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C4 Ou Yi's Stomach Hurts

Kuan Lulu did not notice Ou Yee's condition. She held his arm and rubbed her chest against Ou Yee.

"You are so good. Why am I so happy?"

When she saw his parents today, she would think of a way to let Ou Yee announce the wedding date, and then she would be the wife of the First Group's CEO.

At that time, she would be able to beat Kuan Ying. She was the real big miss of Kuan family.

"Hubby, come out quickly. Lulu is back. "

When Kuan Ying came back, Kuan Tian was cleaning up. When he heard her voice, he immediately asked the nanny to leave.

When he walked down the stairs, he also asked the nanny to call Kuan Ying down.

He hurriedly went downstairs. His second daughter had always been his favorite.

If the people she brought today were really as Ruan Hui had said, then Kuan family would be rich.

"Dad, Mom, I'm back. I'll introduce my boyfriend to you. His name is Ou Yee. He is the president of the Ou's Group. "

Kuan Lulu opened the car door as soon as the car stopped.

Ou Yee had not gotten out of the car yet. When the parents of Kuan family heard that he had come, their faces stiffened.

They glared at Kuan Lulu. Even if he was her boyfriend, he was still the Director Ou that many people respected.

Before Ou Yee even got out of the car, Kuan Lulu started introducing him.

"Director Ou, I'm sorry. Lulu was really too happy and forgot her manners. Don't take offense. Please come in. "

Kuan Tian's face was full of flattery.

Ruan Hui was even more so. She secretly gave Kuan Lulu a thumbs up. After all, everyone in the business world knew who Ou Yee was.

Now, Ou Yee even personally paid a visit. It was inevitable that they would be a little excited.

They did not expect Kuan Lulu to catch Ou Yee's heart.

"Don't talk about me like that. Things in the business world are just work to me. He is a warm man in my heart. He will not blame me. Right, Yee?"

They looked at the interaction between Kuan Lulu and Ou Yee and smiled.

Ou Yee nodded gently.

Kuan Lulu became even more smug. Suddenly, her eyes glanced at Kuan Ying's bicycle in the corner of the grass and a trace of a smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

"Where's sister? I brought my boyfriend back. Sister can't possibly not welcome me. "

When Kuan Tian heard this, his expression turned ugly.

He could only softly ask the nanny to call Kuan Ying again. Kuan Ying disliked his remarriage. She did not have a good attitude towards her sister and his wife.

Just at this moment.

A cool breeze blew in the air. Ou Yee smelled a fragrance and his pain was slightly better.

"What are you talking about? You brought your boyfriend here. How could I not welcome him?"

Kuan Ying knew Kuan Lulu would show off to her and then put on a good show in front of her father to make things difficult for her.

Kuan Ying would not let her succeed.

She had long been prepared.

When the door opened, the gentle glow of the setting sun fell on Kuan Ying's body.

Kuan Ying deliberately wore a short skirt that wrapped her buttocks. At this moment, she was as beautiful as a demoness.

Ruan Hui and Kuan Lulu's faces instantly darkened.

Kuan Tian was stunned. Kuan Ying's appearance was similar to his late ex-wife.

There was a moment when Kuan Tian seemed to see his ex-wife discover the matter between him and Ruan Hui.

He was so stiff that he did not dare to move.

Kuan Ying admired their expressions very much, but when her gaze fell on Ou Yee.

Kuan Ying's expression was slightly awkward.

Ou Yee immediately returned to his usual appearance.

He looked at her in shock.

He looked at Kuan Ying as if he was looking at a stranger.

What a coincidence, Kuan Lulu's elder sister.

"What are you doing?"

Ruan Hui knew that Kuan Ying would play tricks but she did not expect that she would actually wear such vulgar clothes in front of Kuan Lulu's boyfriend.

Ruan Hui looked towards Kuan Tian but Kuan Tian was indifferent.

Kuan Ying's dressing was very beautiful.

"You told me not to lose face. I listened to your arrangements. I was warmly welcoming my sister's boyfriend. "

Ruan Hui was instantly very angry.

But Ou Yi was in front of her, so she could only force a smile.

"Director Ou, don't mind. She is Lulu's elder sister. She is not like this usually. "

Ruan Hui's words implied that Kuan Ying was crazy.

Kuan Lulu helped to say.

"Yes, she is not like this usually. She is usually very quiet. "

Were they afraid that she would snatch Kuan Lulu's boyfriend away?

Ruan Hui did not expect that Kuan Lulu would really be able to hold her head high this time.

Ou Yee was the CEO of Ou's Group. He was a man that many socialites wanted to marry. No one would have thought that he would come to see other people's parents for a woman.

He was not as aloof as the rumors said.

He could endure the pain in his stomach and not make a gastroscope to not let his girlfriend down. Kuan Lulu's fortune was really too good.

However, didn't Ou Yee have a stomachache?

Kuan Ying carefully observed Ou Yee's face. The fine sweat on his forehead became denser and denser, and even veins popped out on his temples.

Ou Yee's stomach pain was even worse than before. If he did not go to the hospital, he would be in danger.

A cold light shot towards Kuan Ying, and her pupils shrank slightly.

He was really a passionate man.

He actually warned her not to speak nonsense.

He didn't even let his girlfriend worry.

Were they really true love?

A sneer appeared on Kuan Ying's lips. She had the charm of a mature woman.

When Kuan Lulu saw this scene, she felt that Kuan Ying was seducing Ou Yee.

She immediately held Ou Yee's arm and suppressed the anger in her heart. "Let's not stand outside. Is the meal ready?"

Kuan Ying, where are you looking?

Kuan Ying sneered. She looked at Ou Yee and found that he was a little interesting.

"Director Ou, don't take offense. Please come in. "

Even though Ou Yee was brought here by Kuan Lulu, Kuan Tian still respected him.

Ou Yee's expression did not change. His eyes fell on Kuan Ying.

Kuan Ying wanted to laugh, but before she could, Kuan Lulu used her arm to hit her.

Kuan Ying did not hesitate to retaliate.

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