Mr. Denver/C8 Chapter 8
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Mr. Denver/C8 Chapter 8
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C8 Chapter 8

Catherine Ashton

I woke up early this morning to take a long bath because I really need it. I couldn't sleep last night and I just need time to relax. After taking a 40 minutes bath, I walked out of the bathroom getting ready. I dried my hair first and curled it with my curling iron. I put on my dress and started to put on my makeup.

After finishing my makeup, I put my earrings on and necklaces. I put on my white ankle strap heels and checked myself on the mirror to see how I look. I took my LV bag and wore it checking it again on the mirror. I checked the time and I still have 10 minutes left. I turned on some music and started to dance weirdly. I mean.. I bet you all do that at home or somewhere right?

After 10 minutes, I went downstairs to the lobby and waited for my grandpa. He walked towards me with his nurse and his 2 guards. We got into the car and started to drive towards the charity event.

"I can't want to see Jacob's reaction seeing you, I bet he didn't expect you to be here." He said in a really cheeky tone.

"Grandpa, I wonder why aren't you resting at home? Your body needs a lot of rest and here you are in Toronto trying to be cupid for me and Jacob." I said in complete disbelief.

"Catherine, I just want to see you happy. Is that a crime?" He asked and I shook my head. The charity event is around 15 minutes away from our hotel so it's not that far and it's not that hot today too. It's a little bit windy and it was like it's going to rain but I hope it won't.

Our chauffeur stopped at the venue and I got out first. I rushed towards my grandpa and held him. The guards and nurse walked behind us watching for him. We walked into the venue and the staff led us to our seat. There's quite a lot of people here and I don't know anyone here.

Where is Jacob?

I looked around and tried to scan the room but I see no Jacob yet. Maybe he will come in later on with his grandfather.

"Where is your friend?" I asked my grandfather.

"He will come, maybe he's late." He said and I nodded. The waiter asked for our drinks and I ordered a non-alcohol cocktail. Suddenly the charity event started, the MC came out from the backstage welcoming everyone.

He introduced the charity event rundown briefly and he invited the Williams to the stage. He asked us to give a big applause to our host today. My eyes locked on the stage and my eyes widened to see 2 men coming out from the backstage.

"Oh there he is.. Joseph and Jacob." My grandpa said as he poked me. I turned to my grandpa confused and I started to look around the crowd. I got up from my seat and walked towards the man that I have my eyes on.

He saw me and his eyes widened. He gulped nervously and he smiled awkwardly at me.

"If you're not Jacob, who are you?" I asked in a cold tone.

"Okay.. calm down. I'm Brad Reed, I'm Jacob's bestfriend. How did you know about the charity event? I mean.. how did you end up here?" He asked in a nervous tone and I can't believe this. My head turned to the two men on the stage that's currently giving speeches about the charity event.

Once I realized that this is completely not a dream or.. an illusion, my body went numb and my heartbeat started to get shorter.

The two men on the stage were Joseph William and Kyle Denver or should I say.. Jacob William. The real Jacob William was my boss and I can't believe this. I saw Joseph Williams a lot when I was working with Kyle or.. Jacob, he always comes to the office once in 2 months and they always fight every time.

I closed my eyes and let out a frustrated sigh. I turned to Brad and gave him the you-gotta-explain-the-situation-here look. He nodded and he gestured to me to follow him. He led me to the back for a moment.


"He sent me to meet you because he wasn't keen on this arrangement. That's why he asked me to see you in Vegas instead of LA because he knew your grandfather will tag along if I asked you to meet in LA. I never thought you will come to Toronto today, Catherine." He said quickly and suddenly one of my grandpa's guards came to fetch me. My grandpa wanted me back on my seat. I followed my bodyguard again and walked back towards my seat.

They finished giving the speech and now the charity event proceeded. A staff member came to my grandpa and whispered something, my grandpa got up and gestured to me to follow him. I held on to him and we walked towards the backstage.

Oh shit.. I know where this is going..

The staff led us to a room inside the small buidling behind the venue and when we opened the door, there's Joseph and Jacob sitting side by side. Jacob's eyes widen when he saw me and he blinked his eyes a few times checking if it's real or not.

"Hey Joseph!" My grandpa hugged his bestfriend tightly and the staff closed the door behind us. I turned to Kyle Denver or Jacob William and he was still in shock.

"Timmy! I need to visit LA more, I miss you!" Joseph said and they both sat down beside each other. Joseph pushed Jacob towards me and he gestured us to sit together.

"Well well well.. do you think I'm dumb Jacob?" Joseph asked his grandson savagely.

"You told me she's beautiful.. she has blonde hair.. and she was just your type.. I'm surprised that you didn't rant about meeting Catherine because she was your secretary." Joseph said and I can't believe this.

"Same goes to Catherine." My grandpa said and I sighed.

"Sending Brad to Vegas to meet Catherine and now.. we both are trapping you, Jacob, so you can't hide from this again." Joseph said and I looked at my grandpa's disbelief.

"So.. you both can introduce yourselves again." My grandpa said and I turned to Jacob or Kyle awkwardly.

"Jacob Williams." He said as he put his hand in front of me.

"Catherine Ashton."

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