Mr Daniel Rules/C4 Chapter 4 wrong email butí¬!
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Mr Daniel Rules/C4 Chapter 4 wrong email butí¬!
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C4 Chapter 4 wrong email butí¬!

Mr Daniel

While I was busy in my office not able to concentrate on anything, looking through my wide window. I frowned and checked back my emails hoping to see any reply from mary.

But nothing. I was curious! I didn’t do a horrible thing.

Maybe I just crossed the limits or maybe she had a boyfriend or even virgin!

Fuck! If she was a virgin I would never ask her again to meet me or talk to me on the phone. I would only stop emailing her.

My secretary knocked on the door and entered, “sir, Mr Daniel, you do have a meeting now.”

I nodded “let them in.”

I took my phone and walked to the rounded table for meetings that were in the middle of my office. They sat and we started discussing how to spread the company and they started giving me ideas and suggesting to me a few large names for partnership.

I was too focused until I received her email. I scrolled down to read it ‘can we start with sex phone?’

I opened my mouth, I felt like a teenager, but dammit that was a good start. I replied immediately to her ‘okay, we can. But tell me first, how do you look? Your height? Your hair color? Your eyes? Everything.’

I waited for a minute, then I got her email ‘I look ugly. Black short hair. I am short. Black eyes. I guess now you would never talk to me.’

Surprisingly I just accepted that I realized that I didn’t care about her looks, she was too honest with me. I liked that. I wanted to talk with someone I trust. I wanted to open my heart again even as a close friend.

I smiled and immediately replied to her ‘I am taking that. I do accept you as my sex partner for now.’

And one of her rude but funny replies made my heart flutter in my chest ‘kiss my ass. Now time to go back to your work.’

And yes, I started refreshed with them, no more distractions, no more bad moods. She knew how to make me smile. She made my day by being around me by only her emails.

“Please continue, so, what's the strongest and powerful enterprise do you all suggest and vote for?” I asked them in a serious tone.

They all said in the same breath “MM enterprise.”


“M for Madeline the daughter of Mr. Marcus carl. She’s taking the business after him. He is still alive though. But she's the CEO now and taking care of everything. She’s addicted to the business and wanted to put her name amongst the best and famous businessmen. “ they explained to me.

I rubbed my chin thinking for a while “okay, I like that. Arrange a meeting with her next week. Madeline Marcus? Nice and strong name!”

From the name and what my managers said to me about her, I assumed she’s older than me, maybe in her forties or fifties. I assumed that I could learn a lot from her too. So I was comfortable with the idea of merging our companies because I had no intention to deal with a useless spoiled young woman who knows nothing about the business difficulties.

That day passed normal, meetings and other things. I didn’t care to meet up with any woman nr even to look into dating sites ever again.

I was checking all the news and the financial statements about ‘MM enterprise’ that my spies handed to me.

I sat my ass at my suite all night reading and highlighting the things that didn’t make sense to me to discuss later next week in the meeting.

I forgot that I and mary said we can start with the sex phone. She emailed me ‘busy?’

I replied back ‘horny?’

‘Asshole! I only wanted to check if you ate something or only drinking coffee and wine?’ she replied.

Well, the first step of any relationship was caring, that always bothered me, but not that time not from mary. I replied ‘I don’t have time to eat. I have so much work to do. How about you? What about your college, do you need any help in management or economics?’ I offered her.

She replied back ‘no, not now. I just wanted to tell you I am joining as an artist in a gallery next week.’

I lifted the papers from my hand, she's a talented artist? She didn’t tell me ever about that ‘what kind of gallery or art?’

She only sent her last email that night. ‘I am a photographer, it's just a hobby, but my parents are against it. It’s my life. I need to go now and talk back to you next week. Wish me luck.’

Fuck next week?

But I had to wait, I was busy too. And my relationship with Mary wasn’t like any other. It wasn't really about sex at all. We were kind of strangers who have never seen each other but supported and talked to each other.

So, I wanted to give her the needed space.

But did I mention that girl didn’t leave my mind at all for the whole week?! yes! Was that weird! I trusted a girl I knew nothing about except for a few things. Add to that she was very weak in management and business classes! I assumed that because everything she asked me about can tell that she barely passes her classes. She was lost as hell in the basics!

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