Without holding Wei Minmin's hand, he walked into the arena. With vigorous steps, Wei Minmin quickly followed him.

He was indeed quite tall. She was 1.63 meters tall and wore a pair of high heels that were 10 centimeters high, yet only reached his shoulders. He put on his suit and looked as straight as his military uniform. His expression was calm and indifferent … He looked down at the guests below.

Chief Gu's marriage was as if — — a review.

"Let's ask the bride. Beautiful bride, how are you feeling right now?"

How was his mood? He was very unhappy. Could he say it directly?

Wei Minmin looked at Gu Mojing bashfully, Gu Mojing said two words lightly: "Speed." Don't waste time.

Wei Minmin nearly vomited blood. She swallowed and said softly, "I'm happy."

"Hehe, of course it's something happy. Our bride is really shy. Alright, let's ask her something. "My dear bride, what is the most romantic thing that Chief Gu has ever done for her?"

Eh, the slip of paper in her hand. Is there such a thing?

It was written like a dragon and snake dancing in the air. She narrowed her eyes as she looked at it.

Then he said softly, "No."

Oh, there was silence.

Gu Mojing glanced at Little Wife and the host, who were looking for answers on the paper. "Next."

"No, no, no. Chief Gu is getting married. We want to hear the romance between Chief Gu and the bride." The people below roared.

"Chief, how did you meet the bride?"

"Chief, when was your first kiss?"

Gu Mojing looked around and said with a strong aura, "I will only answer one of your questions. I met her on a blind date. "Alright, that's it. Wei Minmin and I are very happy to have you two here today to welcome us. Thank you very much." With his head held high and chest puffed out, he saluted.

Heavens, this old fogey even gave a military salute.

Wei Minmin wanted to snicker again, and for the first time, he mentioned her name to him.

Kissing, kissing, dating. Why didn't he say that he was going to pick a concubine?

The mockery in his eyes caught the attention of Gu Huaiqing. He went up and smiled warmly: "Second Brother, Second Second Sister-in-Law, let's go toast. Hello Second Sister-in-Law, I'm Gu Huaiqing, Ranking Number Three." This Second Sister-in-Law was too interesting.

Wei Minmin shyly looked at Gu Mojing and nodded. Then, she said in a low voice, "Hello."

Chief Gu expressed that he was very satisfied with Little Wife's reaction. He waved his hand and said, "Let's toast. A table of twenty-five seconds. Remember."

What he wanted was a wife like that, like a vase, transparent.

But this eighteen-year-old bride, oh, she was as cunning as a fox.

Chief Gu was very dissatisfied. The wedding was a little longer than the scheduled time. His face was as calm as a thousand year old ice.

But at the wedding, who cares if you are Gu Mojing or not.

After leaving the hotel, everyone's footsteps became more graceful as they answered a phone call. Their expressions became more and more unsightly as they walked in front of Gu Huaiqing: "Go home."

"Second brother, do we not need to train?" Gu Huaiqing asked with concern.

His face was full of anger, but Gu Huaiqing didn't say anything else. He looked at Wei Minmin and sighed.

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