Mr Daniel Rules/C1 Chapter 1 getting rid of my wife!
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Mr Daniel Rules/C1 Chapter 1 getting rid of my wife!
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C1 Chapter 1 getting rid of my wife!

Mr Daniel Nelson

At Court—

I stomped inside the court, impatiently waiting for the decision of the judge to split my wife and me. I had passed through for an awful month, going through a lot of negotiation to get that fucking divorce, but she insisted on giving her half of everything or stay with her!

She asked me for another chance!

How the fuck she could dare to ask for my forgiveness and second chance after what she had done to me? I almost hated every fucking woman because of her.

The judge asked me to come closer; I stood up. He coughed, “okay, so Mr. Daniel Nelson, for the last time, I need to ask you if you still insist on finishing this or not?"

Without thinking twice and while I gazed back to my wife who was going to be soon my ex-wife, I nodded "Yes, I want a divorce and I am not going to pay her a penny. She should be the one who pays me for her lies."

The judge sighed and asked me, "okay, then for the last time. I am asking you to tell me why?"

I couldn't tell! That would ruin my reputation as a famous businessman. I wanted to keep it to myself. And she knew that. That's why she was so confident that I was going to lose.

She smirked at me and teasingly stared at me in victory.

I shook my head, "I can't tell. As you know, I am a businessman, and if the news started talking about that matter it might ruin—"

I was going to give him an excuse, but I couldn't stay silent anymore. I would never give a liar like her half my money! Never!

So, I blurted out with a loud voice that echoed in the whole court, "she made a sexual affair with my best friend. No, she had been in a sexual affair with my best friend for years. She was his before meeting me, and she didn't tell me. Both of them deceived me. Both of them."

I glanced off my shoulder to see my best friend Jack shocked, and he dragged his feet slowly like a thief, but I shouted his name, "Jack Norton! Don't even dare to run away. Face me like a grown-up."

I dared him. They were fooling me for years! Dammit! Since we were all college classmates. Seven fucking years for god's sake. All of us came from wealthy family backgrounds. All of us graduated from Cambridge, and we were all the same age! Twenty-seven years old by that moment in court.

The judge gestured to Jack Norton, "so, did you deceive your best friend and you had an affair with his wife? You need to tell me the truth, or I will put you in jail." the judge warned Jack.

Jack walked hastily towards me as if he cared about me and my feelings; he uttered, "I am sorry, Daniel. I care about you. You're my best friend."

I scoffed, "yeah, my best friend! That's why you decided to stab me in my back and share my wife with me."

My wife was silent, but I guess she wanted to keep her words not to look like a liar. She suddenly said, "I didn't cheat on Daniel. It's a trap."

But thankfully, for the last time, Jack decided to be at least a man and yelled back to my wife, "shut up! You made me lose my best friend's trust. Just shut up."

I ignored both of them and looked back to the judge, who seemed so annoyed with looking at those cheaters. The judge announced immediately, "okay, nothing for the cheating wife. Divorce approved. Congratulations Daniel. And you can sue your ex-wife and your friend for the deception and cheating on you."

I bowed my head slightly in relief to the judge, "thank you."

And I walked past Jack and my ex-wife. Jack placed his hand on my back, trying to stop me, "Daniel. Listen to me. She seduced me. Let me explain. I can—"

I jerked off his hand away, and I threw him with disgusting looks, "what the fuck are you talking about? You fucked my wife for seven fucking years!"

I rushed in my pace, but then I walked back to Jack, who was still hopefully waiting for me. That asshole thought I might forgive him! I rounded my fist and punched his nose and groaned, "I hope that you had much fun fucking my slutty wife!"

"And do you know what— our friendship is over and our partnership too." I spat over his face and left.

And yes, I decided to end everything there. My heart died that day, and I lost my faith in people around me. I trusted no one after that situation, and I hated the word friends even more.

And since that day, I decided to start over with my new rules — new life.

And my only rule that I had used for the next three years: single fuck and no more expectations.

Add to that, no dating but only online dating chats and getting laid then back off. And what was more? Since then, I didn't ever date any smart ass woman, not at my age, not even close to my age but younger than me by at least ten years.

I wanted them hot, sexy, kinky, and preferably a cheesy stupid girl with big asses. Only perfect in sex, nothing more. I hated it when they asked more questions or wanted me to stay longer or even wanted to kiss my lips.

Yeah, no lip to lip kiss involved. Because I wasn't looking for love. Not for friendship.

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