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Mr. Ou, Take Medicine/C5 It Tastes Very Good
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C5 It Tastes Very Good

It tastes good.

"Director Ou, please take a seat. I heard from Lulu that you usually like to eat these dishes, so I prepared some!"

Ruan Hui thought that in the future, she could say that her daughter was the future young mistress of Ou's, and she felt very happy.

She warmly invited Ou Yee to sit at the dining table.

Kuan Tian pulled open the chair. He still had that respectful look.

"Uncle, Auntie, you are too polite. I will do it myself!"

When they heard this, they were even happier. They did not expect the rumored Director Ou to be such an easy-going person!

However, since he could follow their daughter to their home, he must be a person with good moral character.

Kuan Ying walked behind and looked at them with a mocking smile.

Kuan Ying walked over in large strides.

Kuan Lulu sat at Kuan Ying's seat and if Kuan Ying wanted to sit, she could only sit beside Kuan Lulu.

Kuan Ying did not say anything but Kuan Tian saw that her expression was not right and said seriously, "Kuan Ying, quickly sit down!"

Kuan Ying was an arrogant person like her mother.

Kuan Ying was still silent and sat down. Unfortunately, the person opposite her was Ou Yee.

Kuan Ying looked at Ou Yee. He actually endured the pain in his stomach!

Kuan Ying looked at the table full of delicious food and revealed a sly smile.

Kuan Lulu only felt that Kuan Ying had gone too far today. Kuan Ying was staring straight at her boyfriend in front of her!

Kuan Ying really did not know shame. Kuan Ying actually wanted to seduce her boyfriend!

Kuan Lulu clenched her fists.

Kuan Lulu did not know that Kuan Ying only wanted to watch a good show.

Kuan Ying's gaze charmingly stared at Ou Yee.

What made Kuan Lulu calmer was that Ou Yee would not be seduced by other people's women.

He did not put Kuan Ying in his eyes at all.

"Yee, try it. This is my mom's best dish!"

Kuan Lulu took the initiative to put the dish into Ou Yee's bowl. Kuan Ying saw her actions and laughed.

Kuan Tian also saw that Kuan Ying was not right. Why did she keep looking at her sister's boyfriend?

"Kuan Ying, be careful. Don't be so rude!"

Ruan Hui really wanted to kick Kuan Ying under the table.

But she could only smile and console her husband not to be angry.

"Director Ou, try this dish and see how it tastes. "

Kuan Ying felt that it was very uncomfortable for her to hold back her laughter.

She felt that Ou Yee's illness was already very serious. If this continued, Ou Yee might have to undergo surgery.

Kuan Ying was thinking that Ou Yee definitely knew about his gastric illness. Was he really not worried that he would be sent to the hospital on the first day he visited his mother-in-law's house?

However, Ou Yee did not seem to have any common sense at all.

He picked up the chopsticks and ate the curry chicken in the bowl.

His actions were elegant.

His expression was calm as he put the curry chicken into his mouth without making a sound.

His status was noble and his actions graceful.

Kuan Ying really had to admire him.

"The taste is very good. "

When the three men from the Kuan family heard his words, they heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts.

Her daughter was really blessed!

Ruan Hui straightened her chest and glared at Kuan Ying. Director Ou was so generous in order to not make your sister feel awkward!

Kuan Ying, if you have the ability, find a man even more outstanding than Ou Yee!

Kuan Ying sneered. Kuan Ying probably knew better than the three people from the Kuan family that Director Ou was very considerate towards his girlfriend.

Kuan Lulu was indeed very powerful. She could actually make Ou Yee fall in love with her.

Kuan Ying did not move her chopsticks but looked at Ou Yee questioningly.

She was a doctor. These were all occupational habits.

Ou Yee was indeed very tolerant, but his stomach must be very uncomfortable right now after he swallowed the curry chicken.

Indeed, in almost a second, Kuan Ying saw that Ou Yee's expression was very strange. He was sweating all the time.

If Ou Yee did not receive treatment, his stomach would really be finished!

"Uncle, Auntie, I'm going to the washroom. "

Ou Yee's stomach pain was clearly very serious, but his movements were still so graceful.

The three men from the Kuan family immediately said, "Lulu, take Director Ou to the second floor. "

There was a bathroom prepared for important guests on the second floor.

Ou Yee's status was high, so he had to go to the bathroom on the second floor.

Kuan Lulu immediately got up. Ou Yee picked up a napkin to wipe the corner of his mouth. His voice was still steady.

"No need!"

Kuan Lulu instantly felt embarrassed and did not know what to do.

She could only smile charmingly. "Yee, be careful. "

Kuan Ying did not say anything. She picked up the chopsticks and picked up the vegetables to eat.

"Kuan Ying, put down the chopsticks. Don't forget your identity!"

Once Ou Yee left, Kuan Tian shouted at Kuan Ying.

His face did not look good. He was very angry.

"Don't forget what I told you. If you embarrass the Kuan family today, don't blame me for being heartless!"

Kuan Ying sneered, "You just need to treat your son-in-law better!"

"What did you say?"

Kuan Tian was angry and Ruan Hui quickly comforted him. "Hubby, don't be angry. Don't let Director Ou hear it!"

Today was a good day for Lulu.

They had to calm down!

Kuan Tian took a deep breath. " Go upstairs and change your clothes. Chief Ou is your future brother-in-law. You really don't know shame!"

Kuan Lulu only brought her boyfriend to eat at home. They actually dared to threaten her with the matter of her job!

The three of them were the ones who did not know shame. They took everything from her mother!

Kuan Ying only hated that she was not strong enough, so she could only endure for the time being.

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