Mr Daniel Rules/C7 Chapter 7 ignoring her!
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Mr Daniel Rules/C7 Chapter 7 ignoring her!
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C7 Chapter 7 ignoring her!

Mr. Daniel

After signing the merging papers I left my office. I didn’t feel like talking anymore or seeing her face. She deceived me.

I didn’t lie about my identity, I just didn’t tell her anything about me. She didn’t ask though. I only told her about my sexual needs and how I trust nobody! Except her!

Dammit, I warned her that I hated liars! Why did she do so?

She kept calling me on my cell phone, I stared at her name ‘Mary!’ I scoffed and changed her name into Madeline the liar.

Everything was clear and as much as I wanted to keep that partnership going on because of how much profits we all could gain and control the markets as much as I really wanted to make sure to give her a lesson.

She was my only hope to trust women again! To trust people! But she ruined everything.

I kept ignoring her and I called back my lawyer, who replied immediately “is she still there?” I frowned.

He immediately said, “yes sir.”

“Good, now listen to me. Tell her that she must stick with me for at least six months in my company to learn a lot of things about the business or I might ask her company to pay compensation for any coming loss because of her not knowing much of managing large companies etc. And tell her that her office will be in my office. Tell her to come early every day at 8 am. Tell her no excuses would be accepted.”I instructed him.

“Yes, sir, anything else?”

“Yes, about the new site that we should go and take a look to start construction of the new branch. Tell her that she should be there with me. Next week. Prepare everything.” I commanded him.

That was for business.

But sure I wanted her to be with me because I had so much to do with her.

Fist: I wanted to ruin her mood every day and to press on her nerves. I wanted to see her tears.

Second: I wanted to show her that she was nothing but another woman on my list and her beauty would never impress me. I was the man with the steel heart, no woman ever was going to make me kneel because of love.

Third: I wanted to drag her to my bed. Yes, she played with me for a year and we had fun on the phone doing sexual stuff. But I didn’t fuck her yet. She said she’s unmarried and never been married. But women in her age ‘30-year-old’ can not be virgins. Sure, she got fucked by a lot of men before. And I would like to show her that one time with me was enough to stay in her memory forever.

Simply, I wanted to torture her way in every evil way.

Mentally and physically and emotionally.

Why? Maybe because I liked the old Mary, maybe because I really wanted her and maybe because I really felt hurt and broken again because she lied to me.

I didn’t know what was going on with me.

But I felt like I was rejected for the first time in my life.

That’s why before my lawyer hung up, I told him “Listen, I want you to reserve a suite next week in a hotel, near the suite and make sure that there’s no other available room. Book it all. I want Medellin to stay with me in my suite. Is that clear? And sure don’t tell anyone.”

“Sure, sir.”

I hung up with my lawyer.

And decided to only go and have a drink anywhere because I was so fucked up.

Madeline kept calling me and even emailed me tons of times. But I didn’t even bother to reply to her or even read her messages or her emails.

I parked my car to the nearest hotel and walked directly to the bar. I sat my ass in the high chair by the bar counter. And for the first time, I paid for a hooker. Yes, I wanted to blow my anger to someone who can bear the rough sex.

I wanted to soothe down my fucking mood.

I ordered a few tequila shots, and the manager came to me and greeted me “sir, why didn’t you sit at a VIP table?”

I side-eyed him and asked him immediately “I need a hooker, the best sexy ever. Now. And I want a room.”

He widened his eyes shocked “sir, a hooker?”

I raised my brows "are you deaf or what? Yes! Now.”

And he dragged his feet back immediately, he was shocked, he knew me well, he knew that I hated such cheap girls. A line of hookers in minutes was in front of me.

Somehow I felt like a woman looked like Madeline, blond, tall, with blue eyes and most of all in her age. Not a girl.

So, I found two who looked like her, not as perfect as her, but closer.

I pointed my fingers picking the two, “I am taking these two now.”

They both looked excited, but dumbfounded, I offered “I am paying ten thousand dollars for both two for one night.”

The manager bowed his head and guided me with a wide smile “sure, Mr Daniel. Please follow me to the room.”

Yes, I needed them both.

But I didn’t imagine that even with these two expert women, I would feel bored. I would keep thinking of Madeline!

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