Mr. Ou, Take Medicine/C11 Help Her Choose a Boyfriend!
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Mr. Ou, Take Medicine/C11 Help Her Choose a Boyfriend!
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C11 Help Her Choose a Boyfriend!

Help her choose a boyfriend!

Kuan Ying finally understood what he meant. She couldn't wait to chase her out of the house!

When her mother committed suicide, his father had suggested that if he could not bear to see her, he would find someone to take care of her and she would live in another villa. He did not expect that after so many years, Ruan Hui and her mother could not wait for her to not be in Kuan family!

"Alright, since all of you are so concerned about my marriage. . . Okay, then I will go and meet you tonight!"

This was the first time Kuan Tian heard his daughter agree to his request, while Kuan Lulu and Ruan Hui were dumbfounded!

Since Kuan Ying agreed?

She really missed men!

"Hubby, look. Kuan Ying is actually a girl who is very good at making plans for herself. She probably saw Lulu's boyfriend yesterday and felt that Lulu was very happy. She also wants to find a boyfriend!"

Kuan Tian laughed and said, Why did my daughter lose her composure yesterday? It turns out that she needs a boyfriend.

Kuan Ying looked at Ruan Hui's smug face and suddenly looked up, "That's right, Auntie. You are right. Younger sister's eyesight is really too good. The person she introduced to me tonight must be very good, but. . . "

Kuan Ying paused for a moment and pretended to be shy.

Seeing her like this, Ruan Hui and Kuan Lulu only felt that Kuan Ying agreeing was indeed a trap.

"But what?"

"It's nothing much. It's just that you all know that I have always dealt with patients. When I see patients in a dark and sick state, It's not like I don't understand healthy men. My sister has such good taste. But if my sister brings a boyfriend and chooses with me, then I'm even more relieved! "

Kuan Lulu was surprised. "You want Yee to help you choose a boyfriend?"

Kuan Ying, what are you thinking?

Kuan Ying smiled lightly. "Yes, sister. You don't know that men are not women, but men!"

So, please!

Kuan Lulu's eyes widened. Kuan Tian felt that what Kuan Ying said was very reasonable.

She had always been his daughter. Even if Kuan Ying did not like him remarrying, she still had to have a proper family background. If the wrong person was chosen, it would be shameful if it was spread out.

"Lulu, you should call Director Ou and say that you will help elder sister look at the blind date tonight. "

Kuan Tian said that there was still something else. This matter was settled and he went to deal with it.

Kuan Lulu gritted her teeth!

Was her father senile and muddle-headed?

Why did he ask her to call Ou Yee to attend the welcoming party?

Ou Yee was able to meet his parents yesterday. That was because. . .


Kuan Lulu clenched her teeth tightly. She had to think of a way to let Ou Yee participate in this meeting. She could not let Ou Yee know.

But she seemed to have no other way besides that method.

The sun was setting in the west and the horizon was dyed red.

In front of the big floor-to-ceiling window, Ou Yee was still handling the matters in his hands. Even though there was a traffic flow outside, it did not affect his office at all.

He was currently having a discussion with a foreign partner in the video.

The fluent French still showed the steadiness of a man.

The phone on the table vibrated. Ou Yee's eyes were still cold. The meeting ended.

His dark eyes were so dark that there was not a trace of light in them.

He picked it up and answered. "What's the matter?"

The man's voice was extremely cold. It was that he was unhappy with Kuan Lulu. Today was the second time he called his cell phone.

Kuan Lulu's heart was perturbed when she heard Ou Yee's cold voice and did not dare to touch it, so she stuttered: "Yee, are you off work? My. . . "

"What's the matter?"

Kuan Lulu kept stomping her feet in the room. She kept taking deep breaths, thinking about how to say it, but after a long silence, she did not know how to say it.

She just thought that Ou Yee once again cut off the phone. Kuan Lulu had a feeling that she was ready to throw caution to the wind.

"It's like this, Yee, don't hang up the phone first. It's my elder sister, Kuan Ying, do you know?"

The finger that was about to press the break button stopped in midair just like that.

Kuan Ying?

What happened to her?

"Yee, it's like this. My sister is very sorry about what she did to you yesterday. Plus, I have returned to the country. Sister invited the two of us to the gala she prepared to welcome me!"

"Actually, I also told my sister. There is no need to go through so much trouble, but my sister said that I have returned with my boyfriend. She is more timid and wants to let the two of us take a look first. "

Kuan Lulu was worried about her emergency. She nodded her head in approval. If she made a request from her family, Ou Yee would not be able to refuse.

"Yee, if you are busy. . . "

"Send the address to my phone!"

Kuan Lulu was stunned. Ou Yee agreed?

"Okay, okay, okay. I will send the address to you immediately!"

But Kuan Lulu was not happy at all.

She was nervous. She really did not expect Ou Yee to agree.

Although the lie she fabricated was very perfect, she had a feeling that Ou Yee came to attend this gala with Kuan Ying.

"Sister, I'm ready. When are we leaving? Do you want to go with your boyfriend or should I go first?"

Kuan Lulu thought of this idea. How could Kuan Ying not go?

She wanted to see what tricks she was playing and what kind of person she introduced!

"Let's go over first. Your brother-in-law said that he will drive over and meet us there!"

Kuan Lulu bit the two syllables of her brother-in-law tightly to remind Kuan Ying that Ou Yee was her boyfriend!

Kuan Ying sneered, "Then I will wait for you downstairs. Don't be late. I don't want to give others such a bad first impression!"

Kuan Ying carried her bag and waited downstairs for Kuan Lulu. Kuan Lulu changed her clothes and walked down.

Seeing Kuan Ying wearing an extremely sexy red dress, the uneasiness in her heart immediately disappeared.

"Elder sister, don't worry about tonight. I will introduce this man to you. He will be reliable!"

Kuan Ying smiled as she got into the passenger seat and did not look at Kuan Lulu at all.

A malicious look flashed across Kuan Lulu's eyes. She wanted to see how she would deal with her tonight!

Nighttime, the place where the upper class of S City frequented!

Not only was the environment here good, but it was also very safe.

Many young masters of prestigious families were gathered here.

Kuan Lulu was dissatisfied in her heart that although she was clearly her biological daughter, she told others that she was passed on. When she was unhappy, she came here to drink and dance. After a while, she naturally got to know some people.

After leaving the country for so long, when she came back this time, she called her old friends. All her old friends had come.

The night hall was a mystery of drunken paper. Handsome men and beautiful women were all venting their anger crazily.

"Lulu, long time no see. You finally came back. How about it? Today, you have to drink to your heart's content with us!"

A hot girl with a bold and unrestrained character hugged Kuan Lulu's waist the moment she arrived and even whispered in her ear. "You have not been here for a few years, but there are many top quality men here!"

Even though she was speaking softly, Kuan Ying heard it all.

She quietly ordered a drink and was as quiet as a fresh little person who came to this venue for the first time.

"Nana, don't mess around. I have a boyfriend!"

Nana was shocked. She widened her eyes and used a kind of genuine look. You would also look at her from a good angle!

Welcome to the team! Let us pray for a sincere love in this tiny reality ~ ~

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