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C3 Your Name

Your name.

Although Kuan Ying did not know who this man was, she was not afraid of this!

"Sir, if you want an injection, you can. I will immediately open the list and let you do the gastroscopy first!"

"Doctor, did you not hear what I said?"

She did, but so what?

He asked her to write a list?

She was very serious, but Master Ou's eyes became even colder!

"I say, what's wrong with you? Are you a doctor? Master Ou asked you to write a list and ask the nurse to give him an injection. He asked you to prescribe painkillers. Didn't you see that he was busy? He doesn't have time!"

If it wasn't for the time constraint, how could Master Ou have come to the hospital? There were private doctors in his house!

"What does that have to do with me?"

The driver was speechless.

Kuan Ying did not put the driver in her eyes at all. She was not the one suffering!

"I want to file a complaint against you. I will immediately call the hospital director and ask him to fire you. How dare you speak to Master Ou of the Ou's Group in such a manner! I think you don't want your job anymore!"

Lin Mu was really bullying others with his power. Today, he made Kuan Ying lose her job!

Kuan Ying was slightly stunned. She did not expect that the man standing in front of her was actually the number one European CEO in S City, Ou Yee!

He was rumored to be a mysterious man in S City, and was also the target of many women's fawning!

But so what?

"I'm sorry. This isn't the Ou's. I'm not an employee of the Ou's. I'm a doctor. Director Ou, you shouldn't have given me orders. "

Lin Mu was going crazy. How dare she be so arrogant!

"Kuan Ying is your name?"

Ou Yee smiled maliciously. He seemed to want to deal with her!

"This is my name. Master Ou, do you want to file a complaint against me?"

If he wanted to file a complaint against her, she would tell him the phone number of the department head!

Ou Yee didn't say anything, but his eyes were still sharp.

"Lin Mu, prepare the car!"

After that, he walked past her and looked at her strangely.

"Very good, I will remember it!"

Kuan Ying turned around to look at him. He really endured the pain in his stomach and left!

He was willing to endure the pain in his stomach in order to not make the woman he loved wait for a long time. Kuan Ying really felt that he was very considerate!

But he had already left. Why did he remember her name?

"Hurry up and change this thing for me. Today is a joyous day, the Kuan family must not lose face. "

Kuan Ying, who had returned home on her bicycle, heard her stepmother shouting at the nanny to set up the Kuan family before she even entered the house.

Although the Kuan family was not one of the top enterprises in the S City, it was still considered a small capital.

The reason Kuan Ying got off work so early was because the Kuan family welcomed an important guest today.

"Miss, you are back. "

Kuan Ying, who was supposed to be the most doted person in the Kuan family, did not work in her father's company but was willing to be a doctor.

Only Guan Ying rode her bicycle into the hospital.

"Miss, you're back? Others might think I'm mean to you. "

Ruan Hui was a person who was especially good at managing her own business. From the moment she married Kuan Ying's father, Kuan Ying was like a thorn in her flesh in her eyes!

"Auntie, you must be joking!"

Ruan Hui's eyes widened. If not for the fact that today was an important day, she would have bickered with Kuan Ying.

"It's good that you are back. Even if you don't like me, at least Lulu is your biological sister. Today she brought her future husband back for us to see. Quickly wash off the smell of the disinfectant on your body. Let me tell you. Your brother-in-law is an important person. If you try anything funny, don't blame me for being rude! "

Kuan Ying laughed.

She pushed the bicycle to the place she usually placed it, but found that there was a vase there.

Kuan Ying knew that Ruan Hui did it on purpose so she also deliberately put the bicycle here.

Ruan Hui saw it. Directly jumped up. If her daughter's future husband were to see such an embarrassing thing in the Kuan family, it would be incredible.

"Kuan Ying, put your bicycle properly!"

The one who answered Ruan Hui was Kuan Ying closing the door.

Kuan Ying would not listen to Ruan Hui. This Kuan family belonged to her mother. It was Ruan Hui, the nurse, who took advantage of the time when her mother was pregnant to have an affair with her father.

If it was not for her father's reputation in the hospital, her mother would not have compromised so much.

Now, her father was doing business, and her mother was inheriting her grandfather's hospital. Ruan Hui wanted to take it away from her, so she went to the hospital. If she didn't go, then she wouldn't exist in the Kuan family anymore.

And today, Ruan Hui's most precious daughter, Kuan Lulu, came back. Her father had ordered her to stay at home to welcome her younger sister and her boyfriend back.

Otherwise, she would not be able to continue working in the hospital.

Kuan Ying looked at herself in the mirror. She just wanted to see what this man that Ruan Hui bragged about looked like.

At this moment, on the way to the door of the house, a grey Bentley slowly came in.

It was not that Kuan Lulu had never been in a luxury car before. It was just that she had never sat in a limited-edition car like this before.

She was Second Miss of Kuan family. Although she claimed that she was brought here by her mother, she and her mother knew that she was Kuan Tian's biological daughter. The reason why she said that to the public was because she cared about her father's reputation.

After all, her father was once a doctor. Kuan Ying's mother died. He married her mother after some time.

She could not be too extravagant outside, or else she would be scolded. Fortunately, after her mother persuaded her father to use his medical resources to set up a company, she was able to show off a little.

And today was the day she showed off the most memorable.

When her father saw her boyfriend or even her future husband, he would definitely be proud of her.

She wanted Kuan Ying, this young lady, to have no status in the Kuan family.

"Yee, I'm a little nervous. "

Kuan Lulu was charming. She was the kind of woman that men liked the moment they saw her.

She was very good at acting spoiled. Her words were all charming.

Ou Yee, who was sitting beside her, had a pair of sharp eagle eyes. His handsome features were impeccable.

If one looked closely, the sweat on Ou Yee's forehead, which had not disappeared due to the pain in his stomach, had increased even more.

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