He pulled her feet away, but she put her foot back on his waist and patted him to make him behave.

Gu Mojing got more and more annoyed. He pulled her foot away, then extended his leg and kicked her under the bed.

Now, Wei Minmin was still the leader of the autumn tigers. There was no blanket in the room, so she fell down with a "peng" sound. When she reacted, she just let out an "Ouch!".

Fart pain, tail bone pain … The pain was a little numb.

No matter how much she fell asleep, she just fell off the bed. She didn't dare to make a sound. She slowly got up with one hand rubbing the other and quietly got onto the bed. She didn't dare to sleep outside again.

After all, young people were addicted to sleep and slept soundly after a while. However, they felt that it was too hot, so they raised their feet wanting to kick Gu Mojing away.

Ye Zichen immediately woke up with a kick. What did she do to Old man? If Old man decided to beat her up in a fit of anger, then it would be a huge loss.

Luckily, Old man was old and slept like a pig.

Quietly, he gave another kick and rolled to the side to sleep.

Marriage was really troublesome. Sharing a bed with others and sharing a bed with a little girl was even more so. That night, Chief Gu really couldn't sleep.

Wei Minmin was going to class early in the morning, so he went to the district gym to check out the unsightly way the quilt was folded. He folded the quilt and placed the pillow on the quilt.

This swing was truly marvelous.

Gu Mojing had never realized how bright it could be under his pillow … Rich.

Purple cards, pink cat cards, light blue flowers, pens, test papers, earplugs... Small game consoles, small books.

He narrowed his eyes and picked up Little Wife's novel, flipping through two pages. This is great, Little Wife's hobbies are really great.

All the military lovers held hands with men, some even kissed, and some even slept on the same bed. Even Little Wife didn't think it was very exciting. She wrote the three words, "Gu Mojing", beside a sissy, and "The Year Under Attack", beside a gloomy and experienced man.

Test Paper... On the other side, it was 21 points. On the other side, it was 12 points.

The number was an eye-piercing red.

His Little Wife was really something. Just like what he said, he must catch up on his academic performance.

Without saying anything further, he picked up Little Wife's beautiful book and threw it into the trash can in the bathroom.

He was a soldier, but he also knew what it meant to be a beauty.

Even if he had closed his eyes to take the examination, would he have been able to get such a score? He definitely had to be caught, otherwise, if others knew about it, he, Gu Mojing, wouldn't have to stand up and be a human anymore.

The most important thing for Little Wife to do was not to obey, but to achieve.

When Wei Minmin came back, she saw Chief Gu sitting on the sofa and said gently: "Chief Gu."

She was actually at home. Furthermore, why did her paper appear on the table? She had actually forgotten to hide it.

Chief Gu gazed at the exam paper with such affection that his eyes were fixated on it for a long time.

Wei Minmin smiled, "Chief Gu, it's just our classmates messing around."

Gu Mojing bent his waist and picked up the paper, "Here, do it?"

She broke out in cold sweat. "Chief?"

"I remember that when I went to your school yesterday, the dean also said that your results were not good. I noticed that you are not a stupid person. Wei Minmin, come and do this exam." This teacher must have given you too little time. I'll give you half an hour. "

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