Mr Daniel Rules/C2 Chapter 2 hook up for two days!
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Mr Daniel Rules/C2 Chapter 2 hook up for two days!
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C2 Chapter 2 hook up for two days!

Mr Daniel nelson

I had been busy as a bee The last year, because I had to focus on my business more, opening new branches for my companies all over the world and partnering with two new powerful enterprises. I had no time for meeting any new girl, no time for sex.

So, I just decided to give myself two days free to relax my body and find a good chick to spend the night with. Hopefully.

I went straight to the hotel where I used to live. Yes, since my divorce, I hated the family life and that feeling. I lived in one of the biggest suites in a seven-star hotel.

My multinational company owned a lot of hotels, but I preferred to stay in another one to not meet my employees and to stay away from eyes. Especially that I didn’t want anyone to capture any picture for me with a one-night stand girl and that would be on the news the next morning.

That doesn’t mean that I drugged my girls to my site too! I always booked a new room and asked them to remain my identity anonymous.

I changed my clothes into one of the casual black shirts and dirty jeans, then walked down to the bar hoping to find a sexy hottie in her early twenties to warm my bed for two days straight.

And I guess I was that damn lucky.

Because before I could step one more inch inside the bar, a blond hottie bumped into my chest, she looked so annoyed “sorry,” she mumbled looking behind her at the bar.

I immediately realized that she was underage and they didn't allow her to enter. So as a gentleman, but with a snake brain and planning in my mind to impress the girl with the creamy skin and with the slender long legs, I offered to her “if they didn’t allow you, I can help.”

She excitedly but in curiosity raised her head up to me “huh? Really, how?”

I smirked and leaned, saying in a confident and husky tone “let me show you?”

I wrapped my arms around her waist, she looked, hesitated for a second, but then she walked next to me as if she had been with me already.

No one said anything at all. They only bowed their heads slightly to me. I walked straight to my VIP table and pulled her hand “please have a seat.”

She blinked and blushed, then sat “thank you. I don’t want to bother you and your friends. I can stay at the bar counter.”

I shook my head and sat in front of her to give her the full view of my perfect look, she already melted when she smelled my expensive cologne, I grinned, but with my tough serious face, “I am here alone. But now I am with you. Are you waiting for anyone?”

I wanted to make sure to not waste my time with a girl who was waiting for her boyfriend.

She giggled lightly flipping her hair seductively “I am here alone too.”

That gave me a hint to make a fast move and attack my prey, I sat next to her and wrapped my arms around her waist, then I snapped my fingers to the waiter who rushed towards me “yes, sir.”

I ordered immediately “give us your best wine bottle, and the best diner.”

He bowed again and left. He already knew my order. But I just wanted her to hear what I was able to give to her in 2 days.

She opened her eyes amused “but this is much. I mean you don’t know me, sir.”

I leaned to her ear and whispered “no sir. How old are you? And please don’t lie to me.”

She blurted out immediately “I am Jacky, and I am 19.”

“Oh! Now I am interested, Jacky. So what do you think about spending two nights with me? I can give you whatever you want.”

She opened her mouth to interrupt me.

But I speedily continued “I can give you pleasure, money, gifts because I like you. I know that you’re not a cheap whore. And that’s why I like you.”

Yes, she didn’t look like one of them and I hated cheap girls.

She sighed in relief and spaced out for a while “I really didn’t do that before. I mean meeting a strange guy and spending the night with him.”

I raised my hand “it will be only night stands and then everyone will go on his way as we have never met before. No more expectations, no more questions. Is that okay?”

She looked disappointed as if she had found a fortune, then lost it in a minute. But she did accept when the waiters started serving our table.

I glared at her with victory eyes, and directly asked her while moving my hand sensually to her thighs ‘so, how about taking all these things in the room now?”

She eyeballed me and then grabbed the wine bottle, she checked it first “oh my god! It’s too expensive.”

I tilted her head up with my finger and licked the corner of my mouth “told you. I will give you everything. But only for two nights.”

And yes, we both walked into the room, after I made sure to book a room with the receptionist with no details for me. The only bill added to my suite. She didn’t even ask about my name.

I guess she only wanted sex or maybe she wanted more.

But I could tell she wanted the full package, not my money.

