu Zehao thought about the man who took her away. His tone was a lot worse. He didn't feel jealous at all. Everyone would feel uncomfortable when they saw their wife chatting and laughing with other men.

Qiao Xiaoxiao looked at Mu Zehao in surprise, "Mu Zehao, what do you mean?" She finally understood what the man meant. "You suspect me of cheating?" She looked at the man before her with disbelief.

Mu Zehao thought about how the two of them got in the car and happily left, and he was even more ruthless as he said, "Otherwise, you'll just get in a man's car and leave for the night without coming back. "Don't discredit me. I asked you to cooperate to help me, not to put on a green hat."

"Mu Zehao." Qiao Xiaoxiao looked up at the man in front of her and said word by word, "I got in the car with that man and I left. Qiao Xiaoxiao looked up at the man in front of her and said word by word," I got in with that man. His tone was no longer as gentle as before, and it was even a bit overbearing.

Mu Zehao frowned, "Why?" He suddenly remembered Sister-in-Law Chen's words. Her eyes were a little red when she left. Could it be because of what happened last night?

"Mu Zehao, do you know why?" Qiao Xiaoxiao looked into his eyes as she spoke, enunciating each word clearly.

"Why?" He saw the change in the woman before him

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