Mr. Mo, Wait And See

Modern Romance
54 Chapters
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Latest Release: C54
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After returning home, Shi Yao ate a little before lying down. Ever since he came back from the Mo Clan, his days seemed to be in complete darkness. It was as though he was casually eating every meal. It was as though his days were spent in an exquisite manner. When he thought of those faces, he felt like he couldn't help but have a headache. Compared to them, Mo Jintu and Shen Congran was only a


Mo Jinlu was a well-known name in River City. He had great influence over the official merchant Hei San. Everyone said that when he stomped his feet, the entire River City would tremble. Rumor has it that he is ruthless, bloodthirsty, insidious, and extraordinarily handsome, with an elegant demeanor. But he was going to sue such a person! Ye Zichen suddenly felt like he didn't want to live anymore as he faced the man in front of him, who had brought dozens of bodyguards to ask her to take responsibility … She actually said it was her first time. Wasn't this her first time? He gritted his teeth. "What a f * cking dog!" Mo Jinlu narrowed his extremely beautiful phoenix eyes and asked calmly, "What did you say?" The bodyguards around him silently wiped away their sweat …


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