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C1 Prologue

My heart dropped upon seeing what I had to see right now. I even gulped as my heart started racing rapidly as I kept on checking the files.

Who on earth is he?

How could he have these files?

As I checked the last file, my jaw dropped as my face had gone color for what I was seeing right now. I even dropped it in no time. I stood up, wide-eyed as I leaned on the shelf.

I couldn’t believe it...

Why did I work for him?

Why did I trust him?

My eyes roamed around the room. It even made my knees weakened upon seeing what is glued in the rooms. It was horrifying and unbelievable! My heart flipped seeing those photos plastered on the wall.

Why does he have so many photos of me?

Why are they in portraits?

Why does he have so many files which are all about me?

My eyes widened as I gasped loudly seeing my younger self on my high school days. “Shit...” I mumbled under my breath, couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

He even had candid photos of me even on my college days! What the heck! I even had goosebumps right now!

Did he know me all along? Have I met him before? Based on the pictures, he could have known me a long time ago. But how? When? Where?

Is he some kind of stalker right now? Is he my stalker a long time ago?

Is he?

I have so many questions that need to be answered right now. I don’t know where to find it or would I even dare to ask it? I felt like the moment I kept on staying here the more I would have to find more of his secrets...

This kind of fuck up. I must find a way to get away from this place or else, there is something that would make flipping my world. This reality that I am seeing is somewhat a nightmare for me. I tried to pinch myself that maybe, just maybe, Sir Sebastian's room was just a nightmare and I must be dreaming about it.

"W-What should I do right now?" I whispered and even tried to approach those portraits. My horrified face was mirroring the portrait glasses right now as I gulped.

This couldn't be happening to me. I could have wished that I was just dreaming and this is some sort of nightmare!

I turned around to leave immediately but I gasped seeing a manly tall figure lurking in the dark. He showed himself as I stepped back. The moonlight had given him a faint light and that I realized I fucked up.

“S-Sir Sebastian... I-” I didn’t know what to say. My tongue got stitched as I was looking at his cold and stoic expression. I knew I shouldn’t get intimidated by his dark aura right now because I used to fight him back. But right now is different. I couldn’t even move my legs. His cold stare made me froze on my ground.

“So, you have seen them,” he stated, not asked. Like he already concluded that I already saw everything.

Trembling, I stepped back and shook my head. “I-I did not see a-anything...” Shit... How am I going to leave this place? No one was going to save me.

His sinful lips formed a smirk, moving forward. “You are not going away in this place, Cejay. Now that you have known my secret. You really think I would just send you off so easily?”

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