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Mr. Ou, Take Medicine/C19 Shame on the Guan Family
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C19 Shame on the Guan Family

Shame on the Kuan family.

"Kuan Ying, don't overthink it. I asked you, when did Yee's stomach hurt? How did you know? Why didn't I know?"

There were so many things that had happened today. The more Kuan Lulu thought about it, the more confused she became.

When she suddenly heard Kuan Ying say this, she felt that there must be a problem!

"Kuan Ying, I have already warned you not to seduce Ou Yee. He is your brother-in-law, but you actually gave me so many reasons. You slut, you asked Yee to send you home because you have ulterior motives. You even said that Yee's stomach hurt, you have ulterior motives!"

Kuan Lulu's meaning was that her girlfriend did not know what she said.

It was definitely Kuan Ying's scheme!

"Kuan Lulu, your illness is not light. Quickly go to the hospital!"

Are you crazy? Don't you know about your own man's illness?

Ask her everything!

She was just trying to seduce him. Even if she didn't have such an idea, she didn't want to eat recklessly!

She did not want the man that Kuan Lulu had used before!

But looking at Kuan Lulu's expression, Kuan Ying kept feeling that something was wrong!

Ou Yee's stomach hurt, and he cared so much about his girlfriend. He really cared so much about one word! If he didn't say it, then what was tonight?

Kuan Ying looked at Kuan Lulu's expression and Kuan Lulu felt a little timid.

She did not know about her boyfriend's matter and asked other women. There was originally a very big problem.

Kuan Lulu felt guilty from being looked at. Let me tell you, Ou Yee is your brother-in-law. He is my man. Kuan Ying, aren't you the most disgusting thing that I have ever used? Why are you so clingy! "

"Kuan Lulu, you should wash up and sleep. You are right, I don't care about the things you have used!"

Kuan Ying closed the door.

Kuan Lulu called from outside.

She was really sick!

Kuan Ying took off her facial mask and went to sleep after washing her face.

Kuan Lulu, who was outside the door, had an uneasy look on her face. She kept poking with her fingers. No, she had to think of a way to stop Kuan Ying from seducing Ou Yee.

That was the only way. She had already used it once. She could not use it again, but at that moment, she had no choice but to use it!

The next day, Kuan Ying was woken up and did not know what new move Kuan Lulu had made.

She was deeply afraid that she did not know that the future young mistress of Ou's was irrefutable, so she spoke very loudly.

"Lulu, when you met Director Ou today, you should apologize to him and ask him to come to the Kuan family some other day. Father will personally apologize to him!"

Even if it was his future son-in-law, Kuan Tian still had to be careful.

"Dad, I told you not to be nervous. You know Yee's character. He will not be angry. Don't worry!"

Kuan Tian was still worried. Ruan Hui stood aside and said, "Hubby, don't worry. Lulu knows how to deal with it. She will pick up Director Ou later!"

Kuan Tian looked at Kuan Lulu. Although his daughter's attire today was not very heavy, it definitely made people's eyes light up.

"Lulu, who do you want to pick up?"

Kuan Lulu's face turned red and Ruan Hui heard the footsteps upstairs and loudly said, "Who else can it be? Of course it is my biological grandmother!"

Hearing Ruan Hui's voice, it was telling everyone in the villa. Kuan Lulu, Second Miss, was lucky and Director Ou came to visit the day before yesterday. In a few days, the wife of the chairman of Ou's would be back from America.

She heard that the wife of the chairman was not in good health and had been resting in the United States. Everything in the Ou's was left to Ou Yee to take care of.

Now that she was back, and it just so happened to be such a small matter, what did it mean?

Kuan Tian was so excited that it was difficult to hide his feelings.

"You mean, the chairman's wife wants to come to our Kuan family to give a betrothal gift?"

"Lulu, really?"

Kuan Lulu was embarrassed and pouted. "Dad, what did you say?"

Ruan Hui laughed loudly, "Hubby, it is absolutely true. The chairman's wife has returned. You saw that Director Ou could personally pay a visit. If the chairman's wife is sick, wouldn't she be hired?"

The Kuan family had a high social status in the Ou's. If the Ou's was willing to lower their status and hire someone, the Kuan family would gain a lot of face!

"Wife, it has been hard on you all these years. Look, there is something in your family that needs to be refurbished. Don't let the Ou's Group think that our Kuan family is shabby!"

"Hubby, what did you say? Don't worry. I will marry my daughter and it will definitely be a grand occasion. Even if I spend my retirement money on her, she won't let the Ou family think that we are poor, but. . . "

The main point was here!

Kuan Ying was woken up. Seeing how harmonious the three of them were, she endured the discomfort in her stomach.

She did not make a sound and went downstairs to listen to Ruan Hui and her daughter singing the same tune!

It was really interesting.

Ruan Hui was willing to sell everything she had to let her daughter get married and Kuan Ying wanted to laugh.

The shares of the hospital in this villa belonged to her mother. Where did Ruan Hui get the money from?

She even sold everything she had!

Hehe. . .

"But what?"

"Hubby, you know that. It's not easy to be my stepmother. It's been more than ten years since I entered this villa. Lulu is going to get married. No matter what, the people outside say that I only love my own daughter. But who knows, I can't control my elder daughter. You saw it too. Last time, I asked Kuan Ying to push the bicycle to the side. She put it there. If I move it, she will call me Plantago! "

"Hubby, the renovation of our Kuan family villa is not a problem. You saw it too. If we really want to renovate it, the Ou's Group will think that we cannot be too shabby. The most important thing is still Kuan Ying!"

Kuan Tian's good mood immediately became dark clouds.

Kuan Ying went downstairs and followed Ruan Hui's words to question him. "Auntie, why am I so shabby? Tell me, let me hear it!"

Ruan Hui had long seen Kuan Ying come down and Kuan Lulu quickly responded. "Mom, I know you guys are doing this for my own good but you guys have also met Yee. He is definitely not a person who is particular about this. I feel that elder sister is quite good!"

Ruan Hui glared at her daughter. What is good?" Ruan Hui asked. You are overseas. You don't know that Kuan Ying is Miss Kuan. In the hospital, not to mention hiding her identity, she is the same as other doctors, but if she knew, she would be talking behind her back!"

"Once, when I went to the hospital, a shareholder asked me, Madam, why did Kuan Ying, this big miss ride a bicycle to the hospital to work? Didn't you prepare a bicycle for her? It's still because you, this stepmother, don't know how to do it! "

The hospital belonged to the Kuan family. Many of the senior shareholders of the Kuan family stood on the Kuan family's side. However, it had been a long time since Kuan Ying's grandpa's mother was gone, and Kuan Tian was married again. Many things had changed.

However, Ruan Hui was not comfortable with it. It was as if her stepmother had mistreated her.

Kuan Tian had discussed this problem with Kuan Ying, but Kuan Ying said that she was a doctor. There was an emergency, and the bicycle was very convenient!

However, a bicycle was more convenient than a car, not to mention, it was not like there was a traffic jam every day!

Kuan Tian felt that he could discuss it. "Kuan Ying, Dad saw it. . . "

"I thought it was something else. Auntie, let's not talk about this rotten sesame thing. Younger sister is right. Brother-in-law is not that kind of person. Why would he care about it? Besides. . . "

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