Mr. Ou, Take Medicine/C2 Do You Want to See a Doctor or Not?
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Mr. Ou, Take Medicine/C2 Do You Want to See a Doctor or Not?
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C2 Do You Want to See a Doctor or Not?

Eight months ago.

In the emergency room on the second floor of the S City's Jingkang Hospital.

At this moment, the place was filled with nurses and visitors.

"Where did your doctor go? Hurry up and treat Master Ou!"

A man's voice was especially loud, as if he was going to flip the hospital over.

The nurse tried her best to pacify him, saying that the doctor would be here soon. She asked them to wait for a moment!

But this person became even angrier. He went crazy at the door of the emergency room.

"Let me tell you, I'll give you thirty seconds. If your doctor doesn't come. . . "

"Stop arguing. This is the hospital, a place for patients to rest. If you want to recover quickly, don't disturb other patients' rest!"

In the midst of the angry voice, a woman's voice was clear and loud.

Her clean and tidy voice cut off the man's angry roar.

The nurses opened their eyes wide and said, "Dr. Kuan, you are here!"

Kuan Ying was about to get off work when she suddenly received a phone call to see a patient in the emergency room.

She was already very fast, but she did not expect to hear the person's angry roar from the other end of the corridor.

Kuan Ying asked the nurse to evacuate the patient. She would deal with it here.

Kuan Ying swept a glance at the man in front of her. She did not even look at him. She picked up the medical case list and said, "Ou Yee? Is your stomach uncomfortable?"

His voice was so loud and clear. Kuan Ying saw that he did not look like his stomach was uncomfortable. He should go to the neurology department!

When he saw Kuan Ying's attitude, he immediately became very angry.

"Who are you? Don't wear a white coat and pretend to be a doctor here!"

Kuan Ying's mouth twitched. In the hospital, she had seen many strange people, but today was the first time she had seen such a strange person!

"Do you want to see a doctor or not?"

She had been a doctor for a long time and had seen all kinds of patients. Her duty was to see a doctor. She did not have the time to argue with this person here!

Kuan Ying asked again, "Are you Ou Yee?"

If he was Ou Yee, she would check his body. If he was not Ou Yee, she would call security!

His eyes were red with anger. He had never seen such an arrogant woman. Did she not know who he was?

Just as he was about to call their dean over, an irresistible voice came from behind him.

"Lin Mu!"

He was startled and his face turned pale.

Kuan Ying raised her eyebrows slightly. Following the sound, she looked towards the emergency room.

In front of the window, there was a tall man standing there with his back to her.

She sized him up and coincidentally saw him turn around. With just one look, Kuan Ying's breathing seemed to have stopped.

A ray of sunlight was shooting in diagonally from the window and shining on his side face.

Kuan Ying did not know how to describe this face!

In her mind, the face of an angel and a devil could not be compared to the man in front of her. It could only be said that he was somewhere between the two.

Standing against the light, the warm sunlight shone on his body, illuminating his exquisite facial features.

He was like an emperor, more like an immortal.

However, his skin was so white that one couldn't see his pores. Dense fine sweat was currently seeping out from his skin.

He also looked like a demon king who could endure endless pain.

Kuan Ying's first impression of this man was that he was a powerful person. She could not offend him!

"You are Ou Yee!"

She was almost certain!

Since he needed to see a doctor, Then the noisy person just now was either his assistant or his driver!

She stopped sizing him up and just did what a doctor should do. However, she received his questioning. "Are you a doctor?"

Doesn't she look like a doctor?

The girl in front of him was wearing a white coat. Her short shoulder-length hair was tied into a ponytail with a rubber band. Just like her aura, she was calm and steady.

She had a pretty face and was only twenty-four or twenty-five years old!

How could she be a doctor when she was as beautiful as a flower?

Kuan Ying seemed to be used to being looked at with suspicion every time she looked at a patient. She did not explain much and let him look at her work card. After looking at it, he did not say much. Instead, it was the driver called Lin Mu who was surprised.

"You are really a doctor?"

Kuan Ying did not answer. She saw him frown.

Her pink lips slightly rose, but there was not a hint of mockery. "Sir, are you going to see a doctor or not?"

If he did not see a doctor, she would get off work. There was an important matter in Kuan family tonight, and she did not want to delay it!

Besides, they couldn't waste resources.

"What kind of attitude is this? Do you know who the person in front of you is?"

She smiled faintly. What did this have to do with her? She was a doctor, and he was a patient!

Whether she wanted to see a doctor or not depended on the patient, and not on her!

His gaze was extremely cold as it shot towards the driver. The driver quickly shut his mouth, but his eyes avoided it.

He even said bluntly, "Is there any way for me to stop the pain if I don't perform a gastroscopy?"

Simple and clear!

It seemed that he knew a lot about gastric diseases. It was probably not his first time experiencing gastric pain!

He could already endure the pain so much. Kuan Ying did indeed have a whole new level of respect for him!

"No. If you don't do a gastroscopy, I don't know the real reason or how much my stomach hurts. If it's latent cancer, it's terrible! "

Kuan Ying did not speak to scare him, but many people knew that gastroenteritis could be big or small. It was very painful when it came to gastroenterology. But they felt that as long as the pain was stopped, it would be fine. But if it was repeated for a long period of time, it would cause the illness to change.

It was not worth it just to avoid the gastroscopy!

The driver's face was red again. Judging from his expression, he was saying, You woman, do you know who the person in front of you is?

Are you courting death?!

The man who had been enduring silently did not seem to be interested in what Kuan Ying said.

He still stood there straight, like a king who could not resist the pressure of the aura.

"I think you did not understand what I said. What method do you have to make me stop the pain!"

Kuan Ying's pupils slightly contracted. She had never seen anyone who was in pain to this extent and still did not care about his life!

His gaze was as sharp as a sword. As long as Kuan Ying said another word, he would shoot a sharp gaze at her!

Kuan Ying smiled and said, "Sir, then don't make me repeat my words. You can either do a gastroscopy and let me treat the problem. Or, the door is right in front of you. Do as you please! "

" You. . . "

His gaze became even sharper, but the pain in his stomach made him not even have the strength to say another word.

Even so, his face was covered in sweat, and he did not even frown.

At this moment, the driver's phone beside him rang. When he saw the notification on the phone, the man, who had been holding back his anger, took the phone from the driver, and his expression changed slightly.

It was like the gentle breeze that blew past the peach blossom forest in March. It was also like a fleeting flower. It was beautiful in an instant!

His smile was very beautiful. Although it was very faint, it was very tempting.

A woman's intuition told Kuan Ying that his forbearance and not making a gastroscopy should be because of this person who called!

Indeed as Kuan Ying thought, Kuan Ying heard his cold voice disappear and became exceptionally gentle.

"Yes, I will be there in half an hour!"

Kuan Ying was still standing at the same place. She took back her medical calendar and hung a pen in the pocket of her white coat.

He had already decided not to do gastroscopy, so there was no need for her to be here.

She had just left when he got angry again.

"Give me a list and let the nurse give me an injection!"

He was ordering her!

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