Once we stepped inside the room, I locked the door behind us. She stood in the middle nervously fiddling with her fingers as a virgin. Which made me stop and asked her first “don’t tell me that's your first! I don’t fuck virgins!”

And the whore inside she appeared, she giggled loudly “a virgin! No. I am not.”

And the first move was done by her, she practically jumped to my chest and attacked my lips. She was good and I needed that. I didn’t touch a girl for almost a year. So I was horny as fuck. And from her kiss only, my dick wanted to find his way to her pussy.

She pushed me to the bed and started taking off my shirt and my pants. I let her do whatever she wants. She then and quickly took off her dress and I was shocked to see her wearing no underwear, no bra, nothing at all. As if she was there to get fucked too!

Dammit! This means that she lied.

But I needed to release myself so I ignored her lies for the moment.

I noticed that every time I called her by Jacky, she didn’t reply. I was confused. But soon as we both were naked, she grabbed my dick into her mouth and started sucking every inch as if she was in need to feel a strong big dick.

I didn’t use my hands at all. She did all the work, she positioned her body over mine. And she pushed my dick inside her and started going up and down slowly as a professional woman, not a girl at all.

I enjoyed everything. I liked it. She knew a lot of positions too. She even asked me to fuck her ass. But I really pulled my dick before reaching my climax. I forgot to wear a condom.

One night stands— mean— to be careful to not make her pregnant. Some of these girls wanted to trap me into marriage and that was nothing I would never do again.

We opened a few conversations between a round and another, I made sure to keep my information as secret as possible. So, I only let her talk about herself.

“So what are you doing in your life, Jacky? From your age, I can assume you’re in your second year in college.”

She giggled and only said “yes, that's right. It seems that you like young girls more than women of your age.”

Dang, that's right. But I ignored it.

“Let’s eat.” my stomach was growling already.

We drank again and we finished our meal, then we started another round. That one lasted longer. We even fell asleep.

And I made sure to wake her up with my dick in her ass this time because she asked me to do it last night but I didn’t.

And she really reacted nicely to me, she arched up her ass even in her deep sleep, moaning like a slut asking for more.

She was kind of weird, she kept asking me to call her ‘bitch.’

I wanted to satisfy her too, not only me.

It was a win-in, sexual affairs. If I gave her what she needed, she would give me what I desired too. And I couldn’t deny that I liked her. But only as a nightstand fuck.

Once the next day was almost done. I finally got up off the bed, exhausted, she was like a wild cat, didn’t care about filling her stomach with food, but cared for filling her holes with my dick and my fingers.

“I should take a shower now. I need to go.” I said to her.

She pulled the bedsheet and wrapped it around her body and stood up trailing me to the shower room and asked me “are you going now? Can't We stay longer and hang out and talk?”

I scoffed “are your allies going to do this thing? We had a deal! Two nights of fun then goodbye.”

“How rude! You’re not a human!” she frowned and threw me with shock and disgusting looks.

And here again, one of the nightstands wanted to stay longer in my life. What kind of word they didn’t understand! One fuck! No expectations!

I glanced off my shoulders and said with a devilish half-snort “I told you, no more exceptions, Jacky.”

She kept trying, she closed the gap between us and placed her hand on my back “how about your name? Your job? I need to know more about you. As friends.”

I gently pushed her aside “friends! We just fucked! Why do you care about knowing me?”

“Asshole!” she yelled.

And that made me annoyed, I pushed her back and walked to the bedroom searching for her purse, I grabbed it and opened it, she shouted and tried to snatch her purse “What are you doing? Don’t open it.”

But I did. “Let me see your ID. I bet you lied about your name, if you didn’t lie, I will give you a chance to be my friend.”

And dang, I threw her id into her face “what‘s this bitch! Not Jacky! Not 19 years old, but 26! And working as a stripper! Fuck you.”

I hated liars! I hated women.

I wore my clothes. And pulled my wallet, then threw some cash on the bed “this is for you, miss stripper. I paid for everything, the room, and the service. Don’t let me see your fucking face again.”

She froze me with her words while I was getting out of the room. “I wish you would meet a woman who lies about everything and believes in you, you will fall in love with her and no one can run away from fate. You can’t keep doing this nightstand forever.”

I scoffed and mumbled before slamming the door behind me “I will keep doing this until my dick shrinks. Bitch.”


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