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C17 You Think She Did a Good Job

I think she did a good job.

Then, she opened the window, allowing her chaotic heart to calm down. She had no idea that the man who was driving was observing her actions through the rearview mirror!

She seemed to have something on her mind. She did not know what she was thinking, but she kept sneering at him!

Through the rearview mirror, Ou Yi came to a conclusion in his heart. This girl is not simple!

"What did you say? Kuan Ying beat him up and even stayed in the hospital?"

When Kuan Tian came back and saw Kuan Lulu, he asked Kuan Lulu about the person she wanted Kuan Ying to meet today.

Kuan Lulu sobbed and exaggerated her good intentions, saying, "Dad, it's true. If you don't believe me, you can call Chief Wang. Luckily I reacted quickly and sent Gu Ming to our hospital, or else it would have been spread out. . . "

Kuan Lulu thought about how many young masters of prestigious families were paparazzi in the upper class during the night. The rumors were more spread than anyone else.

Although the Kuan family was not a big company, they were still famous.

When Kuan Tian heard this, he was extremely angry. He thought that his elder daughter was really obedient, but he did not expect this to happen again!

Did she hate him so much for remarrying?

"Dad, don't be angry. I don't know where my elder sister is either. She even said that it's my fault for being meddlesome. Since I want to be meddlesome, then make it difficult for me!"

The more Kuan Lulu spoke, the more furious she cried. The entire process was her greatest grievance.

She kindly introduced a partner to Kuan Ying, but in the end, Kuan Ying ruined it. Since she could not deal with Kuan Ying, then let her father come!

Kuan Ying thought that since Gu Ming left in anger at the hospital, she did not have any plans for the next step?


She had plans!

"Where's Kuan Ying? Call her and tell her to come back quickly!"

He was so angry that he was angered to death. Why did he give birth to such a daughter!

He heard from his second daughter that Gu Ming was the mayor's nephew. If something really happened. . . Kuan family would be finished!

Ruan Hui did not say a word and gave Kuan Lulu a thumbs up.

She was the stepmother and Kuan Ying's reaction was to dislike Kuan Tian remarrying, so she naturally did not care about anything.

Let Lulu say. Gu Ming's identity was very good. Kuan Ying even dared to provoke this matter.

This little slut will come back and see how her father will deal with her!

At this moment, they heard the sound of a car.

Kuan Lulu's first reaction was. . . "Dad, is Big Sister back?"

It would have been better if she had not said it. Kuan Tian's anger would not subside. He was really angered. For the past few days, just like what Kuan Lulu had said, she had done something in front of him and stabbed him in the back.

Today, Kuan Tian had to teach Kuan Ying a good lesson!

He let the butler take his golf club and rushed out in anger.

"Kuan Ying, what do you want to do to stop it? Are you going to anger me to death? You are the one. . . "

Kuan Tian rushed out and saw Kuan Ying. He did not know that Kuan Ying actually thanked Ou Yee again. Before she could say anything, Kuan Tian came out with his baseball bat.

A cold light flashed in Kuan Ying's eyes and she quickly moved aside. Kuan Tian placed the bat on the window of Ou Yee.


The sound of metal hitting metal could be imagined. If it hit Kuan Ying's body, she would definitely be seriously injured.

Ou Yee's black eyes instantly flashed with a touch of coldness that came from hell.

Kuan Tian felt as if thousands of ice shards had shot into his heart.

"Oh, Director Ou!"

The golf club fell to the ground just like that. Kuan Tian covered his chest with one hand.

Kuan Ying, on the other hand, sneered.

Kuan Lulu, who followed him out, supported Ruan Hui. Both mother and daughter were snickering. Seeing Kuan Tian's golf club fall, Kuan Ying would either die or be crippled.

In the end. . .

Kuan Lulu directly covered her mouth and cried out, "Ah, Yee. . . "

What exactly happened today?

Why was the man who called and did not answer the phone with Kuan Ying again?

From the looks of it, Kuan Ying came back in Ou Yee's car?

Ruan Hui was also shocked. There was a kind of confusion that she could not understand!

Wasn't Ou Yee her daughter's boyfriend?

When they went out for a gathering, her daughter came back alone, but Ou Yee sent Kuan Ying back?

Looking at the expressions of the three people in the family, it could be said that their expressions were extremely rich. Kuan Ying did not think that Kuan Lulu was shocked that Ou Yee sent her back.

She was shocked that her father hit the luxury car of a prospective son-in-law!

"Father, why are you so angry? It was my sister who allowed Director Ou to send me back!"

Kuan Lulu's eyes almost popped out. When did she shout?

How could she not know!

But if Kuan Ying wanted to say that, Kuan Lulu also cared about her face. Naturally. Haha, "Dad, Big Sister is right. I asked Yee to send Big Sister back!"

Kuan Ying, you slut, how did you meet Ou Yee?

Did you do it on purpose!?

Kuan Ying smiled lightly. Kuan Tian's monstrous anger only had a comical expression. He also chuckled. "So that's how it is!"

But what they wanted to talk about was not this matter, but the matter of Kuan Ying beating up his sister and introducing him to her!

"Kuan Ying, what do you think is going on with you? You are a girl, so why did you hit Gu Ming?"

Ou Yee turned off the engine and walked out.

Kuan Tian did not want to laugh or apologize.

He could only scold him angrily. When he saw Ou Yee get out of the car, he quickly said: "Director Ou, I'm sorry. I was too impulsive. I didn't expect this. Aiya, this is a misunderstanding. Director Ou, I will get someone to send your car to be repaired immediately. I will make you lower yourself. I will drive you back in person later!"

It was all Kuan Ying, how could it be so coincidental!

Kuan Ying could tell that Kuan Lulu had come back to complain.

Her eyes hid ridicule, but Kuan Lulu's anger shot towards her.

The two of them were openly and secretly shooting arrows but Kuan Lulu was smart and Ou Yee was in front of her. She did not dare.

"Yee, I'm sorry. Father did not do it on purpose. It was elder sister, she. . . "

"Uncle, if it is because of what happened tonight, I think Kuan Ying is right too!"

Kuan Lulu's words were not wrong, but Ou Yee said.

When he opened his mouth, everyone was stunned.

No one knew if he was criticizing Kuan Tian for his actions as a man, or if he was implying something!

Kuan Tian's face was full of question marks.

He did not understand, but he thought about it carefully. Kuan Ying went on a blind date and asked Lulu to bring Ou Yee along.

Thinking of this, Kuan Tian smiled. "Director Ou, you also met that person. Even if it was not good, Kuan Ying she. . . "

"Uncle, you are thinking too much. I think she did very well!"

Kuan Ying only felt goosebumps all over her body. What did this Ou Yee mean?

How could she not tell that he was praising her?

Kuan Tian was even more confused, and Kuan Lulu felt even more baffled.

"Yee, you don't know the relationship between elder sister and Gu Ming. You. . . "

The man didn't look at Kuan Lulu, but his irresistible aura made Kuan Lulu not dare to speak.

Ou Yee just stood there, as steady as Mount Tai.

"No matter what relationship it is, if two people who love each other do not have respect, if they are not steady and want to drink wine and speak rudely, no matter how good their family background is, they are still a scumbag man!"

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