Gu Mojing went to the hospital and looked at Feng Qing's pitiful appearance with her big watery eyes that resembled Minmin's. His heart softened as he asked with concern, "What's wrong?"

His large hand rested on her forehead. "It's a little hot."

"38 degrees. Brother-in-law, I don't like being alone here. My parents aren't free, so can you accompany me?"

"Alright." He sat down.

"Brother-in-law is the best."

However, Gu Mojing was a busy person, how could he have the time for private matters? He had to leave after sitting for less than half an hour.

"Qing Qing, I still have a mission to complete. I need to rush back to the army."

She was somewhat unwilling. "If I'm the only one left, then you'll have to go for a few days."

"I can't say. The higher ups are here to patrol. We have to go back."

He drove to the airport and took the nearest flight to W City. There were many people there to see him off, including a couple he was reluctant to part with, and he thought of Little Wife again. She didn't answer his phone when he called home, but he still didn't seem to know the number.

Perhaps it was always enough that he should not take a wife, as long as there was a sensitivity in his heart. She was an angel, an angel that lived in his heart.

The radio had said, "Please board the plane to W City." He sighed in his heart and resolutely picked up his jacket and strode away. There were not many people in B City who were still in love with him.

Many people said that he was a heartless person, or perhaps it was because he was naturally indifferent to emotions. The color of the sky now was the same as his heart. It was so lonely. If she wasn't here, his world would already be a pool of stagnant water.

When he was thirty years old, there was still her. He had identified her as thirty-six or forty-six. He was just as lonely as before, without any ties or ties.

Wei Minmin sent the bracelet to be repaired. It was a good grade. In a large area, it was too artistic and difficult to repair. It was impossible to repair it like before.

His words were filled with emotion. With just a look at her appearance, one could tell that this was definitely an expensive item. This little girl really didn't know how to love and care for others.

"Try your best to help me look at it. This is my phone number, give me a list. No matter if it's successful or not, give me a call."

At the end of the conversation, she still had to pay a deposit. It was really a lot of money, and she was heartbroken over the loss of her private money.

He then looked at the jewelry store to see if there were any similar blue jade bracelets. These days, those who sold these things were like robbing money. No matter how high the price was, they still dared to go up. They were qualified robbers.

He walked out into the back alley and bought a fake blue bracelet for ten yuan and put it on his hand.

On the surface, he still had to show off his skills.

Old man was not around. There were a few red packets on the table, which made her eyes sparkle. However, when she thought about it, could it be that Old man wanted to test her and make her suffer?

After packing the red packets, Wei Minmin thought that he would definitely not come back in the evening when he still hadn't returned.

The sudden ringing of the phone startled her. She waited for a long time before she answered.

"Hello, who are you looking for?"


"Who?" My my ass, who are you and my ass.

"Gu Mojing." Gu Mojing was angry.

Wei Minmin swallowed her saliva and said in an extremely gentle voice, "Hello, Chief Gu."

"Yes." He replied indifferently, "I'm in W City and will be back in a few days. What should I do? Go and do what I have to do."



Wei Minmin called out anxiously, "Chief Gu, Chief Gu..." "What about the family?"

He could leave, but leave her the money.

There was no need to raise a wife, how could there be such a beautiful thing?

Gu Mojing's mind went blank for a few seconds, but he still maintained his calm face: "There's a little red packet on the table. Use it."

"Alright, thank you, Chief."

Why did he feel that her words were so awkward? He frowned and continued to teach her a lesson. "From now on, all calls at home will ring three times. I must pick it up."

"Yes." Wei Minmin answered in a loud and clear voice.

Chief Gu's order, no matter what, was out of question.

Mo Jin felt even more stuffy. He would marry a wife and ask for living expenses, a family, and use honorifics that were extremely obedient to him, just like his soldiers.

"Is there something else?" He asked and hung up.

Wei Minmin shouted angrily, "Thank you, Chief! Goodbye." Pa, the call ended.

About ten seconds later, the electricity went off again. Wei Minmin picked up on the first ring, then on the second.

Gu Mojing said in a cold voice: "Don't hang up on me in the future." With a "pa" sound, he hung up the phone.

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