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C18 In Fact You Are Stupid

His words were clear and his breath was bold.

The whole atmosphere fell into silence, as if these words shouldn't have come from Ou Yee's mouth.

Kuan Ying really wanted to give Ou Yee a praise.

That's right, that's right!

But why did she feel that these words were not trying to find an excuse for her, but instead praising herself!

Ou Yee was famous for being pure and self-loving in S City. He was a good man who couldn't be any purer. He couldn't be sterilized anymore!

He had a good appearance and a good family background. The most important thing was that he did not have any unconventional news. He was not frivolous and was calm and reserved!

No matter from which angle, this man would be able to solve any problems he encountered.

He had never been impatient, nor had he ever been angry!

He was simply a good king!

Although Kuan Tian was not tomorrow, he understood what he meant.

Ou Yee felt that Gu Ming was not suitable to entrust his life to her. Kuan Ying was right to beat up such a man.

A good woman would not trample on herself for a scumbag man.

Kuan Tian suddenly understood. That's right. If his second daughter could find a man like Ou Yee, his elder daughter could not find a scumbag man no matter what!

Kuan Tian suddenly laughed. " Yes, yes, yes. Director Ou is right. Director Ou is the one who has experience!"

Kuan Tian smiled and looked at Kuan Lulu. Kuan Lulu was completely shocked.

She felt that the man in front of her was really the Ou Yee she had schemed to hook up with?

He seemed to be making a promise to his father, but the target was not her!

"Kuan Ying, Dad. No, it's Dad's. No, he hasn't even investigated the person yet, and he's already asking you to go on a blind date. Nowadays, there are many hypocritical people in the upper class. Dad promises you that he won't force you to go on blind dates in the future. Find him yourself! "

What Kuan Tian meant was that he could even find Lulu! If she asked Director Ou for help, she wouldn't find such a good person.

Most importantly, she could not find a scumbag man!

Kuan Ying chuckled. Sure!

She had been fighting with Ruan Hui for so long, but her father had never stopped her from framing Ruan Hui. Today, when Ou Yee arrived, he only said a few words.

Her father did not force her to go on blind dates anymore?


"Blind dates?"

The man's voice suddenly turned cold, but Kuan Lulu's expression changed drastically. "Dad, let's not talk about this. Let's go in first. Yee, I'm sorry. I'll drive you back later!"

Kuan Lulu felt like she was going to die. She had told Ou Yee that Kuan Ying would bring her boyfriend back.

Her father was really old and muddle-headed. How could he have been fooled?

He did not teach Kuan Ying a lesson. Instead, he made them stop using blind dates in the future!

Kuan Tian chuckled. Seeing that he was really crude, he invited Director Ou to quickly go in and have a cup of tea. It was really a misunderstanding today. Thank you for sending Kuan Ying back in the middle of the night!

Kuan Tian was confused, but Ou Yee would not be confused. He looked at Kuan Lulu's nervous expression.

Ou Yee deliberately smiled. He finally knew why Kuan Ying, who he saw at night, pretended to be a little mouse even though she was a cat!

So that was how it was!

He looked at Kuan Ying with a playful and evil look in his eyes.

Kuan Ying's expression was a little unnatural, but she pretended not to see it.

That's right, it was a blind date, how about it?

It was your most beloved girlfriend, my sister, who introduced her to her.

Director Ou, oh. No, that's not right. Future brother-in-law, you have a problem with that!?


Kuan Ying snorted and did not care how the Kuan family called Ou Yee and directly entered the house.

Kuan Tian saw that his daughter was gnashing her teeth in anger, but because of his face, he could only smile.

"No need. It's late. Rest early!"

Ou Yee had never thought of stepping into the Guan family for the second time. This was an accident. He turned around and got into the car. He drove straight away.

Kuan Lulu, however, stood rooted to the spot, dumbfounded. It was not that she did not want to chase him even if she wanted to.

She could only smile apologetically. "Dad, don't worry. It's late. Yee will be careful. Let's go back to the house!"

No, no matter how slow Kuan Tian was, he seemed to feel that something was wrong!

" Lulu, why don't you let Director Ou stay here tonight? "

He was already her boyfriend. Although Director Ou's car was not very badly damaged, Kuan Tian felt uncomfortable if he did not compensate for such an accident.

"Dad, don't worry. Yee is very busy. I have troubled him tonight. Let him sleep better!"

She wanted to. However, she did not have the guts!

It was all Kuan Ying's fault. Why was it so coincidental?

She was so angry that she died. She was so mad that she asked Yee to fetch Kuan Ying home?

Something was not right!

It was not her. Kuan Ying did indeed sit in Ou Yee's car and return.

In other words. . .

Kuan Lulu's expression changed drastically. It was impossible. Who was Ou Yee? How could he be so attentive to women?

Ruan Hui looked at her daughter's expression and thought that she had really stolen a chicken and eaten a grain of rice tonight. Her heart itched!

She was thinking that before she chased Kuan Ying out of the Guan family, she could not cause any more complications. The most important thing now was to let Lulu become the young mistress of the Ou's, and the kind that must be called to the media!

Kuan Ying returned to her room and took a shower, making a face mask with a piece.

There were really many things to do today. Thinking of Kuan Lulu's expression just now, Kuan Ying wanted to laugh.

It was really interesting!

"Kuan Ying, open the door for me. Let me in. If you have the ability, do it or not, do not admit it!"

The one who was looking for trouble came again!

Kuan Ying placed the book in her hand to the side and opened the door with a mask on it.

Kuan Lulu's eyes were filled with anger. "Tell me honestly, what method did you use to get Yee to send you back!"

Kuan Ying thought something was wrong. It wasn't enough to call Xuan in the hospital like this!?

"Kuan Lulu, I say, is there something wrong with your brain? You didn't ask him to come and pick me up?"

She thought that there was some shady move and nothing happened along the way.

Kuan Lulu really wanted to strangle Kuan Ying to death.

"Do you think I am a fool? Am I that stupid?"

Hehe. . .

In fact, you're really stupid. Who knows what kind of plot you're up to!

But to be honest, she did not know why Ou Yee sent her back. She had just admitted it. Why did he come to find fault with her now?

"Kuan Lulu, you're not stupid. You're very smart. Ou Yee is my future brother-in-law. You said that you arranged for Ou Yee to pick me up today. Didn't you want me to suffer?"

"You really don't know how good your fiancé is to you. His stomach hurts so much that he did not perform a gastroscopy and came to visit his parents. Didn't he want to file a complaint against me in the hospital?"

Kuan Lulu was shocked. "Yee's stomach hurts?"

She really didn't know!

"Stop pretending. You and your mother have so many schemes. Do you want me to make mistakes in the hospital so that you can find evidence? What a pity. . . "

"Kuan Lulu, it's still the same sentence. Think of a deeper scheme with your mother. This will not defeat me! "

Kuan Ying did not want to talk nonsense with Kuan Lulu and closed the door but Kuan Lulu used her legs to block and squeezed her entire body in.

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