Mr. Ou, Take Medicine/C14 You like Big Ones?
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Mr. Ou, Take Medicine/C14 You like Big Ones?
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C14 You like Big Ones?

You like big ones?

Kuan Lulu almost cried out in shock. If this happened, even a reserved girl would close her eyes. However, Kuan Lulu opened her eyes wide and looked at Gu Ming's miserable lower body as she cried out.

"Gu Ming, what happened to you? Kuan Ying, what did you do?"

If there was an accident with Gu Ming's lower body, then she would never be able to get rid of Gu Ming in this lifetime!

It was she who asked Gu Ming to help, but now Kuan Ying. . .

In a moment of desperation, she forgot to pretend.

When she found out, she was suddenly shocked and cried out in pain. "Sister, what are you doing? You and Gu Ming are fine. How did you beat him up like this!?"

"It's normal for couples to quarrel. Just communicate properly. Sister, you should restrain your temper. How many times has it been! "

Kuan Lulu had told Ou Yee that Kuan Ying had brought her boyfriend to show them. Her words seemed to have a good relationship with Kuan Ying. Secondly, she had also said that Kuan Ying had a bad habit of beating up men when she quarreled!

Kuan Ying smiled. Kuan Lulu really knew her!

"Yee, listen to me. Older sister is not like this. It must be Gu Ming who made her angry. When older sister is angry, she is like this with her boyfriend. Older sister has told me many times. I have already told her. She just doesn't listen!"


Kuan Ying, oh Kuan Ying. If Gu Ming really had anything, she would drag her along with him even if she had to die.

Even if you want to seduce Yee, Which man in this world would be able to withstand the behavior of a shrew like you?

"Ou Yee, I will call right now. Help me look after my sister. Don't let her hit another man!"

Kuan Lulu reacted very quickly. She did not look at Ou Yee's strange expression and did not think about what she had said. Ou Yee did not believe it or before she came. Ou Yee knew something.

Now, she had to protect Gu Ming's life!

"Nana, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and help Gu Ming out!"

Nana was completely dumbfounded the whole time. She was still feeling depressed about the Prince Charming being different when she saw Kuan Ying and Gu Ming's scene!

However, she did not say all of this. What she wanted to say was, this man in front of her could not be the boyfriend Kuan Lulu was talking about, right?

God, there was such a man. No wonder Kuan Lulu would take it lying down!

If it was her, she would take it lying down too!

If Kuan Lulu knew that she almost got his boyfriend, with Kuan Lulu's character, she would definitely kill her. She would still pretend that nothing happened and listen to Kuan Lulu's orders!

Kuan Ying did not respond. But facing Kuan Lulu who had clearly splashed dirty water, she did not know why but there was a tall man standing in front of her. That sentence of hers, rest assured. She was a doctor and knew the severity of her actions. Gu Ming would not be stuck in his throat if he did not have the ability!

Kuan Ying felt as if she had been possessed by Kuan Lulu's dirty water. For the first time, she did not say anything!


It must be that her words just now had shocked her!

Yes, it must be like this!

The play was over and it ended. She should go home and wash up!

But the man at the door was tall and mighty standing in front of her. It was as if she was a criminal!

Hehe. . .

Interesting, What is she doing!

"Brother-in-law, didn't you hear what my sister said? When I get angry, I will beat up men in that place! "

Aren't you afraid?

Why are you standing in front of her?

I heard her call him brother-in-law for the second time. Ou Yee furrowed his brows so high that he didn't know why.

The girl was clearly a cat called Xuan, but she pretended to be innocent and cute!

"You like big ones?"

Kuan Ying was stunned and her face turned red!

What did he mean by big ones? He did not like big ones. She did not like them. She just. . .

Kuan Ying maintained her smile. "Yes, you can't?"

She had seen a ghost. Why did she have to answer him?

The man's lips curved up. It was strange and beautiful!

She did not know what he meant!

That pair of black eyes flickered with a light that made Kuan Ying feel uncomfortable all over her body.

It was as if she was naked in front of him.

"Are you alright? I'm going to the hospital to visit my 'boyfriend'!"

So, excuse me.

The fight between Kuan Lulu and her had not ended yet!

What was strange was that Ou Yee let her out of the room. Even though her face was so red that it could boil water, women were like nothing in front of him.

She really did seem like a girlfriend who had suddenly regained her senses and felt sorry for her boyfriend!

Ou Yee just stood there and looked at the girl who was running away like a rabbit again. From the moment he arrived at this venue, he had been suppressing the joy in his heart as if he had seen a ghost!

Kuan Ying. . .

How many times do you actually have?

"Kuan Lulu, let me tell you, if my lifeblood can't do that thing, I can't be a man, and you can forget about living a good life!"

At the venue of the Windy Moon. It was not the first time Gu Ming had met such a fierce woman like Kuan Ying, but it was indeed the first time he was suffering.

He was kind enough to help Kuan Lulu. She had no interest in being a doctor's woman. After seeing so many women, he had no interest in them at all.

"Gu Ming, keep your voice down. What are you doing? The doctor has already checked you. He said that you will be fine after a few days of rest! "

This was the hospital of Kuan family. She had hired the best doctor in order to prevent her father from finding out about what had happened today.

She had to think of another idea to make her father blame Kuan Ying. She was trying to seek justice for Gu Ming.

But what about Gu Ming?

"Don't give me that. I will help you with this. When I recover, you will accompany me for a night. Consider it as compensation to me!"

Gu Ming's expression did not change. Kuan Lulu was simply disgusted.

"What's wrong? I heard that you have a boyfriend, so you became obedient? Don't forget that I'm your first man. Does your man know who broke your body!? "

"Gu Ming, I'm warning you. Keep your mouth shut. If the news about us gets out, I won't let you be my first man!"

Kuan Lulu had her ways. Gu Ming knew that he just wanted to vent his frustration.

Kuan Lulu did not want to talk about these things with Gu Ming. She wanted him to be at ease. Kuan Ying treated him like this. When he recovered, she still had a plan. She would definitely send Kuan Ying to his bed!

Gu Ming's anger only dissipated a little.

"Alright, you stay here and recover. Close your mouth and follow our next step!"

If he did not want to give Kuan Ying a discount, he would have slept with her long ago. If he could succeed, it would be best to marry Kuan Ying. She was his wife, and he would do anything to anyone in the family!

Gu Ming wanted to, but he thought of Kuan Ying, this woman, pretending to be gentle and kitty.

"Kuan Lulu, find another man. I don't want to make a second confession. You get her to my bed and only tell me what you said to me after it's cooked!"

Gu Ming was not a fool. Kuan Lulu wanted to deal with her sister, but he did not want to suffer!

Kuan Lulu was so angry that she thought for a while. Gu Ming's anger had not dissipated yet. She would speak after it had dissipated.

No matter what, Kuan Ying must marry Gu Ming!

"Younger sister, Gu Ming, are you alright? I just asked the department and found out that you are in this ward!"

Kuan Lulu felt as if her tail had been stepped on, and her hair stood on end!

Gu Ming, who was ready to rest, felt pain all over his body.

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