Mr. Ou, Take Medicine/C12 He Really Did Have a Boyfriend!
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Mr. Ou, Take Medicine/C12 He Really Did Have a Boyfriend!
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C12 He Really Did Have a Boyfriend!

I do have a boyfriend!

Kuan Lulu was very unhappy. "Don't talk nonsense. I am here today to bring my sister for a blind date!"

Nana heard it and laughed loudly, "Did I hear it wrong? Someone came to this place for a blind date?"

But her laughter instantly stopped.

She followed the direction Kuan Lulu pointed and saw a woman who did not fit in the venue and had a calm aura!

This was Kuan Lulu's elder sister?

The physician, Kuan Ying?

This difference was too great. Even if the girl was dressed very fashionable, her aura always made people feel that she was different from the others!

"You, let me tell you, I'm going out to pick up my boyfriend. Help me look after my sister here. When Gu Ming comes, you let them know first!"

Kuan Lulu gave Nana a look. Kuan Ying was not interested in guessing the conversation between the two. To be honest, this was her first time coming to this venue. She did not expect the atmosphere to be very good.

Rock and roll music really had a kind of bewitchment that could make people temporarily forget their worries, but Kuan Ying did not have anything to worry about.

Listening to the explosive music, her body instinctively started moving.

Nana looked at Kuan Ying as if she was looking at a pure child. Following the music, she started to move. She was really a little rabbit.

"That, Big Sister, I am Lulu's friend. Since she calls you Big Sister, I will also call you Big Sister!"

Kuan Ying drank her drink and laughed, "No need. You can call me Kuan Ying!"

Nana was stunned. Why did she always feel that Kuan Lulu's elder sister and Kuan Lulu were two completely different people?

Nana forced a smile. "Then you sit here for a while. I want to see if the other sisters are here!"


Kuan Ying agreed readily, as if she was an innocent primary school student who was about to be sold!

Nana's shoulders trembled and suddenly felt a little worried. This Lulu's older sister was too innocent!

How would she know that just as she turned around, Kuan Ying who was drinking a drink had a cold smile on the corner of her mouth and revealed a trace of strange slyness!

Kuan Lulu bringing her to this place and saying that she would introduce a boyfriend to her, this was clearly making her embarrassed.

She found an excuse to pick up Ou Yee. Perhaps when she and Ou Yee stepped into the hall, Kuan Lulu arranged a good show and went on stage.

She did not need to do anything. As long as she sat there quietly, there would naturally be people looking for her!

She was like a young girl who had yet to enter the world, pretending to be innocent and cute as she looked at red men and green women.

She was completely unaware that a pair of black eyes was sizing her up from a seat behind her.

Ou Yee had actually arrived at the venue a long time ago. He did not call Kuan Lulu. Because there was no need to explain!

When he arrived at the venue, he suddenly realized that he seemed to be a little baffled!

Kuan Lulu's elder sister helping her pick up Feng Chen had nothing to do with him, but Kuan Lulu insisted that Kuan Ying had a boyfriend!

A ghost actually wanted to know what this woman called Luo Xuan's boyfriend looked like!

But he sat there and looked at her for a while and found that she was like a cat catching mice. He looked over there!

His eyes also revealed the innocence of a little girl who had yet to enter the world!

For some reason, Ou Yee wanted to laugh!

Where was her boyfriend?

The venue was very noisy. Ou Yee's phone kept ringing in his pocket. He did not need to look to know that it was Kuan Lulu calling.

This woman was really asking for an inch!

If it was not for. . .

Ou Yee wouldn't have gone to the Kuan family, but. . . This was the only exception, there wouldn't be any exceptions!

Kuan Ying looked around. She pretended to be a little mouse and very quickly attracted many men.

A sneer crossed Kuan Ying's lips. A man with tattoos on his arm walked over with an evil smile on his face.

He took a bottle of wine and approached Kuan Ying.

"Beauty, can I sit here?"

Hehe. . .

"No, my sister brought me here for a blind date. Are you my blind date partner?"

She seemed to have heard Kuan Lulu say to Nana that the man's name was Gu Ming. With Kuan Lulu's taste, it was definitely not this person!

"Then I am your blind date partner. Hello, beautiful, my name is Wang Sheng!"

The man stretched out his hand and sized up her figure.

Kuan Ying was holding the drink cup again. She could not see if there were any ingredients in front of her!

"Sorry, my blind date's name is Gu Ming, not Wang Sheng!"

The man was stunned. He felt that he had brought a dog!

"It's just a name. It doesn't matter what it is called. If you like to call me Gu Ming, you can also call me Gu Ming!"

Kuan Ying's eyes were somewhat cold, but she still shook her head with an innocent face.

This man felt that the girl in front of him was really too hard to understand. He reached out his salty pig hand, but before he could touch Kuan Ying's hand, he was grabbed by a big hand!

"Sir, I'm sorry. This female partner is my blind date!"

A man appeared in front of him. He was quite handsome, but his peach blossom eyes were charming.

Nana followed beside her.

When Kuan Ying saw him, she indeed noticed that the man sitting in the corner was introduced by Kuan Lulu!

In order to not let her go back and have any evidence to be scolded by her father, Kuan Lulu also went all out.

Wang Sheng's big eyes were angry and he was unhappy, "Choose this place for the blind date, there is something wrong with it!"

Gu Ming replied. "No problem. If you are sick, who would choose this place for the blind date?"

Wang Sheng was blocked. He could not reply. He wanted to compete in strength with this man, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not beat him!

Kuan Ying quietly watched this scene and Nana quickly introduced, "Kuan Ying, he is Gu Ming. "

Kuan Ying knew that when she looked at Gu Ming, the man threw flirtatious glances at her.

"Sorry, I am late. Ying did not receive the scare, right?"


Kuan Ying endured the discomfort in her stomach. It was really direct. Did Kuan Lulu give the instructions?

"It's fine. I just came back. Take a seat!"

Kuan Ying patted the seat beside her with a gentle and lovable face.

Gu Ming did not understand. When Kuan Lulu called him, she said she needed his help. If the matter was settled, he might still be able to sleep with a virgin!

Kuan Lulu said that her elder sister was still an old virgin. She said that she was in the hospital every day and did not have time to have a boyfriend!

He had so many girlfriends, why not play with the doctor?

She even said that her older sister was very attractive and very proactive!

It seemed that she was really proactive today!

Gu Ming immediately let go of that man and signaled him to scram with his eyes. Just like that, he sat beside Kuan Ying.

No one knew what he had said to Kuan Ying, but Ou Yee, who was behind him, saw this scene!

Did he really have a boyfriend?

Ou Yee's eyebrows slightly raised. He did not know why he felt uncomfortable, but he still sat there quietly. He did not answer the phone and did not drink.

Although he did not do anything, there were beautiful women who took the initiative to look for him, such as Nana!

Nana had been eyeing Ou Yee for a long time. Such a supreme man, and he had a new face today. Why? She also had to hook up with him!

Seeing that Gu Ming was taking care of Kuan Ying, she greeted him. Before Lulu brought her boyfriend over, they would chat first. She would go find her playmate today!

But before she got close to Ou Yee, Ou Yee stood up from his seat.

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