Wei Minmin was dressed in a red qipao and had a regular hairstyle that made her look a few years older. As a bridesmaid, Wei Ying was dressed in a short, pink dress that revealed her shoulders, making her look very cute.

Ye Zichen dressed her up like an old man, then took a look at Gu Mojing's taste, causing him to lose his appetite. She was dressed in a qipao, red as red as red. She was old as old, and her long skirt did not open even a small undergarment.

Even if Wei Minmin was dissatisfied, she wouldn't be stupid enough to tell the truth.

Wei Ying was as busy as a butterfly. How many young talents of the government's army had come to this marriage?

On the other hand, Wei Minmin, this new bride, looked at herself leisurely in the mirror and wanted to squeeze out pimples.

The first day she picked out a bride, the next day she signed her name and wrote a note asking her to go and try on a dress. Good boy, she'd set the wine on the third day.

Gu Mojing was a bachelor for his entire life, was there a need to run for his life to get married? Thanks to the Gu family's prestige in B City.

While the phone was hooting in her bag, Wei Minmin took it out and asked, "What are you doing?"

"Wei Minmin, what leave do you have? Why did you ask for leave? Quick, our online team has been kicked around."

Wei Minmin raised her foot and said, "Grandaunt is not free today, who would come to challenge the school?"

"His name is An Xinfei."

"Pfft, flight at ease. Fine, let her slowly fly."

"No, boss, what leave is there for you to ask for? Prince Sun Ninghao is here to watch the match."

Wei Minmin jumped up. "Ah, ah, ah, he's here. Hurry up and write me a love letter. It's going to be hot, and it's going to be boiling. "I don't care if you copy my poor grandmother's work or the lyrics, just write down my name."

"Sure, boss."

This marriage was really not a good time. Her prince charming was actually going to watch the battle.

He looked into the mirror and was shocked.

The man in the mirror had a picturesque appearance, looking at Wei Minmin like that. He was not just looking at Wei Minmin because of her beauty, but he was unable to digest the bride in front of him, the bride that his second brother had picked.

He had flowers pinned to his chest, and the word 'best man' was written on it. Wei Minmin's eyes were sharp and she lowered her head as soon as she saw him. Her face was flushed like a bride who couldn't even stand up straight.

He lowered his head and looked at the watch in his hand: "It's 10: 19 and there's still one minute to explain it to you. The host will introduce you for five minutes and you and I will interact for five minutes, which is exactly 10: 30. There were a total of sixty tables, and each table only allowed toasts for thirty seconds. It was exactly eleven o'clock, so we had to eat for an hour to twelve. We had to return to the bridal chamber before one o'clock. "Alright, take this piece of paper. This is my preference."

A piece of white paper with some words written on it was stuffed into the guard's hand. Gu Mojing looked at his watch and said, "10.20, go down."

Wei Minmin thought, "Why don't we change the wedding? Is this how someone gets married?"

The time was always set by Commander Gu. He couldn't afford to time it out or delay it. However, there was a problem and the microphone temporarily went silent.

Gu Mojing pulled a long face as he looked at the work of these people with great displeasure. He looked at the time frequently and said decisively to Gu Huaiqing, "In a while, shorten the time for toast by five seconds."

"Hey, hey." "Clap clap." A loud sound was heard.

The wedding company's staff invited the God, "Chief Gu, the microphone is done. We promise that we won't have this kind of situation ever again. Chief Gu, please quickly."

In the future? Wei Minmin snickered again. It seemed that Chief Gu would continue to get married for a long time.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the best man peeking at her again.

"Today is a good day. It is a beautiful day. On such a beautiful day, we have finally welcomed a couple of newbies. Welcome our Chief Gu and Madam Gu to the arena."

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