Wei Minmin raised her eyes and looked at him. There must be something wrong with this second young master of the Gu family. She was just a daughter born to a young wife, but he was interested in her as well.

Gu Mojing slightly raised his resolute eyebrows and said, "I'll leave it to her."

"This is our family's Wei Minmin. She's only 18 years old and is still in high school."

However, he ignored her and stood up. "Goodbye."

Gu Mojing's long years of army training, tall, smooth, the body is perfect robust.

These were not the most important things. She was 18 years old and he was going to marry her, not considering how old he was, she could already call him father at the age of 36.

Wei Minmin was a little miss when she said it well, but when she said it badly, she was just an illegitimate daughter.

The Wei family was a big family and had always been a businessman. Stamping their feet in B city would shock the finance industry. No matter how good an official businessman was, it had to be built on relationships with officials.

It was a matter of hope for the Wei family to be able to make it up to the Gu family.

Wei Minmin went online to find out about Gu Mojing. Baidu was under the imperial court's control, yet she couldn't find out anything. How come she couldn't find him?

"Wei Minmin." Lady Wei pushed the door open.

Wei Minmin quickly stood up. "Mom."

"It's your honor that Gu Mojing chose you to be his wife."

She lowered her head, her small face revealing just the right amount of bashfulness and fear.

Lady Wei gently patted her shoulder while maintaining her white and delicate hand. "Remember when you're married, you're a member of the Wei family. The Wei family has always treated you well."

"Mom, I'm still young. I'm afraid." Her voice was also trembling with fear.

However, Gu Mojing took a fancy to it. Who cares if you're eighteen or sixteen? If he wants it, he has to marry.

"Marry her and be a good wife. There are so many of you sisters, but Second Young Master Gu has only taken a fancy to you. "You've always been timid. When you get to the Gu family, you must remember not to anger anyone in the family."

"Mom, can I not marry you?"

Lady Wei patted her shoulder, "You'll know when you grow up. This is a beautiful thing that many people can't even wish for. If it was that annoying Wei Bing, I would definitely disagree. Ming-er will give you a card, buy whatever you like, and you can't be shabby marrying. After all, you are a member of our Wei family, and if you go out, you will represent the Wei family. "

Upon hearing her words, Wei Minmin knew that there was nothing she could do to change the situation.

In order to grow up smoothly in the Wei family, the first was obedience, the second was obedience, and the third was to see the expression on one's face. She had everything, but Lady Wei still treated her coldly. After all, she was the child of the old man who was born in the wild.

Gu Mojing was a soldier, so getting married was a matter of speed. The next day, he drove to the Gu household and directly gave a piece of paper to her: "Sign your name according to the model."

Then press her and she will be his wife. Don't think she can't read.

Wei Ying said sarcastically, "That's great. If we fly up the branch and become phoenixes, when we see this timid little sister in the future, we'll have to call her Madam Gu."

Wei Minmin lifted her face and showed the fear on her face. "Sister Four."

"Write it!" "Don't make Second Young Master Gu wait too long." Lady Wei said gently.

He gestured for Wei Ying to come out and scolded her in a low voice, "Don't be so blind. Although Second Young Master Gu only wants a pretentious wife, our Wei family wants to climb up to the Gu family in the future."

Wei Ying was infuriated. "Mummy, it's just a bun, who says she's tearful like a pitiful child? I've thought about it for a whole night and I don't know how I'm worse than her. Why did Gu Mojing fall for her?"

"You youngsters truly don't know what it means to advance or retreat. To act and speak with others, you must also take seven steps back. "Second Young Master Gu is famous for being a cold-hearted leader. If you want it, you'll have to suffer. Third Young Master Gu on the other hand, I think you should watch the wedding properly."

Wei Ying said coldly, "Mummy is right, but that bun got away with it. Only 18 years old, what the hell does she know? Maybe she was secretly flirting with Gu Mojing, just like her own mother, a bitch."

"I said you didn't know how to talk, yet you still didn't admit it. Don't be so mean when talking to girls. Men don't like to listen to these words. There are some things that you can say, but some that you put in your heart." Lady Wei shook her head and entered before putting on a smile again. "Mo Jing, we will be family from now on. When you're free, you should bring Wei Minmin home for a visit."

Gu Mojing lightly said, "Let's talk about it when we're free."

Who does he think he is? Wei Minmin harrumphed coldly in her heart. Don't cry from regret when you marry her.

In the end, her name was still written on that piece of paper.

Wei Minmin, an unremarkable illegitimate daughter of the Wei family, became Gu Mojing's wife at the age of thirty-six at the age of eighteen.

The wedding banquet was held in a hotel. The relatives of Wei Minmin, the Fang family, were the Wei family.

The Gu family had been in politics in B city for many years, so the young masters of the Gu family had always been working in the army.

However, none of the Gu family's parents were present.

Mother Gu was angry. She was angry that Gu Mojing had chosen a daughter born from a concubine. Clearly, the Wei family had several outstanding daughters.

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