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C20 She's a Nouveau Riche

Kuan Ying smiled and said slyly, "It is not like I am getting married to brother-in-law. Why does brother-in-law care about this?"

Ruan Hui's face turned green when she heard that, "Hubby, listen. This is our big miss, Kuan Ying. It's not that I, the stepmother, am a talkative person, but this is the truth. Gu did not mind. After all, they were in love. But no matter what, that's the Ou's. You don't have to worry about other people suddenly asking questions when they see your sister. Young Madam, why is your sister so environmental? She's going all out, riding a bicycle to work. Is it because your Kuan family doesn't have the money to buy a bicycle or your mother, this stepmother, is too harsh?! "

Even the Young Madam came out!

Ruan Hui really can't wait!

"Hubby, we are now different from the past. Other people can still answer like this when they ask, but you have to think about Lulu. After all, she is the number one Wealthy Class!"

Ruan Hui wanted to destroy Kuan Ying's bicycle. She had suffered a lot of anger.

Kuan Tian thought for a while and felt that what Ruan Hui said was very reasonable. But this matter was also discussed with Kuan Ying back then. Wasn't this asking him to slap his face?

"Kuan Ying, look. . . "

"Father, allow me to say something. "

Ruan Hui hated the fact that her bicycle often hit her in the face. Kuan Ying knew that yesterday it was clear that she could not go on blind dates, but now she broke her tools!

It was really a trick!

"Ou's is the number one group in S City. You know all kinds of rumors about Ou's's father. I'm doing this for my sister's good. If the wife of the chairman of the Ou's sees that my sister has such an environmental and thrifty sister, she can ride a bicycle to work. The old people all hope that the young people will be thrifty. Who knows. . . They would even praise Lulu for having such a good elder sister and such a good elder sister. Younger sister definitely won't be poor in being thrifty and thrifty! "

Kuan Lulu's eyes widened.

Kuan Ying, you slut, you really know how to say that you are putting gold on your face!

Luckily you can put it on?

Kuan Ying sneered. Why can't she stick it out? You mother and daughter are about to blow your own horn. She only stuck gold on her face.

It was no big deal!

Furthermore. . .

"Father, I have always been riding a bicycle. One day, I suddenly changed my bicycle. If others ask me, do I have to tell them? Because my sister is rich, my aunt and father feel that my bicycle is too shabby for me to drive to work! "

That's really funny!

Kuan Tian's face turned dark until the end. What did you say? Kuan Ying, what did you say? How could you say that your sister is rich?"

How could she say such unpleasant words!

"Father, could it be that what I said is wrong?"

The Kuan family was considered a respectable figure. It was a despicable act to curry favor with the Ou's.

Even if rich people wanted to suck up to them, they couldn't lose the bottom line!

Ruan Hui was a nurse, and her status and thoughts were also lowly!

A real rich family definitely would not make their daughter's list of rich people want to publicize it!

She was very kind and wanted Ruan Hui and her daughter to restrain themselves a little!

Ruan Hui was so angry that her teeth itched. Little slut, your mouth is as glib as always!

"This won't do, that won't do. Kuan Ying, I am putting my words here. If you make the chairman's wife unhappy, you can say what you want to do!"

Hehe. . .

This Ruan Hui mother and daughter were really afraid that she would ruin their good deed!

She raised her eyebrows. It was rare that she was in a good mood today to give Kuan Tian a reminder.

"Father, if we really become in-laws, even if our sister is a descendant or a beggar, the Ou's will never mind!"

It was impossible to deny it. If one liked someone, they would never agree to these conditions!

Kuan Lulu's hands, which were hanging down from the table, were tightly clenched.

Kuan Ying, you slut, who are you calling a beggar?!

Just you wait for her. She will marry Ou Yee. When the time comes, let her be the bridesmaid and wash her eyes!

The phone on the table rang. Kuan Lulu's expression immediately changed.

She did not know if she really received the call. That coy voice.

Kuan Ying had goosebumps all over her body.

"Yee, okay. I'll be right out. Okay, come and pick me up. Let's go and pick up grandma. "

She heard that he was flattering her to such an extent.

The wife of the chairman of the Ou's had returned from the United States. Was she really going to be hired by the Kuan family?

Kuan Lulu hung up the phone. Her eyes were filled with pride. She did not want to argue with her about this matter today. She would wait until she received the wife of the chairman before coming to compete with her.

"Lulu, be careful. Don't lose your manners by buying something!"

Seeing Ruan Hui's nervous look, Kuan Ying went upstairs again. Kuan Tian picked up his bag and went out.

He had to make arrangements for the next two days. Perhaps the chairman's wife would come to see him that day.

Ruan Hui waved her hand again to send Kuan Tian away. Kuan Ying woke up and was ready to go to work.

Ruan Hui crossed her arms in front of her chest, "Eldest Miss, let me remind you. If you want the inheritance rights of the hospital, you must be quick!"

Ruan Hui laughed and did not think that she did not know what Kuan Ying was planning. If she had the ability to make Kuan Tian not give the inheritance rights to her when she was an adult, she naturally had the ability to make Kuan Ying unable to become a director later on.

No matter how well she did in the hospital, she could get rid of those shareholders. Who else knew her true identity?

She was just a worker. From the moment her mother committed suicide, she was their mother's maid. When she fought with her, her mother committed suicide. She wouldn't be strong for long!

Kuan Ying did not mind and rode her bicycle straight to the hospital. No matter what tricks Ruan Hui and her mother thought of today, it would not be that easy to kick her away!

At the entrance of S City International Airport.

The four cars with the same black color and ten bodyguards stood at the most distinguished entrance of the airport.

Their expressions were solemn and solemn, revealing their owner's untouchable courage.

Kuan Lulu sat in one of the cars. She felt that only the king had such an array.

If she could hook up with Ou Yee, she would be able to enjoy the glory of being a queen with his identity.

Kuan Lulu could not hold back her heart.

Not long after, She was the entire S City. Not everyone in the business world knew about the future young mistress of the Ou's.

Ou Yee's wife!

The wife of such a man was a supreme honor.

"Yee, is Grandma not here yet?"

More than half an hour had passed, but he still did not receive any missed messages!

She only hoped that the chairman's wife would come as soon as possible.

Ou Yee stood straight, as if he did not hear Kuan Lulu's words. He raised his hand to look at his watch.

It had been a little too long.

Kuan Lulu did not dare to say much and could only quietly stand by the side. From time to time, she would straighten her clothes on the mirror of the car.

At this moment, the door of the passageway instantly opened.

Lin Mu stood beside Ou Yee and respectfully said, "Director Ou, I am out!"

Kuan Lulu heard him. Before she could turn around and grab Ou Yee's arm to welcome her grandmother, she was knocked down by the man's wind in her high heels.

She fell to the ground.

Kuan Lulu was in so much pain that her tears kept flowing!

"Yee, wait for me!"

But the man strode forward. Kuan Lulu's words followed the wind at the airport and whistled past.

When Lin Mu saw this, he wanted to remind Director Ou. When he saw Director Ou's cold expression, he immediately saw that Director Ou did not dare to say a word. The rest of the bodyguards acted as if they had never seen him before.

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