"Go pour some tea." Gu Mojing instructed Wei Minmin to do something and followed Madam Gu inside.

After closing the door, Madam Gu couldn't hold back her temper anymore. She looked at Gu Mojing who had a calm expression: "Are you trying to anger me to death?"

"Mom, you're thinking too much."

"I think too much. How do we explain this to you? I want you to go to the Wei family and see more of their outstanding girls, especially Wei Ying, who is a top student who graduated from Cambridge, England. She has to have looks, talent and talent."

His mother had good eyes. He nodded, as if he was proud. "I want to marry such a wife, and I will be absolutely obedient to me. Big Brother, sister-in-law's old ways are our warning lines. "

Madam Gu got angrier and angrier. "You, the more you're in the army, the more stupid you are. How can there be so many similar people in the world. What's wrong with Wei Ying? You can't be obedient anymore."

"Once you're out in the hall and inside the kitchen, you might not even be able to get into bed." Chief Gu said in a profound manner. Madam Gu realized that she didn't know what to say.

"Mom, where's the person? I brought them for you to see. Where's your wife? She's the only one."

"Hai." Madam Gu let out a long sigh. "Her name is Wei Minmin. You won't forget that person, right?"

"Mom, you went too far." He corrected her expressionlessly, "It's too far."

"You've already been dead for so long, don't even think about it."

He turned around and walked away. Since his question had reached this point, it proved that there was nothing more meaningful to ask.

Madam Gu looked at his straight back and sighed.

The son wouldn't go along with her and wouldn't coax her. On the same day, he came back and said that he wanted to marry the young daughter of the Wei family, but she didn't agree to participate in his marriage. He didn't even coax her.

When he went out, he saw that the Mo family's wife was standing behind Mo Wen with her hands hanging, like a servant, like nothing more than a wife.

After all, they were married, they had received their certificate, and they had even arranged for the wine to be served.

With a smile, he beckoned to her. "Wei Minmin, come here."

"Mom." She lowered her head, her face tense with fear.

"How old is Wei Minmin?" He felt a bit embarrassed to ask, but he knew nothing about his daughter-in-law.


Her son, how could he be so ruthless? He was only eighteen years old, and yet he dared to marry her back.

He took in a deep breath and glared at Gu Mojing with resentment. Then, he held Wei Minmin's hand and said, "Don't be afraid. From now on, we are family."

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