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C10 Let Her Go on a Blind Date

Let her go on a blind date.

Ou Yee did not know. He tried his best not to think about the unexpected scene just now, but he could not control himself.

In Ou Yee's mind, he recalled what happened to Kuan Ying in her room yesterday!

Kuan Ying looked very thin and tall, but he knew that her figure was very good.

At least his hands had personally tested her figure yesterday.

Her lips were very soft and fragrant.

As Ou Yee thought about it, he felt a change. His black eyes instantly darkened!

The phone on the desk rang again.

Ou Yee frowned and pressed the number one button.

"President, there's a girl called Kuan Lulu downstairs. She said she has an appointment with you!"

The receptionist was puzzled. A person with the surname Guan had just left. Why was there another person with the surname Guan?

The receptionist thought that this woman was no different from those women who fawned over the CEO!

Kuan Lulu was very arrogant. This was her first time coming to Ou Yee's company. It did not matter if these people did not know about her, but from today onwards, she had to let everyone in the company know that she was the future Young Madam!

But she didn't expect that the receptionist would call the president. The receptionist's expression became disdainful.

"Sorry, the president said he doesn't know you!"

Kuan Lulu was shocked. "What?"

The receptionist's tone became even worse.

"Miss, if you did not hear what I said clearly, I will repeat it again. I have to see a lot of women fawning over the president every day. They are wearing clothes that are much more advanced than yours. If you want to pursue our president, you should know your own limitations!"

Kuan Lulu was furious. "You dare to speak to me like this? Do you know who I am?"

She was the future young mistress of Ou's, but she didn't dare to say those words now!

She could only grit her teeth!

"I'll make you apologize to me immediately!"

This receptionist probably didn't call Ou Yee. She would have called him by herself!

Kuan Lulu took out her phone and dialed the number with her head held high. It showed that her identity was very noble!

The call connected and Kuan Lulu's voice was very gentle. "Yee, are you in the company?"

"Who gave you the right to come to the company to find me?"

Kuan Lulu's heart was about to be scared out of her chest.

She felt guilty, but she still said sweet words.

"Yee. "

"Go back. Don't forget your identity!"

The phone call ended. The receptionist saw her face turn gray and laughed at her. "The CEO said that he doesn't know you. You just called Yee that name. You are not lying, are you?"

Kuan Lulu was so angry that she instantly turned around and left!

One day, she would let Yee let her come to the company, not to do a task!

"Mom, what exactly is Kuan Ying's meaning today? I promised Yee that I would go to the company to deliver lunch to him, but in the end, Kuan Ying actually appeared in Yee's company. I asked her and she even accused me. "

" Kuan Ying really wants a man. Why didn't she seduce other men?"

But she spent a lot of effort on Ou Yee. She hadn't achieved her goal yet, but Kuan Ying had actually snatched away her success!

Kuan Ying had always been like this.

"Lulu, don't cry. I know that Kuan Ying is this kind of person. "

When Kuan Ying was mentioned, Ruan Hui also had a headache. Actually, she had come to Kuan family a long time ago. But Kuan Ying's mother taught Kuan Ying very well. Even if Kuan Ying's mother died, Kuan Ying was still very annoying.

Kuan Lulu finally became more precious in Kuan family. Kuan Ying actually seduced Kuan Lulu's man!

Why was Kuan Ying so shameless? It must have been her mother's resentment that taught her. She had been a vixen since she was young!

"Mom, I know you've been suffering all these years, but you know my dad. He still feels guilty towards Kuan Ying's mother. Mom, you can't let dad do this. The Kuan family's achievements are all thanks to you!"

Kuan Ying was blamed for everything that happened today.

They were creating a conspiracy again.

"I know. Do you think I am a fool? Since she is so lewd, Lulu, I have a good idea!"

Kuan Lulu approached her mother. When she heard her mother's idea, her eyes were shining brightly.

Kuan Ying changed her clothes and was about to get off work when she suddenly sneezed. Her nose itched. She did not know who was cursing her behind her back!

She suddenly thought that the first person should be Ou Yee, but that was simply impossible!

If someone were to scold her behind her back. . . That person should be Kuan Lulu. Maybe she was plotting something again.

Kuan Ying changed her clothes and directly rode her bicycle home.

She saw her father's car parked outside the door as soon as she arrived.

After her father started his business, he rarely went home this early.

She pushed the car in and heard the commotion in the courtyard. Kuan Lulu was the first to run out.

"Sister, it's been hard on you to work!"

In front of her father, Kuan Lulu was always gentle. But Kuan Ying saw her smile and knew that things were not good.

They had been sisters for more than 20 years. Every time Kuan Lulu had a plan, she would smile.

Do you know how stupid this is?

Kuan Ying did not answer, but it made Kuan Tian unhappy. "What is your attitude? Lulu has been studying abroad and she took the initiative to ask you for help. Kuan Ying, you don't look like a big sister!"

Kuan Ying did not speak, and Kuan Tian also knew that it was useless to say this.

He didn't want to talk too much nonsense. He felt that in front of this daughter, he didn't have a father's position at all.

"You're not young anymore. You have to change your character. When you get married in the future, it will be different. You brought the dignity of the Kuan family to get married! "

When Kuan Ying heard these words, she seemed to be implying something. Kuan Tian's face turned red. This kind of thing should be a mother's concern.

However, Kuan Ying's mother died early. Kuan Ying did not get along with the wife he married. He could only solve this problem by himself.

"Dad, my sister's temperament is very good. Her in-laws must like her very much!"

Ruan Hui said from the side, "Yes, husband. Kuan Ying was especially outstanding at work. She just doesn't like me and my daughter. If she went to her mother-in-law's house, she might look different!"

Kuan Tian felt that it made sense. Kuan Ying was very obedient when she was young and had a very good relationship with him. But ever since Kuan Ying's mother knew about the matter between him and Ruan Hui, Kuan Ying changed.

"Ying, your stepmother and I were just planning to introduce a man to you. Tonight Lulu will bring you to the party to meet that person. If you are satisfied, then you can fall in love with that person!"

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