Gu Mojing didn't want to come here. He only took time out of his busy schedule to deal with the endless nagging. His mother was too idle and messed with him whenever she had nothing to do.

So what if he isn't married? What if he doesn't have a girlfriend? He must be called unfilial and perverted.

Women were troublesome creatures, so what was he doing here? He was too busy to think about men and women every day.

On the other hand, she was so free that she would gather all sorts of famous ladies for him every day and ask him to go on a blind date.

That's right, it was a blind date. If word of it got out, who knew how many people would laugh. However, he actually still came.

He picked a random house and looked at its background. He came here to deal with it anyway. After all, it was possible for him to find a suitable partner for a blind date after so many years. All he wanted was for his mother to calm down.

At this moment, almost everyone in the Wei family had arrived. Other than the young man who was still at the British Military Academy, there was also his second brother who was on the mission.

The head of the Wei family kindly looked at Gu Mojing, who was sitting on a plum red Forging sofa.

He was solemn, reserved, and had a rigid body of cold air. Moreover, he had a displeased look on his face. Even if he did not open his mouth, he was still an absolutely powerful person. After all, he was someone who commanded the army.

His black eyes swept around once, cold as ice without any expression.

"Young Master Gu." Lady Wei smiled slightly. "We, Wei Ying, have just returned from England. Second Young Master Gu is also a graduate from the British Military Academy …"

Gu Mojing interrupted her with a cold tone, "Don't tell me that." Just one planet, and it was no use for him to prattle on like that.

His mother must have been in a hurry. For a girl like the Wei family to ask him to come over for a blind date, was his market falling so fast?

Suddenly, her eyes fell on a girl in the corner. She lowered her head and played with her fingers as if nothing had happened. The warm sunlight just behind her made her fingers as smooth as jade. From beginning to end, she sat so softly in the corner, as if she were an ornament that did not even exist.

It was her. It was rare for her to catch her eye, so she wouldn't waste her time during her busy schedule … Pick a wife.

Pointing a finger at her, he said firmly, "Just her."

"Wei Minmin?"

"Wei Minmin?"

All sounds have the same suspicion, the same uncertainty.

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