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"I'll go with you. I hope you'll keep your word."

Qiao Xiaoxiao looked at the man and nodded firmly. She would not spare any of those people, those people who had bullied her.

"I will bring you back to pack your things. From today onwards, no one will bully you again." Mu Zehao carried Qiao Xiaoxiao.

"I'll come back later. I want to clean myself first." Qiao Xiaoxiao knew that if she went back like this, she would be mocked as well. It would be better if she cleaned herself up before going back.

"Alright, I'll take you." Thus, the two of them disappeared from this farce of a wedding.

Mu Zehao didn't take her to the hotel and went straight back to his apartment. He sat in the living room smoking cigarettes. Suddenly, he thought of that woman, the woman he had been feeling guilty for his entire life.

"Come, send me back."

After Qiao Xiaoxiao tidied herself up, she looked at the man who said that he would help her. But why? Did he say he would be her woman? What position did he have? A mistress? She knew that once she took that step, there would be no turning back, but she would not regret it.

"Alright." Mu Zehao also walked out without saying anything else.

"Say, if you want me to be your woman, you will help me."

At the end of the day, Qiao Xiaoxiao was still a little afraid. She didn't even know what background this man had. What if he was lying to her?

"I said so. Is there a problem?"

Mu Zehao glanced at the woman on the co-pilot. She was scared but still managed to pretend to be calm.

"Who are you? Why do you want to help me? Why do you want me to be your woman? What woman? A mistress?"

Qiao Xiaoxiao's questions were like raindrops that kept rushing into Mu Zehao's ears. He frowned subconsciously as he didn't like this feeling.

"You only need to know that my name is Mu Zehao. Also, I don't have the habit of raising a mistress. If you have any questions in the future, please ask them one by one. "

Qiao Xiaoxiao looked out of the window of the car and didn't say anything. The reflection of the man's face through the car window showed that she hadn't observed him carefully before, and she couldn't think of any words to describe the man in front of her. He was different from the traditional men in terms of looks, his handsome face even had a feminine charm.

"Here we are. Go ahead, I'll wait for you here." He opened the window, lit a cigarette, and watched as Qiao Xiaoxiao walked into the house.

Although this woman was very similar to her, there were actually two different styles when one looked carefully. Qiao Xiaoxiao was beautiful, he admitted, but there was a little playfulness in her beauty. That woman was mature and classical in her beauty, but it was that classical beauty that attracted him.

The closed door did not seem to welcome Qiao Xiaoxiao back. She frowned in disbelief. This family really wanted her to get out of here.

"Open the door, I want to retrieve my things." she shouted to the people inside.

"What are you shouting for? We've just gotten married and we're already here to cause trouble?" Qiao Tongtong's shrill voice sounded from behind him.

"I'm going in to get something."

The person Qiao Xiaoxiao disliked the most had appeared right in front of her. Although she wanted to return all the humiliation she had suffered during the day to Qiao Tongtong, she knew that now was not the right time.

"Take things out? "Hehe, Qiao Xiaoxiao, if it wasn't for my family, how could you have survived until now? You don't even have anything left."

Qiao Tongtong glanced sideways at Qiao Xiaoxiao. Her demeanor was as if she was the genuine Qiao Family, but she didn't know where she got everything this year.

"Oh? So, you guys stole my fiancé just like that?" This woman was really unrelenting with her words.

"Bullshit!" Should I snatch it? Qiao Xiaoxiao, go ask Mu Lingqi who crawled onto whose bed first. I don't need to steal your man. "

Hearing the sound of the car approaching, Qiao Tongtong thought for a moment before deliberately falling to the ground. She didn't know if she fell hard or if Qiao Tongtong's acting skills were too good. She really did look serious.

"Someone come quickly, Miss is in trouble!"

When the servants in the room saw this, they hurriedly came out. Qiao Xiaoxiao finally understood that these people knew she was out and did not open the door for her. They must have received Qiao Tongtong's orders.

Mu Zehao heard the ruckus in the courtyard. Just as he wanted to get off the car to take a look, he saw Mu Lingqi anxiously enter through the door. He sat back down and thought that it was not the time to show himself. Since Mu Zehao's car was parked in the dark and it was black, Mu Lingqi was too focused on running into the gate that he didn't notice it.

"Qiao Xiaoxiao, it's you again!" "You're really cruel. Tongtong is your sister and she's pregnant. How can you hate her so much?"

Mu Lingqi looked at Tong Tong lying on the ground and saw Qiao Xiaoxiao. He subconsciously felt that this woman was jealous and had pushed Tong Tong down.

"Sister? Why didn't you guys think that she was my sister? Why didn't she think that I was her sister? Qiao Xiaoxiao sneered coldly as she looked at the man and woman in front of her.

"Why are you so malicious? Don't blame her. I found out that I like her, and she is also a victim." Mu Lingqi subconsciously protected his wife.

"Then congratulations. Since you don't believe me, then what else do I have to say?"

Qiao Xiaoxiao could tell that no one was helping Qiao Family. Since that was the case, there was no need for her to argue anymore.


No one expected Mu Lingqi to slap Qiao Xiaoxiao in front of everyone.

"Let me tell you, Qiao Xiaoxiao, if anything happens to Tongtong, I won't let you off."

Then, Mu Lingqi drove his wife to the hospital. As for Qiao Xiaoxiao, who was still there, it wasn't important.

Qiao Tongtong glanced at Qiao Xiaoxiao before she left, her eyes seemed to say, "You can't beat me."

Qiao Xiaoxiao clutched the place where she was slapped on and her eyes were cold. Mu Lingqi was really ruthless in his actions. However, she could take this opportunity to pack up her luggage and leave.

"To the hospital."

When they got into the car, Qiao Xiaoxiao tried to block the place where she had been hit with her hair.

Seeing that she kept her head down, Mu Zehao recalled the commotion in the yard. Turning around, he saw the huge palm print on the woman's face. Judging by the size of the palm, the killer should be a man.

"Let's go to the hospital first. Since that woman has started acting, I should cooperate with her in time."

Qiao Xiaoxiao looked at Mu Zehao's sinister expression and knew that this man was angry. As for the reason why he was angry, Qiao Xiaoxiao couldn't figure it out. She didn't want to guess that Mu Zehao was more concerned about her.

Seeing Qiao Xiaoxiao's insistence, Mu Zehao did not say much. He nodded and told the driver to go to the hospital first.

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