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Mr. Ou, Take Medicine/C1 Take off Your Wedding Dress
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C1 Take off Your Wedding Dress

Take off the wedding dress.

"News from our reporter today: For some reason, Ou Mo was knocked unconscious and abandoned on the roadside during the wedding of the second young master of Ou's Group, Ou Mo. He had been sent to the hospital to check on his injuries. Miss Kuan, who was engaged to the second young master, and the wedding car were nowhere to be found. "

"According to the police, Ou Mo might have been kidnapped and blackmailed. At the moment, there is no news from the hospital that has leaked out. "

In the dark room with only the light from the television, Kuan Ying sat on the cold floor and curled up her body. She was listening to the reporter's report with delicate makeup and there was no expression on her face.

Her entire body and the tears at the corners of her eyes were swallowed by the darkness.

She had been kidnapped by that man to this place, and it had already been three hours.

The echo of leather shoes rubbing against the floor came from outside the room, as if death had arrived.

Kuan Ying slowly opened her eyes, and a mocking smile appeared on her dry lips.

Along with the sound of the door opening, a dazzling light shone in!

She saw a tall man.

Kuan Ying was even sadder when she saw him walk in with his shiny black leather shoes.

"You still can't bear to take off your wedding dress? Or did you not think that I would come back?"

The man's voice in the silent room was very calm. Under normal circumstances, although his voice was cold, it did not lose warmth.

Kuan Ying smiled and said, "I really did not think that you would come back!"

What was he doing back home?

Would he take revenge on her?

The room returned to darkness, falling into a deathly silence.

"Do you want you to personally change your clothes, or do you want me to help you change your clothes?"

He would always let her make a choice.

"Where are you taking me after I change my clothes?"

Can they leave?

The police in the whole city were looking for them. Ou Yee, what can you change even if you come back?

Do you think we can leave?

Didn't you hear the news?

"You don't need to care about these things!"

In the darkness, his back looked somewhat bleak, but his determination made Kuan Ying have no choice but to obey him.

His expression and his tone were extremely calm. It was as if what he was doing now did not need her to worry at all.

Kuan Ying raised her head and stared blankly at him who was also in the darkness.

He made her feel very unfamiliar!

She smiled, "Ou Yee, let me go back!"

Her voice did not sound like she was begging. Instead, she was reminding Ou Yee to find his reason and to recognize his identity.

His back was still facing the light. His mighty figure and the aura of a king were shrouded in a layer of haze!

He laughed disdainfully!

"You want me to let you go back? Do you want to return to Ou Mo's side, or do you want to tell me that you really fell in love with Ou Mo?"

He was very angry, which made the atmosphere very tense.

He suddenly turned around. Under the light from the television screen, she saw his angry and handsome face!

Kuan Ying did not dare to look at his pair of black eyes that were filled with pain, but she had no choice but to raise her head to look at him.

"I can't think of any reason why I don't love Ou Mo!"

Ou Yi roared angrily. "What about me?"

He strode towards Kuan Ying. His originally charming black eyes were now completely bloodshot.

Kuan Ying knew that he was in pain. He was very angry!

"But what right do you have to question me, Ou Yee!"

Kuan Ying felt that he was the most unworthy person to talk about love!

If Ou Mo asked her, she would answer truthfully. But the person who asked her the question was Ou Yee!

Kuan Ying took a deep breath. Her face was still calm. She looked at him, who seemed to have been hurt.

She took a deep breath and tried to let him regain his reason.

"Ou Yee, Ou Mo is still in the hospital!"

He could not do this because doing this would do no good to anyone!

A bloodthirsty grin appeared on his face.

The next second, Kuan Ying's neck was caught by his big hand. He warned Kuan Ying not to force him!

"Are you afraid that he will die?"

Was she so concerned and in love with Ou Mo?

But her answer made him very sad.

"Ou Yee, he is your uncle!"

You can't do this!

"But you are my woman!"

She was the only woman he acknowledged in his heart!

Both of them were like leopards who were mentally and physically exhausted, roaring in the dark!

Kuan Ying closed her eyes in despair. Her smile was filled with sorrow.

"Ou Yee, am I your woman?"

How did she not know that she had become Ou Yee's woman?

Wasn't Ou Yee her brother-in-law?

Everyone in the S City's business world knew about this!

He was the CEO of Yi Culture and had outstanding leadership. In the eyes of the public, he attracted a lot of women.

Kuan Ying took a deep breath again. She did not continue to discuss this with Ou Yee. She only asked, "Are you going to let me go or not?"

This was the last chance she gave him. When she announced that she was going to marry Ou Mo, it was already over between them!

His eyes were filled with anger, and his voice became firm and cold!

"I won't let you go!"

"Ou Yee!"

"Kuan Ying, ever since I brought you out of the wedding carriage, I never thought of letting you return to Ou Mo's side. You can only be my woman! "


He was like an agitated lion roaring angrily!

He knew that Kuan Ying definitely had a reason to return, but he did not care!

From the day she announced that she was going to marry Ou Mo, his entire world was filled with darkness!

He didn't want everything in the Ou's and the Kuan family!

He only wanted her!

Even if he was criticized and insulted, he would risk his life to come back and he wouldn't regret it.

"Ou Yee, let go of me, you are crazy!"

He was crazy. He was furious when he saw her with Ou Mo.

He didn't believe that she had fallen in love with Ou Mo!

Since she had asked about this, he wanted to let her know that from the moment he had sex with her, she had always been his woman!

"Ou Yee!"

Ou Yee had already lost his mind. This was not the Ou Yee that she knew and fell in love with.

His large hands were like the claws of a roaring lion, tearing apart the wedding dress Ou Mo had chosen for her bit by bit!

She was the prey in his hands, unable to resist at all!

Kuan Ying knew what Ou Yee wanted to do, but he could not do that!

His angry kiss was as tyrannical and cruel as usual!

The roaring lion could only calm down after it tore apart its prey!

He tore apart her wedding dress and the only clothing that covered her body.

"Kuan Ying, ask yourself if you are my woman or not!"

He would not let her leave him!

He did not have any interactions with her to begin with. She was the one who provoked him.

Kuan Ying's entire body was being abused and suffering this kind of intense pain. Even though she had already forgotten that pain, when she thought of that matter, her entire body was still twitching from the pain!

The tears in the corners of her eyes were filled with despair!

Kuan Ying looked at the man on her body and only said one sentence, "Ou Yee, do you want the ovaries on my other side to be cut off too?"

"Do you want me to be unable to be a mother for the rest of my life?"

She had already experienced such an experience. If he wanted this to happen again, she could only accept it.

She kept crying in despair.

She once again thought of that painful thing.

His movements instantly stopped, and the atmosphere fell into silence.

Her words made her feel pain, and also made Ou Yee feel pain!

They all thought of that child and that operation.

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