Gu Huaiyan had to spend the past two days at the Gu household and go abroad to settle some paperwork. Anyway, she said that she wanted to come back, and the older the old man, the more he wanted his children by his side. He was naturally happy that Gu Huaiyan had come back.

The person closest to him was number two. Of course, he would come and capture him when he had nothing to do. Even if he was scolding Wei Minmin, there was still some noise coming from the house.

Wei Minmin pestered Gu Mojing to teach her how to drive.

Honestly, he didn't have the patience. She wouldn't want to teach him anything.

After getting the driver to get her a car to drive it, Wei Minmin began to act like a coach and set up a few poles in the backyard.

At first, Gu Mojing was just upstairs and occasionally took a look.

In the end, he really couldn't stand it anymore and decided to just close the curtain.

Fortunately, he insisted on not doing such an emotional thing.

Who had been learning it for so long and still kept bumping into bamboo poles? Otherwise, they would have backed off and run into the trees behind them.

The old man also watched the commotion with disdain in his heart, shouting, "Why are you so stupid? Why are you always so dead. Wei Minmin, haven't you eaten yet? If I tell you to step on it all, you might hurt your clutch."

Wei Minmin was getting more and more nervous as she sat in the car.

Do you think the old man was serious? Why did he come to watch her train instead of practicing Taiji Chess after eating so much?

"I'll do it, you watch." The old man couldn't bear to watch any longer and chased Wei Minmin out of the car.

"Look, start attacking from this direction! Kill him, retreat!" As soon as he finished speaking, there was a loud bang, and the iron bars behind them burst into an uproar.

The old man felt extremely humiliated, saying as soon as he got off the car, "What kind of car is this? How can you drive it? You're not listening to me at all. My Gu family's daughter-in-law wouldn't be able to get on the stage like this if she learned how to drive."

Wei Minmin walked up to him and said, "That's right. With your skills, Old Master, how could this car crash into the back? Broken cars, rotten cars."

The old man raised his thick eyebrows, "What kind of car do you like?"


"Ah what? I'm asking you? "Why are you so stupid? If you ask me, I wouldn't be able to react for a long time."

"That's not right. I don't even know how to drive." She finally reacted.

"I'll give you a Mercedes-Benz to learn from. Old Wang, give me the Mercedes-Benz that the girl on the booking platform drove. This crappy car isn't something a human can learn."

The driver respectfully said, "Yes, Old Master."

Wei Minmin ran upstairs happily, "Gu Mojing, let me tell you some good news. The old man said to buy me a car to learn."

Gu Mojing replied without raising his head, "I'll make you extremely happy."

Wei Minmin excitedly ruffled his hair, "The old man said that he would buy it for me to learn, but he said that I wouldn't be able to do it myself. Hehe, but that broken car really didn't work.

Although she wasn't a material girl, she was still rather happy. The old man truly treated her like a family member right now.

"The old man doesn't know how to drive at all."

"Ah, no. "Hehe, I don't care about that, he's just teasing me, I'm also very happy, I even blame him for always scolding me, I was wrong, in the future I must properly respect him, I want to go down now to stew tonic for him."

Gu Mojing grabbed her hand and said: "You are not allowed to go. If you want to please, you have to please me. He is just your father-in-law, I am your husband."

She sat on his lap and pinched his nose with one hand. "Don't tell me he's jealous too, old vinegar bucket. He's your dad."

"My dad can't do it either. You can only be nice to me and circle around for me."

"Hur hur, I'm also good to you."

Gu Mojing held Wei Minmin's waist, raised his head and kissed her chin: "Wei Minmin, are you ready to be my, Gu Mojing's, real wife?"

Sleeping together every day was also something that he liked, but not being able to touch it was a very cruel thing.

He felt that his endurance was getting worse.

Wei Minmin pressed her face against his, her heart thumping, but this time, she did not object. She nodded slightly. "You old rogue, your thoughts are improper. To think that you are still a superior."

He ran his hand under her clothes and gently rubbed her soft waist. His voice was a little hoarse. "This is because I like you."

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