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Mr. Ou, Take Medicine/C16 Take Her as a Driver
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C16 Take Her as a Driver

Take her as a driver.

Ou Yee stepped on the brakes. He didn't seem to have much of an emotion towards the cat with the sharp claws.

His gaze was sharp, shining with the brightest stars in the vast sky, and he started the car again.

Although this alley was a little detour, it still led to the Kuan family.

When Kuan Ying had nothing to do, she liked to walk home. She did not expect that her usual exercise would come in handy today.

Although she did not know what Ou Yee meant, she thought about how she had been embarrassed in front of men. She did not care if he was Kuan Lulu's boyfriend or not. She was a girl, so she would be shy.

Seeing the street lights in front of her, Kuan Ying could walk onto the main road after passing through. Without Ou Yee following her, Kuan Ying did not think about the problem and was very relaxed. She quickened her pace, like a deer escaping from a prison cell. Her face was full of relaxed and happy smiles.

The next second. . .

She had just come out and did not even have a second to breathe on the main road when Kuan Ying's smile deepened.

"You came out?"

Kuan Ying,. . . ""

The man's voice was somewhat cold, just like his personality.

Ou Yee was a very calm and patient person. Kuan Ying knew, but she did not know that Ou Yee would not stop until he achieved his goal!

The Bentley was parked in front of her. It seemed like he had waited for a long time. He leaned against the car door and crossed his arms over his chest. The man in the black suit exuded the coldness of the night.

The streetlights were grayish yellow and a little dim. The cars that drove past started to chill. The broken hair in front of his forehead fluttered elegantly and elegantly.

He stood right in front of her, not caring about her little tricks at all!

"That's right, I didn't expect brother-in-law to be so persistent. That's right, he was able to endure the pain in his stomach and come to Kuan family to pay his respects to father-in-law and mother-in-law. Only my sister asked you to send me home, how could you disappoint my sister?"

Kuan Ying knew how good Ou Yee was to Kuan Lulu, but she really didn't know that this man could do it perfectly even if he didn't care about all the requirements of his sister!

He was really a good boyfriend for twenty hours!

But. . .

"Help me thank my sister, but I won't treat you unfairly. My sisters will settle the accounts clearly. Then, from my hospital to my house, it's only 50 yuan for the taxi fare. Sorry, I don't have any change, so I'll treat it as a reward for you. I'll give you 100 yuan. Thank you for taking me home!"

Kuan Ying reacted very quickly. She quickly took out 100 yuan from her bag and handed it to Ou Yee.

To be honest, she did not care how Ou Yee would explain it to Kuan Lulu, but she did not want to owe anyone anything.

One hundred yuan, she felt pain in her heart!

A cold light attacked. Kuan Ying's body trembled and the handsome face of the man leaning against the car door was as cold as ice.

Following the thing she took out, the man's face became even gloomier but he did not show it and only straightened his body.

Kuan Ying did not know what she wanted to do but there was still a smile on her face. There was absolutely no insult at all.


She thought that the man would step forward to settle the score with her, but in the end, he opened the car door very elegantly.

"Get in the car. "

His voice was especially low, and under the light of the neon lights, there was a hint of temptation.

This service was really considerate!

But. . .

"Brother-in-law, thank you for your hard work. I'll sit in the back!"

She wasn't going to sit in the passenger seat. Although she did not know why she was so afraid of being alone with Ou Yee, she did not know why. She was a man and a woman, and he was her brother-in-law!

He was with Kuan Lulu, who knew what kind of evil ideas he would come up with.

To be safe, she sat in the back seat!

In any case, she had paid for the taxi!

Ou Yee, who opened the front door, did not see Kuan Ying's gloomy expression after she got into the car.

He really could not understand this girl. She said that she looked like a cat and a cat that could show her claws. She said that she looked like a little bunny. When she played with you, she jumped faster than anyone else!

However, for some reason, he was also a ghost who was standing at the hospital entrance and watching the girl who hadn't been able to stop the car for half an hour!

It was very cold at night. The girl was wearing very thin clothes. Although she was very sexy, the car that passed by her stopped a little, but she had another idea.

Ou Yee had watched her for the whole day. When she could not wait and turned around to walk, he started the car.

Regardless of whether she called him brother-in-law or said things that she felt good about, he did not care.

Ou Yee didn't respond!

He originally thought that she would never find an excuse to give him a hundred yuan!

Be his driver?

Very good!

It was the first time they had met with such principles!

Ou Yee's expression did not change at all. He closed the car door and returned to the driver's seat.

Kuan Ying sat in the back seat. She really treated him like a driver and was lazy.

She did not speak anymore, as if she had decided not to talk nonsense.

Ou Yee also did not make a sound and directly drove the car.

It was late at night, and the number of cars on both sides of the street was getting lesser and lesser. The noise in the city suddenly quieted down.

Kuan Ying quietly looked at the neon lights through the black window.

She was a doctor, and very rarely did she have one. At this time, she was visiting the neon lights in the city. When she sat in the car, she felt that everything around her was very quiet and the neon lights were especially beautiful.

As she looked, her mind automatically replayed the most heartwarming scene of her childhood.

She remembered that it was her fifth birthday at that time. Her father suddenly received an emergency treatment, and many doctors had no choice but to do so. She thought that her birthday would be ruined just like that, but her mother held her hand and brought her to the city to visit the neon lights.

She remembered that year, it was the happiest year of her birthday.

She would never forget it. Although the neon lights were bright that night, it was heartwarming!

As time passed, from when her mother committed suicide, from when her father gave Kuan Lulu a birthday party that made her especially envious, Kuan Ying hated neon lights.

She felt that it was a kind of mockery when Ruan Hui and her daughter came to the Kuan family. It was especially dazzling.

Tonight, Kuan Lulu even arranged a scene and it really made her feel disgusted. But now that she knew what Ruan Hui was going to do next, she would not be afraid!

But the problem was. . .

Kuan Ying retracted her gaze and fixed it on the man who was driving in front.

The neon lights brushed past his handsome facial features and made him look even more handsome. It was as if the light surrounding him had been swallowed by the aura of an emperor from the man.

If Ou Yee's influence really let the directors in the hospital know that Kuan Lulu was the future young mistress of the Ou family, Kuan Lulu would enter the board of directors. It would be impossible for her to stay in the hospital and enter the board of directors with her own ability!

Ou Yee was the weapon that Kuan Lulu used to defeat her and take away all of her power.

Kuan Ying clenched her fist tightly. She had to think of a way!

But now, there was nothing she could do!

The opponent Ruan Hui and her mother found this time was too strong. She could not afford to offend him!

Could it be that she wanted to seduce Ou Yee and ruin Kuan Lulu's plan?

Kuan Ying suddenly thought of a scheme but she immediately shook her head.

She did not want to sacrifice her looks to seduce Ou Yee. When she thought of this man, Kuan Ying's entire body shivered!

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