Mr. Ou, Take Medicine/C13 Try It and You'll Know
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Mr. Ou, Take Medicine/C13 Try It and You'll Know
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C13 Try It and You'll Know

We'll know when we try.

Nana was stunned and wanted to go forward to greet him, but the man just walked in front of her.

He didn't even give her a look!

So cool!

Nana only felt that her soul was about to be sucked away. After playing here for so long, today, she suddenly had the feeling that she had met the son of heaven!

She couldn't suppress her joy and followed Ou Yee.

Completely unaware, Ou Yee suddenly stood up and left. That was because Gu Ming did not know what he had said to Kuan Ying. He took her to the private room!

They were all experienced in this kind of occasion. All adults knew what a normal couple wanted to do in the private room.

Ou Yee was not interested, but his feet did not listen to his orders.

Kuan Ying, who followed Gu Ming to the corridor of the private room, could not help but sneer.

The person Kuan Lulu found was really impatient.

She wanted something to happen at this kind of occasion and then go back to tell her father that her marriage was set!

That would be really interesting!

Gu Ming was clearly an expert in love.

Did she think that her initiative to express her goodwill would make his plan even more successful?

As expected. . .

Gu Ming was a little impatient. Just as he walked to the corridor, he slammed her against the wall.

"Lulu said that you are a virgin, is that true?"

Hehe. . .

What good words could Kuan Lulu say?

Gu Ming looked at her old hand and was suspicious!

"Whether it's true or not, won't you know after you try it?"

Gu Ming's eyes immediately lit up with fire. He really did not expect it to be so compatible!

He thought it would be boring to help someone. Regardless of whether the woman in front of him was a virgin or not, Gu Ming only wanted to vent his anger!

She hugged Kuan Ying's waist and was about to kiss Kuan Ying. A touch of disgust flashed in Kuan Ying's heart, and then she pouted. "Don't!"

Her voice really made one feel numb and unable to stop!

Gu Ming understood that this little girl was shy!

It didn't matter, the room was already open!

She wrapped her arms around Kuan Ying's waist and turned around to open the door. When Ou Yee came over, he saw the two of them kissing passionately.

His brows were knitted tightly, and his eyes were inexplicably burning.

When he thought about the girl's kiss in the morning, the fire in Ou Yee's heart was still burning.

He really had a fiery fight with his boyfriend, and there was no need to avoid it at all!

Ou Yee suddenly raised a question in his heart. Was this Kuan Ying who did things seriously and showed her vixen eyes?

And she also had an unknown side to her!

Ou Yee's lips moved. The corner drew a sneer, and the cold air around him inexplicably released.

At this moment, a person suddenly approached him from behind.

He reacted quickly and moved aside.

Nana thought that the male god did not take her seriously, but she followed him in the private room corridor!

Adults all knew what this room was for.

After playing around in this place a lot, Nana felt that she was already familiar with the rules.

She could not wait to pounce on him. Who would have thought that the Prince Charming would avoid her and fall to the ground? That sentence, "Oppa, you are really annoying. " His words turned into cries of pain!

Nana rubbed the two lumps on her chest that were about to fall apart. She did not understand. Just as she got up, she received the intimidation from the man, the emperor!

She froze on the spot and her entire body was trembling!

The cold light in this man's eyes was extremely dangerous!

Could it be that her understanding was wrong!

"Aiya, don't you like to play this? Come on, don't you want to run?"


In the room in front of them came the sound of a man and a woman having fun, but if one listened carefully, that was not the case.

Those who came here to play knew that the soundproofing of the room was very good. Other than one situation, it was a horrible scene!

Ou Yee's eyes lit up and he kicked open the door.

Kuan Ying, who was in the room, did not know that Ou Yee was following behind her. She must have thought that Kuan Lulu had brought people to grab the bag. She saw Gu Ming press the button on his phone.

Since this was a good show.

Kuan Ying naturally let Kuan Lulu watch the good show!

She wanted to chase her out of the Guan family so that she could take over everything in the Kuan family. Even if her wings were not full yet, she would not be weak!

She wanted to sleep with her. She had something that no one knew about. One side!

Gu Ming had just displayed his arm strength in front of her. If it was a direct confrontation, Kuan Ying would definitely not be able to defeat him. She could only use the tactic to make Gu Ming lower his guard, and when Gu Ming took off his pants, Kuan Ying quickly whipped her belt.

She patted Gu Ming's lower body a few times!

She was a doctor. She had seen the internal structure of the human body and the level of being naked, no matter what level it was.

Even if Gu Ming looked good, she didn't care at all!

Accompanying Kuan Lulu in acting, good! Since he wanted to be dissolute so much, she would make him unable to be dissolute in the future!

Ask her if she was a virgin?

Hehe. . .

How is she a virgin? My sister has seen many men. Sometimes, she would even peel off the place where men are!

What's the point of taking off your pants in front of him!

When she heard the sound outside, she immediately understood that Kuan Lulu had brought people over.

It was as if she had raised her voice a little louder.

But Kuan Ying probably would not have thought of it even if she racked her brain!

Kuan Lulu had come, but the first one to see her was actually Ou Yee, who she had not noticed at all!

After hitting Gu Ming's lower half, Kuan Ying took a deep breath.

She turned around with a smile like a flower.

"Sister, I'm sorry. You introduced this man. I feel like that place is too small to satisfy me. . . "

The words were cut off, and even the beautiful smile on his face froze!

Kuan Ying only had one feeling right now, it was not excessive to be struck by lightning!

She was an inexperienced girl. After whipping the man at that place, she even said to another man that this man was too young and could not satisfy her words. . .

Kuan Ying was surrounded by heavy snow.

It was cold!

She opened her mouth slightly and her eyes kept turning. Why was Ou Yee here?

Ou Yee also did not expect that the woman who pretended to be a mouse would actually have this side to her!


What she said was right. With a man's pride, Looking at it, that man's place was indeed small, indeed not very good!

The atmosphere became awkward just like that!

Nana was shocked. How did Gu Ming get beaten up like this? What made her even more shocked was.

"Yee, when did you come in? I am outside. . . "


Kuan Lulu's words were interrupted. She received a message from Gu Ming. Kuan Lulu was anxious that she did not receive Ou Yee. She wanted to get rid of Kuan Ying first. She did not expect that the man who had been waiting outside for a long time was already here!

Furthermore. . .

The scene that was arranged for Kuan Ying was also seen.

Kuan Lulu thought that it would be best if Ou Yee could see it. But she never would have thought that this scene seemed to have changed into pig feet!

Gu Ming was a playboy, frivolous. His identity and family affairs, coupled with his good looks, were all good!

She arranged for him. If Kuan Ying refused, she could tell her father that Kuan Ying would be in trouble at that time.

She had planned everything and even accidentally found out that Ou Yee was here. She wanted to let Ou Yee see and let him know that Kuan Ying was an aphrodisiac woman!

In this way, no matter how Kuan Ying seduced Ou Yee, Ou Yee would hate her because she knew that Ou Yee hated women with sex appeal!

But. . .

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